TDCM Chapter 225: Identity Confirmed

Yuan Chu rubbed her stomach as she headed back, a red light flashing on her body from time to time. Her realm advanced from early stage Golden Core —— mid stage Golden Core —— late stage Golden Core, it climbed steadily and only slowed to a stop when it finally reached the greater perfection of Nascent Soul.

Yuan Chu frowned before transforming back into her original appearance. After jumping two times on the spot, there was a “bang” and she was at Astral Realm.

Only then was she satisfied and a cute smile appeared on her face.

Zhao Zhuo’s soul was like a tonic to her. Not only could it make up for the missing parts of her soul, it could also raise her realm.

Most importantly, his soul had yet to gather and his powers weren’t comparable to even one tenth of when he was at his strongest, and with the evil magic she was practising, she could swallow his soul easily.

It’s just that, it’ll be best to do less of something like this. Swallowing someone’s soul and Nascent Soul was akin to eating someone and there’ll also be repercussions. If she didn’t want to suffer a Qi deviation, she’d better be good in the future.

She looked at her left hand that had regained its smoothness. She shook her head as she let out a sigh, she’d been forced to do these……

Ye Chenyuan was a little confused when he awoke. Why had he fallen asleep suddenly?

But he was relieved when he opened his eyes to see that Yuan Chu was still in the water, lying on her stomach on the rock by the shore as she slept soundly.

He reached out a hand to examine her and realised that Yuan Chu had really returned to her peak, only then was he relieved.

Yuan Chu’s prior pale appearance had really given him a scare. Now that her face was rosy, with her entire person giving out a warm, fragrant and sweet aura, he moved closer to touch her face.

At this moment, she’d already transformed back into her original appearance and her body was soaked in the water with the upper half of her body lying on her stomach on a giant rock as her long hair swayed in the water.

Ye Chenyuan sat down beside her and he carefully traced her face with his finger. Seeing that her face had bounced right back, he laughed soundlessly.

Feeling this disturbance, Yuan Chu turned her head and hid her face behind her hands. That adorable appearance of hers made Ye Chenyuan feel like touching her again, and he continued to disturb her without actually waking her up. He simply wanted to tease her.

The flowers and plants in the surroundings felt embarrassed when they saw that their master was so bad. The spirit flowers that were floating on the clear spirit spring swayed slightly, as if they were cheering for their master.

There was sunlight in the Sky Pearl, and right now, it had shrouded them and given them both a soft layer of light.

Two innocent playmates, as the years go by peacefully, nothing more than this.

By the time Yuan Chu woke up, an unknown amount of time had passed. Time in the Sky Pearl wasn’t equivalent to the outside and it could be adjusted to thirty-to-one at the most, or it could be adjusted to move at the same pace as outside. Ye Chenyuan could control all of this with just his will.

Upon waking up, she was just about to call for Ye Chenyuan when she saw a slip of paper that had been placed beside her.

“Master, I’ve gone to see the principal. The dishes are on the jade table, please remember to finish the medicinal wine.”

Yuan Chu couldn’t hold back a smile when she saw this. Look, it really wasn’t because she was childish. Being treated by someone like a baby, could she not be a baby?

At this thought, she climbed ashore before eagerly going to eat her meal. However, she didn’t know if it was her misperception, but she felt like she’d grown a little taller and her chest was hurting slightly. Could it be an after-effect of eating someone? So scary!

It was only after Ye Chenyuan “saw” that Yuan Chu was obediently eating her food that he turned his attention to the principal.

People in the Empire were particular about extravagance and they were more advanced than the Immortal Sects. There were many things that provided convenience to life that the Immortal Sects didn’t have, just like the brush made of gold threads the principal was currently holding.

The principal looked through Ye Chenyuan’s information before saying, “So all of your information is false? You said that you’re from the Immortal Sect, then what is your purpose in coming to the Empire? What is the identity of your ‘fiancee’?”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t say much, “She’s my mentor from the Immortal Sect. She came along with me to seek the truth behind my identity.”

The principal’s feelings were stirred up by the word “identity”. He looked up and fixed his eyes on Ye Chenyuan as he asked, “What identity?”

Ye Chenyuan pursed his lips. It was better for him to speak cautiously regarding something like this that had broad implications, so he said, “Before her death, my mother had revealed my true identity to me, so I’ve come to verify it. This is a private matter, and I can resolve it.”

Hearing this, the principal scrutinised Ye Chenyuan’s face. He examined him with his sharp eyes, and the more he looked, the more he felt that this young man in front of him looked like that woman in his memories who had peerless grace and elegance.

He looked at him for a very long time, such that Ye Chenyuan became alert. The principal asked in a low voice, “Then what’s your real identity? If you tell me, I might be able to help you.”

Ye Chenyuan obviously wouldn’t tell him the truth, “I’ve already found out the truth, I won’t trouble the principal.”

The principal suddenly laughed, “For the both of you to have managed to provoke an Astral Realm into making a move, is last night’s matter related to your identity?”

Ye Chenyuan pursed his lips wordlessly.

“If you can tell me your identity, I’ll tell you who Zhao Zhuo’s master is. How about that?”

The principal looked at him with a smile as he said with profound meaning.

“It so happens that I’m not on good terms with that person. Besides, I can guarantee that as long as you’re a student of my academy, I will protect you.”

His words made Ye Chenyuan lower his guard slightly, but instead of giving him a reply, he first asked another question.

“Then can the principal please answer a question of mine first. For the past few years, why have you left the academy, and where have you gone?”

The principal’s expression froze. He looked at Ye Chenyuan before he finally shook his head with a smile, “You’re really hard to deal with indeed, fine! I’ll tell you……”

He drummed his fingers on the table as he said grimly, “I was searching for the Crown Prince. He is a child I had watched grow up and in my heart, I’ve taken him to be like my own child. So, I went to find him……this is the truth, do you need me to make a heart binding oath?”

Ye Chenyuan smiled when he heard this, finally putting down his guard.

For the principal to be able to set aside the academy he attached so much importance to, to go and find a student, it can only mean that he cared a lot about that student.

So he gave him a slight nod of the head as he said softly.

“Of course I believe the principal.” He paused before looking fixedly at the principal, his lips hooking up slightly, “Last night’s fight was indeed related to my identity. Before she died, my mother had told me that I’m the Empire’s imperial grandson, so I’ve come to ascertain this matter.”

“What did you say?!”

The principal abruptly stood up. He had thought of many possibilities, but he’d never thought of this!

The person in front of him……the person in front of him was actually……

Ye Chenyuan’s back was ramrod straight and there were hints of a smile in his eyes.

“It’s just as you heard.”

A long time passed before the principal sat down slowly. As he looked at Ye Chenyuan, there was unrestrained excitement in his eyes. He asked in a hoarse voice.

“Then, have you ascertained things yet?”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan nodded his head with a calm expression on his face, “I wasn’t certain before, but I confirmed things last night.”

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