TDCM Chapter 224: Finally Full

She was actually in a very bad condition right now. The bloodthirsty witherbark had the innate ability to bind to one’s soul and in that moment of imminent peril, she had poured all her spiritual energy into her left hand, and the bloodthirsty witherbark finally responded to her.

It said, “I want to grow on you. I won’t kill you, and you’re not allowed to touch me either. Also, I want half of your soul.”

Under such dire circumstances, how could Yuan Chu hesitate? So, the bloodthirsty witherbark had instantly swallowed half her soul, then it’d listened to her and helped her kill him.

Right now, her soul wasn’t injured, but she was missing half of it, which was why the ten thousand year spirit essence wouldn’t be of any use to her.

Her current self might not even be able to defeat Mu Qinghan, and her cultivation was still falling. There was only one way to stop this……

She glanced at Ye Chenyuan who was lying beside the thousand year spirit spring and her eyes dimmed.

The thing she was about to do was a little cruel and she didn’t want Ye Chenyuan to know about that side of her. If Ye Chenyuan saw her true colours, if he knew that underneath her adorable outer exterior was an old hag that ate humans, would he……not be that caring towards her anymore?

However, it was only a moment later that Yuan Chu was smiling again. After exiting the Sky Pearl, she flew in the endless dark night sky as she looked down at the thousands of homes below that were still lit. There was slight ridicule in her gaze.

Sure enough, she’d been coddled for too long. When she was alone in the past, she had felt that there wasn’t anything that she couldn’t do, but right now……she seemed to have become a second-degree handicapped person whose limbs haven’t been used, someone that couldn’t tell one grain from another.

At this thought, Yuan Chu puffed out her cheeks and resolutely put all the blame onto Ye Chenyuan. Who asked him to be so good at taking care of someone? So angry!

But she was soon smiling, then she stood atop the building’s pointed end as she closed her eyes and felt the traces in the air.

Behind her was a full moon and she appeared very tiny in contrast.

The wind lifted her long hair, and dressed in black, she looked like a demon. In the next second, she disappeared from the rooftop.

At this moment, Zhao Zhuo didn’t dare to return or roam around.

Having lived till the age he was at, he had hundreds of enemies. He needed to wait for his soul to gather a little before he moved otherwise he’d be looking for death.

At the same time, he was observing things from the dark, floating past the doors and windows of various houses as his gaze swept past those people that were sound asleep, looking at who would be more suitable for him to possess.

It was very dangerous for a soul to remain outside. Although he had the cultivation of an Astral Realm, now that he didn’t even have his body, even a Nascent Soul will be able to kill him.

So he needed to find a suitable body, either temporary or permanent.

But it was at this moment that a woman in black robes suddenly appeared in front of him……

There currently wasn’t a single person on the streets that had been bustling in the morning. The sounds of the fight that had previously taken place at the academy hadn’t travelled here so they were sleeping very peacefully, totally unaware of the confrontation that was taking place outside their window.

“Who are you?!”

Zhao Zhuo stared vigilantly at the person in front of him. He could sense that this person was a mere Golden Core. A Golden Core wasn’t fit to make trouble in front of him.

But when the other party took off the black hood, Zhao Zhuo turned pale with fright.

That was because the person who had blocked his path wasn’t any other person but that late stage Nascent Soul girl from just now!

As for why her cultivation was now at Golden Core, he didn’t know the reason, but right now, he only wanted to escape.

If it were any other time, he would’ve never thought that he would ever be afraid of a Golden Core. He increased his speed to the highest degree, and seeing that the other party didn’t catch up to him, he leaned on a corner he’d just turned as his expression relaxed.

“……is that all?”

Despite saying this, he was cursing internally.

When he gets a new body, and after he regains his cultivation, he’ll definitely make those people from today suffer!

With this thought, he continued on his search for a body, but who knew that he’d turned around only to face Yuan Chu who was smiling at him. His eyes immediately widened.

“You ran really quickly……” She almost didn’t catch up, but the bloodthirsty witherbark had left a mark on his soul when it was absorbing his spiritual energy before, otherwise he would have escaped.

Zhao Zhuo was very shocked and he tried to run again, but four Spirit Trapping Talismans suddenly appeared and surrounded him.

Cornered, Zhao Zhuo glared at Yuan Chu ferociously.

“What exactly are you trying to do?!”

He squinted his eyes as he took a look at Yuan Chu’s cultivation, only to realise that in such a short period of time, her cultivation had dropped from mid stage Golden Core to early stage Golden Core. Although he didn’t know the reason for this, this was clearly advantageous to him.

“Little girl, don’t think that you can compete with me just because I’m currently a soul. An early stage Golden Core like you is only courting death!”

He suddenly had an idea, and gone was his prior panic-stricken self as he suddenly smiled. His hoarse voice was still as grating on the ear as before, but there was now a happiness in it.

“Hold on……having this level of cultivation at such a young age, you have heaven-defying talent! Since I intend to possess someone’s body, I’ll just possess yours! Who told you to come right up to me?”

The more he thought about it, the more he thought that this idea was possible.

Although she’s a girl, he hadn’t forgotten Yuan Chu’s current bone age and with such heaven-defying talent, why would it matter having to be a girl?

He might even gain something from this misfortune!

Yuan Chu watched his performance silently before she finally revealed a sweet smile. It’s just that, with that excessively charming face of hers, it ended up looking slightly evil.

“Possess my body? Alright, feel free to give it a try!”

Sensing that her cultivation was falling even more, her smile became even more sincere, “Come on, I won’t strike back.”

Saying this, she stood with her hands behind her back. Zhao Zhuo hesitated, thinking that she must be bluffing, but when he saw that she really didn’t put up any defence, he suddenly went into Yuan Chu’s sea of consciousness.

Seizing and possessing her body, as long as his soul force was stronger than Yuan Chu’s, he’ll be able to swallow Yuan Chu’s soul and occupy her body.

Zhao Zhuo was still feeling confident after he managed to enter her sea of consciousness without a hitch, but in the next second, there was an explosion of red light in Yuan Chu’s sea of consciousness, then he was surrounded by countless mystical diagrams. Every word was blood red, as if they were going to swallow his soul!

He didn’t understand what was going on but he quickly interrupted this by moving down and making the first move to destroy Yuan Chu’s Nascent Soul. If the worst comes to the worst, he’ll just have to cultivate right from the start after he possesses her body. However, his soul chilled when he saw Yuan Chu’s Nascent Soul.

On Yuan Chu’s tiny Nascent Soul that looked like a duplicate of her, half of it was a pure gold colour, appearing pure and gentle, while the other half was a strange black colour, her smile appearing hideous and evil.

An inconceivable possibility flashed in his mind. Could it be possible that this girl cultivated the evil magic he’d heard about in legends?!

Before he could even think about leaving, strands of red threads came out from the little Nascent Soul’s body and bound him.

In the next second, that Nascent Soul opened her tiny mouth, then there was a soul piercing and blood-curdling scream. Yuan Chu revealed a satisfied smile.

“Finally, I’m full!”

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  1. I find it funny that she worries about yuanyuan being upset with her when in fact more then anything he will be confused,sad and angry though not at her but at whatever forced her to become like this. I cant wait to see his reaction when he finds out shes missing half a soul boy will be on a war path of destruction.

    thanks for the chapters!!

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