TDCM Chapter 220: The Person That Wants To Kill Ye Chenyuan

Saying this, he didn’t dare to wait for Yuan Chu’s reply and retreated two steps before turning to leave.

He didn’t look back once, and grasped tightly in his hand were a few strands of Yuan Chu’s hair.

He will work hard in the mystic realm to become a new person. He could only hope that when he reappeared in front of her, he still had a chance.

Yuan Chu was a little baffled to see that he’d left just like that, but when she recalled her dishes, she quickly ran back inside.

When she returned to see that the dishes had indeed turned a little cold, she heated it up with her spiritual energy before sitting down at the table.

Who……was Ye Chenyuan to her?

Yuan Chu propped up her chubby face with both hands, and fell into a slight confusion where many images were flashing before her eyes, but when she saw the dishes in front of her, she felt that she was overthinking things.

‘Most important person’ means most important person. In her situation, there’s no meaning in her thinking so much about it.

When Ye Chenyuan returned, Yuan Chu had fallen asleep at the table. He felt a little upset because he’d left the Su residence slightly later than usual and had already sent her a message asking her not to wait for him.

He walked over and picked Yuan Chu up, intending to carry her to her bed, but Yuan Chu was awoken by this movement and she rubbed her eyes as she looked at him.

“You’re back……”

She asked softly, “How’s the matter at the Su family?”

Ye Chenyuan smiled as he looked at her cute face that was dazed from sleep, “It’s alright, I’ve found a way.”


Yuan Chu’s eyes lit up and she immediately became wide awake.

“Come here, sit, quick, we’ll eat as we chat. I made all these, hmm, they’ll all very tasty!”

Ye Chenyuan can’t help but laugh when he heard this, “Anything that master makes is tasty!”

Especially when he saw that Yuan Chu had prepared food and waited for him to return. This feeling, it was like a pretty little wife waiting for her husband to return, giving him a taste of contentment before he even started eating.

However, he still said, “Don’t do this by yourself anymore, I’ll come back earlier next time.”

Yuan Chu’s eyes narrowed into a smile, “Hurry and eat! I’ll start first!”

Ye Chenyuan smiled, but just as he was about to tell her about Su Heyue’s matter, Yuan Chu’s expression suddenly changed.

At the same time, Venerable Li shouted a warning in his sea of consciousness. Ye Chenyuan immediately grabbed Yuan Chu’s hand and tried to bring her into the Sky Pearl but he was unable to do so.

An invisible barrier suddenly formed around the house they were in. Their situation could not be seen or heard from the outside because someone had used an immortal grade magic treasure to seal off this place.

“There’s an enemy!”

Yuan Chu immediately changed into Mu Qingge’s appearance as she readied herself for combat. Then an old man appeared, and Yuan Chu couldn’t help but to cry out in surprise when she saw his face.

“Elder Zhao?!”

Ye Chenyuan became even more alert when he heard this. This person……was the imperial grandson’s bodyguard that master had mentioned?

Yuan Chu feigned composure as she asked, “Elder Zhao, what are you doing here? The imperial grandson sent you here?”

Elder Zhao looked at Ye Chenyuan apathetically.

“You’re Ye Chenyuan?”

Before Ye Chenyuan could reply, he let out a low laugh, “You really look like that woman……if you must, blame it on your lot in life. There’s someone after your blood, and there’s someone after your life.”

Saying this, he reached for Ye Chenyuan and at once, the oppressive force of an Astral Realm burst out. Both Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan felt its suppression.

This person was even stronger than the rank seven demon serpent that Yuan Chu had defeated before. Even though Ye Chenyuan had already brought out a hundred Dragon Shields at the quickest speed, they were all broken by him in one move. Then soon, that aged hand was right in front of Ye Chenyuan.

At the final moment, a tiny hand grabbed onto his.

Yuan Chu quickly said, “Little Yuan, break the barrier! I’ll block him!”

As long as the barrier was broken, the principal will be able to find them. This person dared to act so rashly within the academy but they weren’t easy targets!

Without further delay, Ye Chenyuan drew his sword and gathered all his spiritual energy before swinging his sword at the barrier.

“Heaven separation sword technique, first form: Everlasting Surge!”

A golden divine light suddenly appeared and shot towards the barrier at a very quick speed.

Elder Zhao didn’t expect Yuan Chu’s cultivation to be at late stage Nascent Soul so he was blocked by her, and in the next second, Ye Chenyuan’s formidable sword move had struck his spirit tool.

The barrier let out a boom, making Elder Zhao feel apprehensive. He had come here in secret with the intention of ending the battle quickly, but if the academy’s people are attracted here, he’ll be done for!

He didn’t expect these two to have hidden themselves so deeply. He needed to go full out and end this quickly!

So, just as the barrier was about to break, he used his spiritual energy to strengthen it, saving the barrier that was in imminent danger.

Then, he ignored Yuan Chu’s attacks and turned his attack to Ye Chenyuan.

As long as Ye Chenyuan was dead, no one would be able to destroy his barrier. As long as he kills him, he’ll be able to escape unscathed!

When Yuan Chu saw this, she stood in front of Ye Chenyuan without any hesitation. At this moment, Ye Chenyuan had spent most of his spiritual energy with that one move so he hurried to replenish it. Then, Venerable Li said.

“Hurry and replenish with medicinal pills, I’ll go and help Little Chu. This barrier won’t be able to withstand a second strike from you! You must break it!”

Ye Chenyuan nodded. Their opponent was too strong and the three of them had to work together if they were to have a chance.

So he quickly worked to gather his powers, but how could Elder Zhao give him this chance?

He stared at Yuan Chu gloomily, “I didn’t expect……that there’ll be such a young Nascent Soul like you within the Heavenly Continent. However, you’ve overestimated your own capabilities a little. I’ll let you know that the difference between realms is something that you can never cross! Immortal Palm!”

His hand then transformed into a large shadow and it made a grab for Yuan Chu. If it weren’t for the spirit tool that was covering it, this house wouldn’t have been able to withstand such a strong spiritual energy and it would’ve already blown up.

Seeing this, Yuan Chu could only block it with her Vajra form, but it was no use and she spat out blood after being hit by Elder Zhao.

“Master!” Ye Chenyuan immediately caught her.

At this moment, everything in the room had already turned to ash and only an empty shell was left.

At the same time that Yuan Chu spat out blood, Elder Zhao had also spat out a mouthful of blood.

It turns out that Venerable Li had attacked him using his divine sense, and at that moment, the barrier weakened even more.

“D*mn it, I’ll kill you both!” Elder Zhao was a mid stage Astral Realm, a master that even ten Yuan Chu’s wouldn’t be able to defeat.

Now that he’d actually suffered injuries, he was so angered that he ignored the burning pain of his soul and ferociously made a grab towards Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan.

Without a second thought, Ye Chenyuan moved to block this for Yuan Chu but she’d already guessed his thoughts and she moved to block in front of him.


It was at this frightening moment that Yuan Chu used her Vajra form to its full extent and transferred all her spiritual energy to her left hand.

“Bloodthirsty witherbark, as the only one that managed to escape tens of thousands of years ago, I don’t believe that you don’t have a divine sense. If I die, you’re also done for! If you don’t want to die, then give me a helping hand!”

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