TDCM Chapter 215: The Shy Fingertip

Ye Chenyuan’s expression froze, and with a blink of his phoenix eyes, his expression immediately became aggrieved.

“Master, I’d only done that because I was too worried about you. Master, are you really going to blame me?”

Yuan Chu was flustered by Ye Chenyuan suddenly acting so coquettishly, especially since he was good looking. At such a close distance, his phoenix eyes were conveying his begging for forgiveness, making it such that Yuan Chu was unable to do it.

What should she do? He looked so adorable when acknowledging his mistake……making her feel like giving him everything he wanted.

So scary!

She shook her head and said cruelly, “It’s no use acting cute! Hurry up, raise your butt!”

Ye Chenyuan’s expression cracked.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan wasn’t moving, Yuan Chu suddenly pushed him down.

Ye Chenyuan’s circlet fell and his black hair was spread across the bed. His heart was beating very quickly as he looked dazedly at Yuan Chu who was above him, only to see that her eyes were sparkling with glee. Then, Yuan Chu flipped him over.

Yuan Chu was now riding on his back and it was only now that Ye Chenyuan finally collected his thoughts.

“Master, don’t……”

Before Ye Chenyuan could finish, Yuan Chu’s hand had already smacked his butt.

Ye Chenyuan’s face immediately turned red and his handsome face was tense, seeming like he was in disbelief.

Seeing that he was being much more obedient, Yuan Chu let out a ‘hmph’, before she gave him a few more slaps.

As she hit him, she even said “fiercely”, “You scolded me and you even hit me! Do you still dare to do it next time? Do you dare?!”

Being treated in this manner, what else did Ye Chenyuan have to say? He lay on his stomach on the bed with his eyes closed as he clutched at the sheets with his long and slender fingers. A long time passed before he said in a hoarse voice.

“Alright, master……you’ve already hit me, has your anger been quelled?”

With him indulging her like this, Yuan Chu’s face heated up and she suddenly felt like she couldn’t continue anymore. Letting out a ‘hmph’, she said haughtily.

“Then I’ll reluctantly let you off……remember your words, you’re not to disrespect me again next time! Otherwise, I’ll spank your butt!”

Ye Chenyuan pursed his lips wordlessly. His face was very red but in his eyes was profound helplessness and doting.

Just as Yuan Chu was about to climb off of Ye Chenyuan, he suddenly grabbed onto her hand, then he turned over, preventing her from getting off.

Yuan Chu froze, only to hear Ye Chenyuan say.

“So we’ve made up?”

Yuan Chu nodded her head dazedly, “That’s right.” She’d always been a very magnanimous person alright?

As he was laying there, Ye Chenyuan suddenly laughed.

“Master, thank you.”

Yuan Chu was baffled, why is he thanking her now?

It was at this moment that Ye Chenyuan sat up and half hugged her as he spoke softly into her ear.

“Previously……it was my fault. You’d done it for my sake, I should’ve thanked you.”

“However……master. To me, nothing can compare to your safety. I understand you, can you understand my feelings?”

At that moment, Yuan Chu’s brain had already stopped working. Ye Chenyuan’s gentle words were like soft feathers that were piling up in her heart. They seemed to be very light, yet they were everywhere, such that there was nowhere for her to escape.

When Yuan Chu didn’t reply, Ye Chenyuan looked down curiously. His long lashes quivered slightly, then he leaned back to take a closer look at her face.

At this moment, their faces were very close, to the point that Yuan Chu’s heart was about to jump out of her chest.

There seemed to be some warmth in the air that was enveloping them. Even if they didn’t speak, it seemed like their feelings were linked……

“……What are you guys doing?!!”

Venerable Li’s abrupt voice startled the both of them out of that dream-like state. Just now, they were almost about to kiss! That strange feeling made Yuan Chu’s face turn red and she quickly got off of Ye Chenyuan as she said in a deadpan manner, “I……I was educating him!”

When the other human and that one soul didn’t speak, she continued awkwardly, “We’ve already made up, I-I’ll go fold the kite, goodbye!”

Yuan Chu then ran out, and once she was out, she patted her face as she spurned herself.

She was truly becoming more hopeless with age, actually getting enchanted by good looks and doing something terrible. It’s fortunate that she’d been interrupted otherwise wouldn’t she have lost her lifetime’s reputation?!

Indeed, beauty makes one do wrong! One’s willpower will really weaken in the face of unrivalled beauty.

Meanwhile, Ye Chenyuan’s heart also seemed to have become empty the moment his arms became empty. He loosened his collar uncomfortably, and with his long hair hanging down and highlighting his uncovered collarbones, there was a different kind of temptation.

Seeing that Venerable Li was still staring at him, Ye Chenyuan feigned indifference as he got off the bed and poured himself a cup of water.

Venerable Li stared at his back figure suspiciously and circled around him a few times.

“Little Yuan Yuan, are you……”

Ye Chenyuan tightened his grip around the cup.

Venerable Li asked unhappily, “Are you raising Little Chu as your daughter?”

He could still vividly remember the scene he’d just seen and Ye Chenyuan’s affection as he embraced Yuan Chu was simply the affection between a father and daughter!

At the same time that he heaved a sigh of relief, Ye Chenyuan also choked and almost didn’t manage to swallow his water.

He looked at Venerable Li, suddenly feeling very curious about his past.

“Venerable Li, did you have a wife when you were alive?”

Venerable Li immediately revealed an awkward expression, but since Ye Chenyuan was also a male, he still replied honestly, “I didn’t.”

People like Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu were the minority and most people would have to temper themselves and go into seclusion in order to raise their cultivation. So, even though they lived long lives, they had few experiences. But of course, someone as innocent as Venerable Li was definitely unusual.

He frowned as he said sullenly.

“When I was younger, my master said that I was a rare alchemy genius so I was taught how to refine pills, and when I succeeded in that, master said that my cultivation was lagging behind so I had to go into seclusion to cultivate. When my cultivation went up, he told me that I was ready to break through to a higher alchemist ranking, and by then……I didn’t have time to get married.”

Ye Chenyuan questioned him again, “Then have you ever liked someone?”

With this question, chatterbox Venerable Li was unlocked and he glanced at him, “When I was your age, just like you, I liked the curvaceous type, it’s a pity that……”

His expression dimmed, then he suddenly asked, “Why are you asking about these?”

“It’s nothing.” Ye Chenyuan looked at him as he said earnestly, “When I reach Astral Realm in the future, I’ll definitely find a treasure that can help reconstruct your body.”

Venerable Li was moved by Ye Chenyuan’s words. He realised that he was very lucky. Although he’d already been asleep for so many years, this child was a good child that knew to repay one’s kindness.

The two came to a strange understanding and the prior unexpected situation was set aside just like that.

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