TDCM Chapter 218: A Method Has Been Found

It was only when Ye Chenyuan saw that she was really about to die that he struck her with a thunderbolt, destroying the bloodthirsty witherbark in her body.

Forced into a corner, the witherbark immediately started growing wildly and absorbing Su Heyue’s spiritual energy and life force.

Su Heyue let out scream after blood-curdling screams that sounded heartrending. However, no one would be coming to help her at this moment because everyone knew that Ye Chenyuan was treating Su Heyue, and even if her cries sounded very miserable, it was for her own good.

Finally, Su Heyue’s vitality was fully absorbed by the bloodthirsty witherbark and when it could no longer withstand the heavenly thunder, it died.

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes lit up and he quickly fed Su Heyue the fortifying pill. After the fortifying pill was absorbed, her heart that had been sealed off by the Lianxin Herb was revived and Su Heyue who was already 90% dead slowly came back to life, only that she had fallen unconscious.

Venerable Li scanned her with his spiritual energy before saying excitedly, “It worked! This method worked!”

In that moment, Ye Chenyuan was feeling joyful yet worried. Joyful because he’d finally found a way to control it and worried because this method was really too extreme.

Towards Su Heyue, he could make his move without any hesitation but towards master……


On his way back, Ye Chenyuan’s brows were slightly knitted and he was feeling quite vexed. How should he tell master about the bloodthirsty witherbark?

But it was at this moment that he ran into Gu Qingke.

It was obvious that Gu Qingke had been waiting there for a long time because there were many people staring at Gu Qingke, wondering why the academy’s goddess was here.

Ye Chenyuan felt a little conflicted when he saw Gu Qingke.

Master had previously said that Su Heyue had admitted to her that Gu Qingke had a hand in the things she’d done. Although he’d already guessed this, when it was confirmed to be true, he still felt very disappointed.

In his childhood, not many people interacted with him or were good to him. Other than the two family members that had already died, Gu Qingke was the only one left, but who would’ve thought that she would actually make a move on his beloved.

Gu Qingke’s eyes lit up when she saw Ye Chenyuan, “You’re here!”

She was wearing her usual green dress and she looked very sweet-tempered, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. I have something very important to tell you, it’s about Mu Qingge!”


Meanwhile, after returning, Yuan Chu started to make something delicious.

When it comes to food, cultivators didn’t care if they were full and only cared about the taste. Because she’d just gotten the better of Gu Qingke, Yuan Chu was in a very good mood, humming a song as she prepared the food. After the dishes were ready, and seeing that Ye Chenyuan had yet to return, she sat down beside the table to wait for him.

It was at this moment that she heard a knock on the door and she hurried over to open it, only to realise that it wasn’t Ye Chenyuan but Mu Qinghan instead.

Yuan Chu’s smile froze, then she revealed a smile again. Her grievance was with Su Heyue and Su Heyue’s schemes against her had nothing to do with Mu Qinghan, but because the Mu family gave her a bad feeling, her gaze towards Mu Qinghan also became distant.

But Mu Qinghan was very happy to see her.

He had thought about it for a few days and felt that he couldn’t face her, but he’d still come because he missed her. If he still doesn’t come to see her, he probably won’t……get to see her for a long time.

“Mm……Little Chu, can I talk to you?”

Yuan Chu gave it some thought before nodding. They didn’t go far, she followed him out to the lawn.

“Little Chu……actually, I’ve come today to bid you farewell.”

Under the moonlight, Mu Qinghan was dressed in his usual misty blue-green clothing and not one strand of his ink black hair was out of place. His cold appearance only became gentle when he looked at her.

Yuan Chu froze before instinctively asking, “Where are you going?”

Mu Qinghan replied, “The investigations my father carried out has found that the matter with the bloodthirsty witherbark is related to the imperial family and they’re worried that there’ll be another attempt on me so they’re sending me to our clan’s secret mystic realm to cultivate. Over there……it’ll only be myself and two other friends, and it might be a long time before I can return.”

When she heard this, Yuan Chu said rather enviously, “Your parents are so good to you.”

Mu Qinghan sighed when he heard this.

“They are good to me. It’s just that sometimes……I’d rather they not be so good to me.”

Ever since I was a child, no matter what I did or learned, they’ve planned everything for me. I’ve never needed to worry about it but……sometimes, it’s a lot of pressure on me.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu smiled and picked up a small stone before throwing it into a nearby stream. She then said in a lively manner, “Isn’t that good? Why do you feel pressured? Having someone doing their utmost to make plans for you is a blessing that many do not have.”

Mu Qinghan pursed his lips before looking into the distance.

“Perhaps……there’s many that envy me, but I’m very unhappy about this situation……I’ve realised that I’m unable to reject their request. Even if I wanted to remain here to help out, they’ve rejected me.”

He didn’t want to go to the mystic realm, but he wasn’t a match for his mother’s tearful complaints and ended up compromising.

He wanted to lend a helping hand but his family was worried that something would happen to him. This worry wasn’t because they weren’t confident in his abilities, but it was out of love. They were worried because they loved him.

Mu Qinghan said with a frown, “In the past, I’ve never thought anything of following their arrangements but it’s only now that I realise how unopinionated I am……”

He said with a wry smile, “I’m my father’s only child. They’ve been strong all their lives but I turned out to be so incompetent. Thinking about it……I owe them, if possible, I wish I could be as strong as Ye Chenyuan……”

Perhaps only someone like him could protect Yuan Chu.

“Don’t say that.” Yuan Chu shook her head as she said with a smile, “With very strong parents, the children will usually be weaker, and if the parents are weak, their child will be especially eager to excel. Having grown up in such an environment, it’s already pretty good that you’re so obedient.”

Mu Qinghan looked at her fixedly when he heard this, “You don’t blame me? You’d previously suffered grievances at my home yet I wasn’t able to help you……don’t you think that I’m very useless?”

Yuan Chu shook her head, “No, you’re just very kind.”

She looked at him seriously, “You didn’t want me to be sad nor did you want your mother to feel hurt. Perhaps others would think that it isn’t good to be so indecisive and that you’ll only lose even more, but I feel that you should cherish this kindness.”

“Besides, your mother had worked hard to raise you and she has her own viewpoint. If you had gone against her for my sake, I would think that that wasn’t like you.”

Mu Qinghan’s eyes were sparkling when he heard this and he finally revealed his first smile in a long time.

“Little Chu, you’re really good at comforting people. When I was coming here, I felt like I didn’t have a single redeeming quality. I’m unable to help my family and I was unable to adhere to my own principles, but after listening to you, I actually feel like I do have redeeming qualities.”

Yuan Chu nodded her head vigorously, “It’s like this. In life, the majority of people will only see your shortcomings and if you also negate yourself, you’ll fall into others’ trap. So, maintain your optimism, young man!”

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