TDCM Chapter 231: Deep and Cowardly Love

He didn’t like her being somewhere that he couldn’t reach.

At this moment, as he was looking at Yuan Chu’s bright smile, dressed in a laced white long skirt, she looked like a small sun that was emitting light from the inside.

Ye Chenyuan’s gaze gradually became deeper and he couldn’t help but to think about when Yuan Chu had been in his arms before. Her red faced and watery eyed appearance, it made him want to……“bully” her even more……

Just as he fell into some indescribable kind of suffering, Yuan Chu suddenly ran over and pulled his hand.

“Let’s go! They’re done eating! We’ll go and get our presents~!”

The instant her fingers touched him, Ye Chenyuan immediately took back his hand, making Yuan Chu give him a doubtful look. Ye Chenyuan looked ill at ease, but because it was too dark, she didn’t notice that his face was red. Only Ye Chenyuan himself knew how fast his heart was beating right now.

The electrifying feeling that came from her finger had been transmitted right to his heart, and now all he could hear was the sound of his heart beating.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Ye Chenyuan nervously replied, “I-It’s nothing!”

He then grabbed Yuan Chu’s hand, and he still felt that numb tingle, but it was much better than the prior electrifying feeling. He quickly said, “Let’s go get our presents.”

Yuan Chu nodded her head with a smile, “En, let’s go get our presents!”

The lazy beasts who had eaten their fill were lying in the small living room, making it look like the space was packed with tens of large and small black beanbags.

Once Yuan Chu led Ye Chenyuan over, they didn’t have to say anything before the first lazy beast scratched its head, then a small flower appeared in its hand.

“Ah! It’s the Long Yuan flower! Quick accept it, we can give this to Venerable Li to help him recover!”

Yuan Chu said with a smile. Ye Chenyuan accepted it.

They then walked in front of the second lazy beast. This beast was sleepy after its meal and Yuan Chu couldn’t stop herself from giving it a poke, and it was only then that it touched its head and retrieved a small golden coloured stone.

“Awesome! It’s the Pillar Stone! That’s great! After you reach Nascent Soul, if we add the Pillar Stone when you’re tempering your defensive treasure, its defensive abilities will increase by 30%!”

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan hadn’t moved, Yuan Chu tugged on his sleeve as she said with a smile.

“I won’t do the three-seven split with you today, they’re all yours! Today is your birthday, just take these tens of presents to be a surprise from me! In the future, you have to continue to show me filial respect~!”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t stop himself from looking at her fixedly. His eyes were brilliantly bright, as if they were filled with little stardust spores. Tempted by this beauty, Yuan Chu’s breathing halted.

Then, Ye Chenyuan smiled……and he reached out to touch Yuan Chu’s head as he said earnestly.

“Master, don’t worry. I’ll forever be master’s.”

As if it couldn’t bear to see others act lovey-dovey in front of it, the lazy beast that had the Pillar Stone in its hands suddenly threw it towards Ye Chenyuan. Without even looking at it, Ye Chenyuan reached out and caught it, then he shot a glare towards the fellow that had spoiled the atmosphere. The beast’s hairs stood on end and it didn’t feel sleepy anymore, then it went and hid behind the other beasts.

With this amusing interlude, Yuan Chu didn’t think to consider the deeper meaning behind Ye Chenyuan’s words. In any case, she knew that Ye Chenyuan was good to her and that was enough.

The two continued to collect their presents and they got many surprises.

Then, they walked in front of the largest lazy beast.

It crooked its head as it looked at the both of them and thought about it conflictedly, before retrieving two fruits.

Yuan Chu froze. Wasn’t it said that every lazy beast would only give out one present? What’s going on with these two fruits?

Yuan Chu didn’t know what this was. Ye Chenyuan took the fruits and smelled them……there was a sweet fragrance of wine, and he immediately knew what it was.

It turns out that this was a treasure that was used during dual cultivation, the fertility fruit! The fertility fruit was very rare and its value was no less than a grade six spirit pill. Because it was difficult for cultivators to conceive a child, it was said that with the fertility fruit, one will have a 100% chance of conceiving.

His handsome face reddened and he quickly kept away the fruit.

Because it was dark, Yuan Chu didn’t notice that his face was very red, so she even asked him, “Little Yuan Yuan, what’s that? I’ve never seen such a strange looking fruit.”

Ye Chenyuan let out a cough before stuttering, “I’m not sure either, I’ll ask Venerable Li when he wakes up. If it’s something good, I’ll……let master eat it.”

Seeing that he was so filial towards her, Yuan Chu smiled, “It’s alright, if it’s something good, we can have one each!”

Ye Chenyuan thought: It was useless for him to eat this……

After all this, Yuan Chu was also feeling a little tired, and the lazy beasts and little mushrooms had also stopped moving around. Yuan Chu opened the main door. They’d go back on their own so she didn’t have to worry about it.

Anyway, she had been very lucky this time around. Her plan was just to pick the little mushrooms and she had made a few trips back and forth, but on her last trip, she had run into a group of lazy beasts so she had used a bit of her blood to lure them over.

The lazy beast was also a beast with the Yang bloodline so they didn’t have any resistance towards her blood and had followed her eagerly.

After all this, Yuan Chu was very tired so she turned around and walked back, telling him that she was going to go to bed.

But when she reached her door, Ye Chenyuan followed behind her, “Master, can you go to sleep after I tell you a story?”

Yuan Chu replied groggily, “No need, I’ll definitely be able to have a good sleep tonight. Rest early too.” Saying this, she moved to close the door.

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan was feeling unbearably tempted so how could he fall asleep? He wanted to look at her, he wanted her to be within his reach, so he said.

“I heard something very interesting today. Besides……I still can’t fall asleep now, can master listen to me talk?”

Yuan Chu thought that he must be excited because this was his first time receiving presents, and since he was becoming a grown-up today, she agreed reluctantly.

“Alright……I’ll listen to you talk.”

Even though she’d said this, she only heard a few words before she fell asleep not long after her head touched the pillow.

At this moment, because the lazy beasts were gone, the entire place was a little messy. However, the crystal lamp was still fine and as it shone on Yuan Chu’s face, Ye Chenyuan’s voice became quieter and quieter.

His emotions had indeed been stirred up today, and it was difficult to control his own feelings. So he covered Yuan Chu’s head with his hand, and with a flash of pale red light, Yuan Chu fell into a deeper sleep.


Not getting any response from Yuan Chu, Ye Chenyuan burrowed into the blanket and carefully moved closer to her.

Smelling the sweet milky fragrance on her body, he felt very satisfied, but soon, a deeper discontentment began surging.

When would he no longer have to sneak around like that and be able to openly hug and kiss her instead?

Ye Chenyuan’s bright eyes gradually dimmed, and he moved closer to give Yuan Chu a gentle kiss before he embraced her, letting her hear the sound of his heartbeat.

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