TDCM Chapter 217: I’m Your Master

Yuan Chu laughed when she heard this.

“You’re saying that I’m waiting for a good noble family?” She narrowed her eyes before nodding cheerfully, “You know me quite well!”

Having seen Yuan Chu’s “true colours”, Gu Qingke felt upset for Ye Chenyuan and she gritted her teeth as she said.

“I’ve seen many women like you who do not want to work hard and only want to get to higher positions by using men. You’re really wasting your talents, fancy the principal having the intention to let you enter the Elite Chamber. If someone like you enters, it’ll only spoil the atmosphere within the academy!”

Yuan Chu listened to all this with a smile on her face, “Why do I feel like your words are so sour? You’re jealous of my talent, jealous of my good looks, jealous that Ye Chenyuan likes me, and jealous that the imperial grandson also likes me right? I can’t help it, I’m just that outstanding! However, I do have my bottom line. I’ve taken a fancy to the position of the imperial grandson’s concubine, but if I have to share a husband with you, I really can’t do it!”

“Don’t be blind to what’s good for you!”

Initially, Gu Qingke had thought that it might not be a bad idea for Mu Qingge to marry the imperial grandson and be his concubine. It’ll be easy to control a mere concubine and she won’t be able to escape her grasp, but she didn’t expect her to reject this.

Yuan Chu said with a sneer, “That’s all I have to say, I won’t marry the imperial grandson if he doesn’t break off his engagement with you. I feel upset whenever I see you, and I’ve yet to get back at you for trying to harm me previously!”

Gu Qingke flinched when she heard this, “What do you mean by this? I’ve already said that the incident with the switched tokens was all Su Heyue’s doing!”

Yuan Chu shrugged, “But Su Heyue has said that you also had a hand in it. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely tell Ye Chenyuan about this, and I guarantee that he’ll ignore you from now on.”

“You dare!” Gu Qingke was angered.

Her pretty face turned icy, “If you dare to do that, I’ll tell him about you seducing the imperial grandson!”

“Go ahead!” Yuan Chu displayed her pearly white teeth in a smile, “Ye Chenyuan is already fully within my grasp and he won’t believe you no matter what you tell him. But things are different for you, one word from me and you’ll become his enemy. Do you believe me?”

Sensing that someone was secretly watching them, Yuan Chu purposely added another sentence.

“I was planning to part amicably with Ye Chenyuan and concentrate on carrying on with the imperial grandson, but I’ve now changed my mind. Don’t you like Ye Chenyuan? I’ll cling on to him and make him hate you!”

Gu Qingke immediately became nervous, “I……who said that I like him? He’s just like a very good older brother to me……”

Yuan Chu clicked her tongue, “Who are you trying to bluff?” pursing her lips, she continued, “If you don’t have a guilty conscience, will you be so proactive in searching for a concubine for your future husband? You’re not content with what you have yet you have the gall to scold me, hmph, I can’t be bothered with you!”

Saying this, Yuan Chu bumped into Gu Qingke as she left. Gu Qingke didn’t dare to stop her because she knew that she wasn’t her match.

The Nascent Soul secret bodyguard that was spying on them thought: Not only did Gu Qingke fail to do what the imperial grandson had instructed her to do, she was even thinking about some other man? He had to tell the imperial grandson about this!

Gu Qingke was unaware that someone had been listening in on their conversation. She stared at Yuan Chu’s back figure with deep hatred and opened her palm to reveal a recording pearl that could record information. Just wait, she’ll expose this woman’s true colours in front of Ye Chenyuan!


Meanwhile, after Su Heyue told Ye Chenyuan that she wanted him to marry her, Ye Chenyuan froze for a moment before he suddenly laughed.

He had exceedingly good looks and he was already very dazzling, but when he suddenly smiled, it made others hold their breath. Especially since he was dressed in white garments, he looked like a celestial being straight out of a painting……

Su Heyue stared blankly at him, then suddenly, Ye Chenyuan’s gaze changed and he teleported in front of Su Heyue before prying open her mouth and stuffing the Lianxin Herb in.

Shocked, Su Heyue tried to resist but Ye Chenyuan suppressed her with his oppressive force.

Even though his actions were cruel, his expression was very gentle, “……can’t you just be an obedient test subject? Why do you have to anger me, do you know the consequences of doing so?”

It’s a pity that Su Heyue could no longer hear his words because the Lianxin Herb was extremely poisonous. Once it enters the body, it’ll envelop and isolate the heart, such that one will suffocate and die.

Ye Chenyuan should have started on the experiment the moment she ate it because every second of delay would increase Su Heyue’s probability of death.

However, because he was disgusted by Su Heyue’s prior words, after stuffing the Lianxin Herb into her mouth, he leisurely wiped his hands with a handkerchief.

He had touched her face just now and was disgusted by the powdered feel of her face.

Master’s still the best, master’s face was always fair and tender, making one unwilling to part with it.

It’s decided. After he returned, he’d wait for master to fall asleep before giving it a few touches to cleanse his hands.

Su Heyue fell to the ground and spasmed. Her face was purple as she reached a hand towards Ye Chenyuan but he stood there motionlessly as he looked at her indifferently. His untainted-by-dirt appearance was deeply etched in her heart and brought about a fear that drowned her.

She really couldn’t understand how someone who’d only just been smiling at her could feed her poison in the next second.

Even more unexpected was how he could smile at her when she was on the verge of death……Ye Chenyuan’s image in her heart had been that of an elegant and gentle young man, but at this moment, he was a demon, a man-eating monster!

“I beg……I beg you……”

She crawled in front of Ye Chenyuan. She couldn’t hold out any longer, even though she was at Foundation Building, she could only drag this on for a little longer than ordinary people.

The Lianxin Herb had sealed off her heart so every word that she spoke was like the last cry of her life.

Ye Chenyuan was the only one that could save her.

“I beg you……”

Ye Chenyuan pursed his lips before asking haughtily, “Will you be obedient in the future?”

Su Heyue quickly nodded her head. Her long hair was spread out and her eyes were bulging out. Her current appearance was no different to that of a malicious spirit.

Ye Chenyuan questioned again, “Do you still dare to anger me again next time?”

Su Heyue was crying as she shook her head. She didn’t dare, she won’t dare to do it again!

It was only then that Ye Chenyuan knelt down and he looked straight into Su Heyue’s eyes as if he wanted to see the deepest parts of her soul. In that moment, Su Heyue also seemed to have been taken by something as she looked at him fixedly.

“Remember, from now on, you will do what I want you to do, and you won’t say anything that I don’t want to hear. Your life was given by me, I’m your master[1], understood?”

Saying this, he let out a soft laugh and a silver light seemed to flashed in his dark eyes. The blood pearl that faintly appeared between his brows made him look exquisitely bewitching. The intense fear and his celestial yet evil looking face was deeply seared into Su Heyue’s sea of consciousness.

Her heart was throbbing with terror and when she could finally breathe, her gaze towards Ye Chenyuan became one of awe.

1. This is different from the ‘master’ that Ye Chenyuan calls Yuan Chu. This is more of the master and servant/slave kind of master.

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