TDCM Chapter 214: Stick It Out

Ya’ll, the following 2 chapters were painful to translate. I’m like wth.

Yuan Chu became increasingly excited the more she talked about it and didn’t realise that Ye Chenyuan’s expression was turning scarier.

She said in a clear voice, “As long as we can verify that he’s related to the Ye family, then the possibility that you’d been swapped will almost be set in stone!”

After saying these, she had a pretentious look on her face as she waited for Ye Chenyuan to praise her, but it didn’t happen even after she’d waited for a long time.

She finally opened her eyes, only to see that Ye Chenyuan was looking at her with a dangerous gaze that made her feel a little timid.

“What……What’s wrong?”

Ye Chenyuan said, “In other words, you knew that there was an Astral Realm expert following him yet you still made a move on him?”

If there really was something wrong with that imperial grandson, he’ll definitely be protecting himself with a magic treasure. Anyone who dares to try to obtain his blood will come under suspicion. If he decided to be ruthless, he might even kill!

Hearing this, Yuan Chu patted her chest in fear.

“That’s right! It was so thrilling! I was almost found out, but fortunately, I was quick-witted enough.”

Ye Chenyuan’s face turned even darker.

“Do you know what you’re doing? What if he makes a move on you when he realises what you’re doing? What if the principal hadn’t arrived in time? What if you get hurt? How can you do something so risky by yourself?”

Receiving a rain of criticism instead of the praise she’d been waiting for, Yuan Chu felt wronged and she said indignantly.

“I-I was really careful. Besides, I’m not that weak! Even if we did end up fighting, I’ll definitely be able to drag things on till the principal arrived!”

Even though what she’d said was true, Ye Chenyuan still felt very fearful over what had happened. Worried and angered, he picked Yuan Chu up.

Although Yuan Chu was almost fourteen, she was still very short and after being lifted up just like that, she had a stupefied expression on her face. Then, Ye Chenyuan sat down on the bed and she was placed across his lap horizontally.

Just as she was thinking that this posture was quite strange, she suddenly suffered a smack to her bum.

Yuan Chu was baffled. She’d been quick-witted and had done a good thing yet Ye Chenyuan had actually hit her?!!

“Do you know what you’ve done wrong?!”

Ye Chenyuan asked in a grim voice. It wasn’t the first time that master had taken risks and he’d already scolded her about it yet she’d always managed to wriggle her way out of it. This time, he had to discipline her!

With this, he gave her another smack that wasn’t too light or too heavy.

Yuan Chu immediately started to struggle.

“What are you doing? You rebellious disciple, you actually dare to spank my butt? Let go of me!”

Venerable Li was unperturbed by this and he even came out to help Ye Chenyuan, “Come on, this brat is asking for a beating. I’ll help you hold her down.”

Venerable Li had also become very powerful, and with the both of them holding her down, she was momentarily unable to struggle free. After suffering another spank to her butt, she was embarrassed and angry. Deciding that she wanted to have nothing to do with this, she started wailing.

“Wah……murder! Molest, rape!”

With this, Ye Chenyuan’s raised hand didn’t move anymore. He really wanted to pull a long face but he was between laughter and tears from her words. In the end, that smack landed lightly on her butt.

“Do you think that you’re in the right? How many times have I told you not to take your chances and I’ve always let you off in the past but you’ve now taken things one step further, hm?”

Yuan Chu wails became even louder and aggrieved. She was so angry that her fair face had turned rosy.

“Waaah, you’re bullying me, is it right for you to disrespect me like that? I only wanted to help you out a little. You didn’t praise me, yet you got angry at me and even hit me! Waaah, I want to return to Myriad Sword Sect, I don’t want you anymore!”

As he listened to the front portion, Ye Chenyuan was still finding it funny but when he heard that last sentence, he felt a strange panic and immediately picked her up before placing her such that she was straddling his legs. Face to face, he questioned her.

“Who do you not want?!”

His expression was very scary but Yuan Chu was still angry so she said furiously, “Don’t want you anymore! Is there such a disciple like you?” He was even more controlling than her dad, and he was becoming less cute the more he grew up, he actually dared to spank her butt!!

Ye Chenyuan narrowed his eyes and his expression turned dark.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan was angry, Venerable Li quickly ran outside, intending to stay out of this matter.

Meanwhile, Yuan Chu had no qualms about staring at him with her eyes wide open as she set herself against him.

She wasn’t afraid of him! She had never admitted defeat in all her three lifetimes!

Ye Chenyuan’s gaze was fixed on her and there was now a chill in his elegant voice.

“Who did you say that you do not want anymore?”

His every word seemed to hit the apex of Yuan Chu’s heart. She was about to blurt out: Don’t want you!

But with Ye Chenyuan’s fiery gaze on her, she quietly swallowed these words.

So scary, why did he look even scarier than he did when he was at Astral Realm in her last life?!

Although she still felt very wronged, but a wise man understands and submits to circumstances, so she mumbled under her breath.

“You were fierce towards me and even hit me……”

Ye Chenyuan said in a low voice, “So you can say that you don’t want me anymore?”

“I……” Yuan Chu pursed her lips, she’d been truly hurt this time.

Her eyes were red as she said in a hoarse voice, “I only wanted to do something for you. I didn’t want you to have to go through so much hardship, I’d done it for your sake, how can you do this to me……”

As she said this, her nose had also turned red, but she pouted her lips, stubbornly refusing to let the tears fall.

The room quickly fell silent.

With her words of “I’d done it for your sake”, even if Ye Chenyuan was very angry before, it’d now disappeared without a trace.

He knitted his brows, feeling a pain in his heart before he finally let out a sigh.

“Alright……stop crying, I won’t scold you anymore.”

When he said this, Yuan Chu’s tears started falling and she rubbed them away in a rough manner before shooting him a glare, “Who’s crying!”

“Alright alright, you didn’t cry……”

Ye Chenyuan was sitting on the bed while she sat across his lap facing him. At such a close distance, he could see every grievance in her eyes and he felt his heart ache.

He reached out to wipe away her tears, saying rather sadly.

“I’m sorry, just now……it was because I was too angry.” At the thought of how Yuan Chu had tried to do something right under an Astral Realm expert’s nose, he felt really scared and had become extremely angry.

Yuan Chu slapped away his hand and said angrily, “There wasn’t ever any reason for your anger, I was very careful and I’m very strong! Besides, can you hit someone just because you’re angry? I’m also very angry, but I didn’t hit you right?!”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t refrain from laughing, “How about this, I’ll let you hit me back. I’ll let you hit wherever you want to, alright? Don’t be angry anymore……” darling.

Yuan Chu was still feeling very angry. He clearly should’ve praised her yet she’d been scolded and he even spanked her butt. So, her anger strengthened her courage and she gritted her teeth as she said resolutely.

“Then I also want to spank your butt, stick it out, quick!”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t imagine having his butt spanked by Yuan Chu and his expression immediately turned awkward.

“Master……can you hit somewhere else?”

Yuan Chu puffed out her cheeks, “Now you know that I’m your master? No way! I want to spank your butt!”

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3 thoughts on “TDCM Chapter 214: Stick It Out

  1. ….she doesn’t even act like a 14 year old. crying “rape” when he didn’t rape her is… =__= but why in the world was he spanking her? She’s not 6. ugh. Yeah I see why this was painful for you. TY

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    1. She’s around 300 years old mentally if you count the past lives😂

      I don’t know what happens when you reach that age but I guess in her case she gave up “acting as a grown-up” in this timeline


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