TDCM Chapter 216: Only One Chance

Very soon, Yuan Chu’s kite had flown away, but it would take more than a day or two to go from where she was to the third-rate kingdoms so she could only be patient.

For the past few days, Yuan Chu had attended classes as usual and after class, Ye Chenyuan would go to the Su family to find a way to rid Su Heyue of the Witherbark.

On this day, Ye Chenyuan was on his way to the Su family when Venerable Li whispered to him, “Little Yuan, be careful. There’s a Nascent Soul expert following you.”

There wasn’t any change in Ye Chenyuan’s expression when he heard this and he started to converse with Venerable Li in his sea of consciousness.

“Don’t worry, it should be the imperial grandson’s men.”

“Shouldn’t you be worried if it’s his men?” Venerable Li was astonished, “If I were him, once I had a guilty conscience, I’ll definitely silence you!”

Ye Chenyuan said, “Venerable Li, have you forgotten what the two Golden Cores said before I killed them? Ye Tianxu is now in urgent need of someone who has the Divine Emperor Blood to change his blood with. Who could be more suitable than me?”

“He won’t dare to make this matter public so he won’t capture me openly. At the start, he’ll definitely choose to deceive me with some tricks.”

Venerable Li was slightly speechless when he heard this, “You know everything and you always act so fearlessly, you’re playing with fire right now!”

Ye Chenyuan chuckled, “I’m not. After I heal Su Heyue, the Su family will definitely treat me like a distinguished guest because they fear that someone will use the bloodthirsty witherbark to harm them too. You don’t have to be too worried.”

“Then……are you certain of it?”

Ye Chenyuan thought of Su Heyue and a cruel smile appeared on his face, “I have many ways, if one doesn’t work, I’ll just try another. I can try them out slowly.”

At this moment, just like Ye Chenyuan had guessed, the Mu family and Su family were investigating the matter of the bloodthirsty witherbark. This had set off waves within the entire capital but besides those that were involved, no one else knew about it.

He then arrived at the Su family. Su Heyue had already come up from the underground. She no longer needed to be locked up because the bloodthirsty witherbark on her body was now dormant so she wasn’t in that much pain anymore.

Initially, Su Heyue had suspected that Ye Chenyuan was the one who had planned and executed all of these but after both the Su and Mu family looked into this matter, they realised that this matter might have something to do with the imperial family.

Some time back, the imperial palace had a huge recruitment of talented and strange people. Among them was a person who had the plant controlling demon mark shown in Ye Chenyuan’s book. So, the one that truly wanted to make a move on them should be the imperial family……

The results of this investigation caused both families to keep a low-profile and after clearing himself of all suspicion, Ye Chenyuan became a powerful figure because he was the only one that could make that terrible demon plant dormant.

“You’re here!”

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan was here, Su Heyue’s door was already open and she was looking at him hopefully.

Ye Chenyuan had an indifferent expression on his face but he knew what must’ve happened.

Su Heyue’s attitude towards him had become more polite, which meant that he was now clear of any suspicion. It seemed like the Su family had found out something, and it shouldn’t be too far from what he’d guessed.

It’ll be even better if he could point all of these to the imperial grandson.

With this thought, his lips hooked up slightly and because he was in a pretty good mood, his gaze towards Su Heyue wasn’t as cold as before.

Su Heyue was dazzled by his smile and she started to make plans in her heart.

She had a few older brothers, and although her mother was the only woman by his father’s side, many other women had borne children for her father, only that they were all dead now.

Her mother had now been placed under house arrest so she was alone and without help in the Pill Sect. Initially, she had wanted to marry Mu Qinghan because the Mu family was an elite aristocratic family but now that the verbal engagement was no more, she had to start planning for herself……

If only she could make Ye Chenyuan her husband! In that way, she’d be able to remain in the Pill Sect and with Ye Chenyuan’s abilities, her father will definitely think highly of him. It still wasn’t certain who will manage the Pill Sect in the future!

Ye Chenyuan pretended not to have seen Su Heyue’s drifting gaze. There were many medicinal ingredients and medicinal pills in the room. These were the methods that Ye Chenyuan had come up with when looking through books.

The day before yesterday, Ye Chenyuan had directly shocked it with electric currents and the witherbark had absorbed Su Heyue’s spiritual energy nonstop. It came to a point where Su Heyue was on the verge of death yet the witherbark had yet to die. This forced him to resort to other means.

He picked up a Lianxin Herb as he said softly, “The Lianxin Herb is a poisonous plant that can isolate one’s heart and cause one to suffocate. After you take this, I’ll attack it with thunderbolts and we might be able to kill the bloodthirsty witherbark and save your life in the same split second. Are you willing to give it a try?”

Su Heyue was a little frightened by Ye Chenyuan’s words. Recently, the medicines that Ye Chenyuan was trying on her was becoming increasingly terrifying, and today, he wanted her to take a poison?!

“I-I won’t die right?”

She revealed a pained expression as she looked at Ye Chenyuan’s peerlessly handsome face, “I really can’t take medicines that are too strong, I feel like I’ll die!”

“You won’t.” Ye Chenyuan placed a pill bottle at the side, “With this grade five fortifying pill provided by the Su family, and as long as I move fast enough, you will not die.”

But Su Heyue still felt fearful. The process of trying the various medicines was too painful and the feeling of getting shocked by thunderbolts was suffocating.

She took multiple steps back before she gritted her teeth and said, “It doesn’t actually have to be so complicated right?”

She looked at Ye Chenyuan with sparkling eyes, “You have the ability to suppress the bloodthirsty witherbark and make it dormant. Then, as long as we’re always together, then the bloodthirsty witherbark will no longer be able to torment me. I don’t want to try any more medicines, I want you, I want you to stay with me forever!”


Meanwhile, Yuan Chu had also run into Gu Qingke.

She was now completely on guard against Gu Qingke and she frowned when she saw that Gu Qingke had come looking for her.

“What are you doing here?”

In fact, Gu Qingke didn’t want to see Yuan Chu either.

There was no one else around at this moment, and as they stood in the long hallway, Gu Qingke was looking at Yuan Chu icily. There was no sign of her usual gentleness.

“Shouldn’t you be very clear about what I’m here for?”

“Me? Clear about what?” Yuan Chu was baffled.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan wasn’t around, Gu Qingke sneered.

“Captivating the imperial grandson after just one meeting, Mu Qingge, you’re really capable.”

The realisation dawned on Yuan Chu. It turns out that the imposter had called Gu Qingke to come here? What for? They weren’t close.

“If you have anything to say, just tell me.” Yuan Chu rubbed her stomach, “I want to go back and have my dinner.”

Gu Qingke laughed and took a few steps towards Yuan Chu. Traces of anger appeared on her beautiful and charming face.

“The imperial grandson’s intentions are simple. If you can help him to do some things, he’s willing to grant you the position of concubine.”

Just as Yuan Chu was about to speak, Gu Qingke interrupted her, “There’s no need to pretend in front of me. Isn’t this what you wanted? Staying together for a lifetime and what not, it’s just a way for you to raise your value. You can think about it, you’ll only have one chance.”

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