TDCM Chapter 219: The Profound and Pure Yuan Chu

Mu Qinghan didn’t expect Yuan Chu to be able to analyse the situation so clearly. After relaxing a little, he couldn’t help but to tease her, “Then according to you, I should only see my own merits, but wouldn’t I end up conceited, harming myself in the end?”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu’s smile became even brighter than the moon that shone on the horizon.

“How could that be? When a person learns to love himself, he’ll work to perfect himself so that he can love himself even more. There’ll forever be a balance in everyone’s hearts and as long as you don’t cover it up, you’ll always be able to see your own true shortcomings.”

Saying this, Yuan Chu walked to stand in front of Mu Qinghan and she stood on her tiptoes to pat his shoulder as she said in a sophisticated manner that didn’t match her age.

“Anyway, there’ll always be two sides to every matter and when it comes to conducting yourself, the key lies in the word ‘balance’. If you’re able to keep your heart balanced, then no matter what choices you make, you’ll be able to stay rational and seize any points that’ll be advantageous to you. I have high hopes for you!”

At first, Yuan Chu’s words didn’t seem like much but after careful analysis, every word was a gem!

At that moment, a white glint seemed to flash in his eyes. As his mental state relaxed, he even felt like he was about to advance a realm.

After looking dazedly at Yuan Chu for a while, he couldn’t refrain from asking, “Then do you think that someone like me will be able to become the head of the Mu family?”

Yuan Chu smiled sweetly when she heard this.

“When you find the pillar of support in your heart, you’ll naturally cast off your old self. In this world, the scariest thing is perseverance and the thing that can motivate people the most is conviction. If you believe that you can, then you’ll definitely be able to. At least, that’s what I believe!”

Mu Qinghan mulled over her words again and again. Then, his body became lighter, as if he’d become a different person.

“I think……I’ve already found my support, and I also know what I should believe in. Little Chu, thank you. Meeting you is the greatest fortune of my life!”


Meanwhile, Gu Qingke had shown Ye Chenyuan her prior conversation with Yuan Chu through the recording pearl, but Ye Chenyuan didn’t have much of a reaction after seeing it.

Gu Qingke became a little anxious, “Chenyuan gege, now that you know what kind of person Mu Qingge is, will you still be together with her?”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her fixedly before asking her a question.

“Gu Qingke, I’ll ask you once, and it’ll also be the last time.”

Gu Qingke’s heart jumped inexplicably.

“Did you have a hand in that matter with Su Heyue?”

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan’s expression was very cold and he was also a distance away from her. Gu Qingke opened her mouth, she didn’t know how to reply him.

If she said that she didn’t, Mu Qingge would’ve already told Ye Chenyuan about Su Heyue’s words.

If she said that she did, then what right did she have to stand here?

Her gaze was drifting about and instead of her usual calm, for the first time in her life, she felt put on the spot. But Ye Chenyuan’s gaze was still fixed on her and under that pressing gaze, Gu Qingke gritted her teeth before saying.

“I didn’t know about that matter, Su Heyue had done it behind my back. I didn’t expect her to be such a person and I’ve already cut all contact with her.”

Saying this, she held her breath as she observed Ye Chenyuan’s expression. Under the moonlight, his gaze was cold and he seemed to narrow his eyes slightly before he suddenly revealed a stunning smile.

Just as Gu Qingke heaved a sigh of relief, she heard Ye Chenyuan say word by word.

“Don’t come and find me anymore in the future. From now on, we’re strangers.”

Gu Qingke’s smile froze…… “W-What? What did you say?”

Ye Chenyuan took a step forward before saying, “Lady Gu, as the imperial grandson’s consort, if you have the time to pay attention to others, why don’t you focus on yourself a little more.”

“If I hear you slander her again in the future……” Ye Chenyuan had a gentle smile on his face as he said, “then we’ll become enemies.”


After this chat with Yuan Chu, Mu Qinghan became more open-minded, but before he left, there was something that he wanted to know.

“Little Chu, who exactly is Ye Chenyuan to you?”

He didn’t ask directly: Do you know that he likes you? And instead questioned her in this roundabout way.

Yuan Chu froze, suddenly feeling a little confused.

For so many years, she’d always been close with Ye Chenyuan, and it had remained that way till now. Wasn’t their relationship already fixed?

Also, she’d already told Mu Qinghan that Ye Chenyuan was her disciple, so why was he still asking this?

However, Yuan Chu still gave this question some serious thought, then a smile appeared on the corners of her lips.

“He’s my most important person.”

Mu Qingge’s heart was shaken by this reply. He observed Yuan Chu carefully and realised that there wasn’t the slightest bit of shyness on her face. Instead, she was calm and there were hints of happiness. He then guessed that she’d yet to realise Ye Chenyuan’s feelings.

There was a saying that the spectators will see the game better than the players. Any person who was in the situation wouldn’t be able to see the situation clearly because they would’ve lowered their guard after years of knowing them. Someone will have to break this boundary……and he didn’t want to be that person.

After thinking about it, he stood up with a smile on his face.

“It’s getting late, I’ll take my leave now……Yuan Chu.”

Because he’d suddenly called out her name, Yuan Chu looked up at him and tilted her head slightly.

Seeing the cute look that she’d inadvertently revealed, Mu Qinghan couldn’t refrain from reaching out to stroke her head.

“Sometimes, I don’t know what to say about you. When you were comforting me before, I felt that you were very experienced for your age, but now I’m not very sure.”

Yuan Chu laughed as she blinked her eyes, “Who stipulated that the old have to lack youthful vigour? Perhaps I’ve returned to my true self and am actually a wise old hag that only appears slow-witted?”

She feigned an aged voice, making Mu Qinghan smile.

He looked at Yuan Chu’s clean and clear eyes. If he didn’t understand her, he would think that there wasn’t anything in her eyes, that they were like a white piece of paper.

But when he recalled Yuan Chu’s bewitching eyes as she was saving him, and the insight that she’d occasionally revealed, he felt that her eyes contained everything in this world. She saw through everything, so in her eyes, everything in this world was in its initial form.

Knowing the world but not becoming a part of it, appearing simple but actually being quite deep. Yuan Chu……was really a mysterious person. It’s no wonder that he felt like approaching her time and again.

With this thought, Mu Qinghan’s smile turned bitter. He looked towards Yuan Chu as he said, “Actually, in the past, I’ve never had my own opinions because everything had been arranged by my family. However, after meeting you, I now have it……”

Yuan Chu’s smile froze.

“I often feel that those five hundred days had passed by too quickly, just like the snap of a finger. You might not know this, but you have a charm that brings happiness to others. Be it combing your hair or preparing food for you, the process of doing all that was a kind of happiness.”

Having said these, he seemed like he still had a lot to say but he held them in. As he looked at Yuan Chu fixedly, he ended up only saying one line.

“I hope to be able to see you when I come out, please take care, Little Chu.”

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