TDCM Chapter 229: Wish

He was probably aiming for Yuan Chu’s forehead, but because she was truly too tiny right now, she ended up receiving a kiss to her entire face and she even fell backwards. Then, she was brought to Ye Chenyuan’s chest, and at such a close distance, she could hear that Ye Chenyuan’s heart was beating very very quickly. Even his voice sounded slightly choked with emotions.

“Thank you……”

He didn’t call her master this time around, placing her close to his chest in hopes that she’d be able to sense his feelings, sense his intense heartfelt wishes.

For so many years, his birthdays had always gone by very ordinarily. He didn’t mind this, and master also seemed not to have noticed it so he had actually forgotten what today was.

However, this unexpected surprise made him feel even happier. This feeling made him wish he could merge this little thing into his flesh and blood. How could she be so cute? How was she so easily able to make him fall for her even more when he thought that his love for her was already at its peak?!

Just now, in the split second after opening the box, he had really thought that she was giving herself to him……

How great would it be if the present was herself? Then today would absolutely be the happiest day of his life!

Yuan Chu’s face was almost squished flat and she pushed against his chest with her tiny hands. She felt like crying. Wasn’t it just a bowl of noodles, did he have to be so touched?!

At the start, he had scared her into thinking that he didn’t like it, but now it seemed like he didn’t just like it, because she was about to be squeezed into his chest.

“Argh! Oh dear! Quick let go of me……mm, I can’t breathe!”

Ye Chenyuan was reluctant to let go of Yuan Chu, but when he heard her adorable voice, he couldn’t hold back his laughter and he cupped her in his hands again. Sure enough, Yuan Chu had a dazed expression on her face as she sat on the palm of his hand, and her hair had also become a little messy.

Yuan Chu was about to blow up when she heard Ye Chenyuan’s laughter, but when she recalled that it was his birthday today, she kept away that anger with great difficulty. Standing up, she said with her hands on her hips.

“Umm, do you like this surprise?!”

She had a tsundere expression on her face. She had spent the entire day on this, and if Ye Chenyuan dared to say that he didn’t like it, she……won’t celebrate his birthdays with him in the future!

Ye Chenyuan’s smile became even brighter. There seemed to be gleaming waves surging in his eyes that were reflecting her figure.

“I like it, I like it a lot.”

Yuan Chu felt smug when she heard Ye Chenyuan’s exceedingly gentle voice, but Ye Chenyuan touched the top of her head and she fell down. A tiny Yuan Chu was really fun to play with, his eyes narrowed as he smiled. Yuan Chu was angry with him, but she was surprised to see his smile.

Ye Chenyuan’s every smile was gentle and restrained. A smile like this where his eyes curved and his smile was so brilliant, this seemed to be the first one!

Then she heard Ye Chenyuan ask.

“Why did master become smaller?” Was it to let him play with her? At this thought, he gently rubbed her head with a finger, messing up her hair even more.

Yuan Chu was getting dizzy from his finger tossing her head around so she covered her head with her hands as she said angrily, “Y-Y-You, that’s enough, stop messing around!”

Little did she realise that this only made people want to bully her even more.

However, Ye Chenyuan loved his wife dearly, so he stopped touching when his wife asked him to. It’s just that, his eyes were still fixed on little Yuan Chu and that expression on his face was as if he was still itching to mess with her, like he was far from done playing around.

Yuan Chu felt like crying. Did Ye Chenyuan like dolls? He seemed to like it a lot, with how he was acting. She would’ve gifted him a little doll if she’d known earlier!

She held her head as she said conflictedly.

“I didn’t know what to give you so I thought of serving you a bowl of longevity noodles since you’ve always taken care of me……and I thought that you might not dare to act impudently and accept it so I became smaller……”

Who would’ve known after she became smaller, Ye Chenyuan dared to act impudently, but he was too impudent!

But……seeing that it was his birthday, what else could she do? Of course she could only forgive him! Yuan Chu thought angrily.

After hearing Yuan Chu’s adorable way of thinking, Ye Chenyuan laughed again. Under the rather dim and warm light, his exquisite face became even more three-dimensional. He looked at her so dotingly that it seemed like water was going to spill out from it.

“Master, how can you be so cute?”

Yuan Chu frowned. Why did she feel like these weren’t words of praise? But she then recalled her noodles and she suddenly smacked her own head.

“Oh no! It’s been a while, the noodles must be ruined! Ahhhh! This is the best out of the dozens I’ve made! It’s ruined just like that?!”

She felt upset the more she thought about it and she kept tugging on her hair as she revealed a crumpled expression. Ye Chenyuan felt an incomparable sweetness in his heart as he looked at her. After glancing at the box, he quickly said.

“Don’t panic, it’s still fine. I’m hungry right now, I’ll eat it now.”

It’s really fine? Seeing that Ye Chenyuan had gone to bring out the bowl, Yuan Chu craned her neck to look at it but Ye Chenyuan stopped her. He then picked up the chopsticks and slowly started eating the noodles that had already become a ball of mush.

He couldn’t bear to eat them too quickly because every bite was filled with her feelings.

When he was younger, he couldn’t even get a bite of rice, but now, he had Yuan Chu, and she had given him all the happiness that he wouldn’t even have dared to dream of in the past. She had given him the entire world, and she even remembered his birthday.

Only when he was with her would someone remember his birthday.

Yuan Chu broke free from Ye Chenyuan’s hand with much difficulty, then she moved closer to look at it, only to realise that it had indeed been ruined! She immediately threw herself at the bowl and clung to it, “Ah……don’t eat it anymore. It’s already become a lump of mush, it isn’t longevity noodles anymore.”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t refrain from laughing when he saw how she looked.

He lifted her up by the back of her collar before placing her down on the box that was at the side. As he did this, he picked up his chopsticks and continued eating the noodles.

“It’s alright, master. It’s still very tasty.”

She looked at him as she hesitated to speak, she was so upset! Her original plan was for Ye Chenyuan to open the box, then she’d hand him the chopsticks with both hands, then he’d enjoy the best bowl of longevity noodles that she’d made. But looking at that lump of noodles, yeah……her plan had failed! It wasn’t perfect anymore!

However, Ye Chenyuan was very satisfied, taking a look at the tiny Yuan Chu before lowering his head to eat the noodles. Under the warm halo of light, everything in front of him was like a dream.

She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen, and the noodles were the tastiest noodles he had ever eaten.

Seeing that he had almost finished the noodles, there was no point in her remaining conflicted about this so she could only say, “You’ve yet to make a wish. You don’t have to say it out loud, why don’t you make a wish? Birthday wishes are the most effective! Don’t waste this chance~!”

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head. After drinking up the last drop of soup, he gazed intently at Yuan Chu before closing his eyes.

If birthday wishes were really effective, then from now on, he’d only have one wish for every birthday, and that was —— to be able to live together with her until death did them part.

He wished that she would also love him, not the kind between family or friends, nor any other kind of feelings, but the feelings between a man and a woman.

If the heavens are divine, all that exists and all living creatures, please, you must fulfil this wish!

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