TDCM Chapter 230: The Urge for Contact

When Ye Chenyuan was done eating, Yuan Chu smiled with satisfaction, “Do you know what’s in my room?”

Ye Chenyuan shook his head, “Let’s go and look at it together?”

“Okay!” Yuan Chu jumped down from the table and instantly transformed back to her original size before eagerly walking on ahead.

The two walked from the pink and white room to Yuan Chu’s room. At the door, Yuan Chu said playfully, “Come come come, you open the door, there’s a surprise!”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan reached out to open the door. In the next second, a black claw reached out from inside, and before Ye Chenyuan could react, he was dragged inside.

Yuan Chu smiled mischievously, “Enjoy the demon’s service!”

But before she could finish her words, Ye Chenyuan had grabbed onto her hand and dragged her in behind him.

“Ah, nooo!”

With Yuan Chu’s miserable shriek, the door was closed. Then, the meaty black claws were all over her body!

Because Yuan Chu was very ticklish, she immediately shrank into Ye Chenyuan’s arms. She glared at him furiously, “You cheated!”

The room was filled with black lazy beasts. This kind of beast were covered in a long coat of black fur, and they were shaped like upside down jellies with exceptionally large black eyes. Their noses and mouths couldn’t be seen, and their two fat claws were also black.

This kind of beast wasn’t afraid of humans. Their biggest addiction was the greystar mushrooms, which were the mushrooms that she’d decorated the house with. If the person had it on them, they would give their treasures to the person after snatching all the mushrooms that they could find on the person. If the person didn’t have any mushrooms on them, then they’d be in for a terrible time because their meaty claws will continue to feel around the body until they found something that satisfied them.

Yuan Chu remembered that Ye Chenyuan was also very ticklish, and he wouldn’t have brought the little mushrooms in, so he’d definitely be done for, but who would’ve known that Ye Chenyuan would actually pull her in with him!

Ye Chenyuan was indeed very ticklish, and he’d always held it back in the past, but right now, with Yuan Chu in his arms, he only felt like his heart had been filled and his smile was exceptionally bright.

As he looked at the little rascal in his arms who had tried but failed to do a dirty trick, he said with a satisfied ‘hmph’, “Master, you’re the one that did all this. Great, now we’re stuck here.”

Right after he said this, the largest lazy beast that was more than two metres tall embraced the both of them, trapping them in its arms.

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan was embracing Yuan Chu while the lazy beast was embracing Ye Chenyuan, and it looked at its companions with its large black eyes, eyes bright and full of expression.

It seemed to be trying to say: I’m already holding them down for you, hurry up! They’re sure to have something good on them!

The remaining smaller beasts quickly surrounded them. They all liked to be clean and they smelled like warm flowers, but under the combined attack of more than twenty lazy beasts, Yuan Chu felt like crying. Stop tickling her, the mushrooms are all outside!

Seeing that Yuan Chu couldn’t bear it anymore, Ye Chenyuan hugged her and turned around, such that she was now between him and the huge lazy beast, blocking out all the small meaty claws.

Yuan Chu had been laughing so hard that tears had come out of her eyes. Now that she could finally breathe, she glared at Ye Chenyuan with watery eyes, “You’re hateful! Who will come and save us if you do this? The plan was for me to come and save you with the small mushrooms when you cannot take it anymore, but now we’re trapped!”

Ye Chenyuan chuckled. Feeling that Yuan Chu and himself were stuck very close together, he said into her ear soothingly, “Alright, master. Don’t be angry anymore. When they’re done searching me and confirm that there isn’t anything to eat, they’ll let us go.”

He could use his martial arts, but because this type of lazy beast lived deep in the mountains, they kept their treasures in their own storage space, and if he killed them, their storage space would also disappear. That was also why they were known as “mobile black surprises”.

For anyone that runs into one of them, as long as they could bring out something that could satisfy them, their gift will also be very generous. Hence, there was an unwritten rule that anyone who ran into a lazy beast mustn’t scare it, lest they become afraid of humans in the future.

It’s a pity that this kind of beast was very hard to meet. For Yuan Chu to have found so many, she must’ve really spent a great deal of effort.

At this thought, Ye Chenyuan felt very touched. She probably wanted the lazy beast to bully him, but even more than that, she probably wanted to see what he looked like after she came to save him with the mushrooms.

Then, the lazy beast would present him with their gifts, and tens of beasts meant tens of presents. She said that she didn’t know what to give him, but her intentions were already more than enough.

To the point that he wanted to disregard everything and kiss her.

Yuan Chu was against this idea. She was about to be squeezed to death by this bunch of black fatties!

So she secretly released a bit of oppressive force in an attempt to make them behave a little, but Ye Chenyuan stopped her.

“Master.” As he hugged her, he said in a hoarse voice, “Have you forgotten the rules? No one is to harm the lazy beasts, otherwise what would we do if they became afraid of humans in the future?”

This was totally an excuse, he simply……wanted to hug her for a little longer.

Yuan Chu pursed her lips, “I won’t hurt them, I……I’ll just open the door okay?”

Her eyes lit up, “The little mushroom’s spores should have floated up here by now. I just have to open the door and they’ll go out when they smell it.”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t refute Yuan Chu’s words. Yuan Chu then pushed open the door with her spiritual energy, and sure enough, a few silver stardust-like spores floated in from the floor below. The lazy beast immediately became excited, then they were gone with a “whoosh”.

Finding this interesting, Yuan Chu left Ye Chenyuan’s arms and hurried over to watch. The little mushrooms were floating here and there as they held onto their little heads, dodging as they let out “ah woo” sounds.

On the other hand, the lazy beasts were silent as they jumped up and down and clawed at the air with their little meaty claws.

Once they caught a little mushroom, they didn’t eat it and instead opened their mouth and shook all the little mushroom’s stardust spores into their mouths like they were sprinkling salt and pepper. Then, their large black eyes would narrow in satisfaction.

As for the little mushrooms, after having all their spores squeezed out of them, they huddled in the corner sadly, they were very very unhappy……

This scene in front of her eyes was simply too hilarious.

Yuan Chu was looking down from the stairs and she laughed when she saw all these. When the lazy beasts had finished eating all the spores, the largest lazy beast had a rather pleased expression on its face as it let out a burp, and numerous tiny stardust spores flew out from its mouth.

Seeing that Yuan Chu was enjoying this, Ye Chenyuan endured that empty feeling and walked towards her.

He didn’t know why, but before the age of fourteen, he loved her and simply wanted her to accompany him. As long as she was within his sight, he felt very satisfied.

But when he turned fifteen, he wanted to kiss and hug her, and only then would he be satisfied.

But right now, at sixteen……

He realised that kisses and hugs don’t seem to satisfy him anymore. He’s constantly wanting skin to skin contact with her, as if……his skin was thirsting for her……

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