TDCM Chapter 213: Quick-Witted Little Chu

Yuan Chu moved closer nervously, “Are you okay? I hadn’t done it on purpose, you might not know this, but my fiance doesn’t have a good family background so it wasn’t easy for him to gift me something. That’s why I treasure it a lot and keep it on at all times, are……you alright?”

The wound on Ye Tianxu’s finger quickly healed, but he was feeling very terrible right now. No longer in the mood to feign politeness with her, he took a step back and asked icily.

“You said that your fiance has a poor family background?”

Yuan Chu’s eyes were fixed on his hand and she replied without a second thought, “That’s right! He’s an ordinary commoner, if it weren’t for that handsome face of his, I wouldn’t have……your highness, are you really alright?”

Ye Tianxu looked at Yuan Chu with slight disgust as he controlled his temper and asked, “Has he ever told you what he has come to the Empire for?”

Yuan Chu looked up at him with a baffled gaze, “He’s here to seek riches and power, what else could it be for? Talented people like us will fade into oblivion if we stay in small places, so we’ve come to the Empire to seek a good future……he’s talented at alchemy so he has just gone to offer the Su family his services. I still don’t know if the Su family will want him, anyway……people like you who are favoured by the gods won’t understand our life.”

Yuan Chu’s flawless answer made Ye Tianxu’s suspicions fade. Could Ye Chenyuan really not know about his identity?

True, he had no means to find out about it. There are many Ye family members by his side who are relying on his identity to live. Even if Ye Chenyuan had gone back to the Ye family before, the Ye family members that knew anything wouldn’t tell him a word either.

As for the two people he’d sent out previously, they might have been killed by the academy’s guards? After all, it was a capital offence to intrude into the academy’s mystic realm……

With this thought, he didn’t have the intention to remain here any longer and he looked at Yuan Chu with a frown.

“Alright, I’ve already been out for a long time, I’ll take my leave first.”

Yuan Chu looked at him bewilderedly and reached out as if she wanted to stop him but didn’t dare to. However, she heaved a sigh of relief internally. This imposter should hurry and leave! Her face was stiff from putting on this act!

Just as Ye Tianxu was about to open the door, a person in black suddenly appeared in front of Yuan Chu.


Yuan Chu’s entire body tensed in that moment, the Astral Realm expert had actually appeared! Had he perhaps……discovered her little trick?

To guard against the other party killing her, Yuan Chu became alert.

Ye Tianxu was baffled as he turned to look back, but he was still very respectful towards this person, “Elder Zhao, why have you come out?”

Yuan Chu revealed an alert expression as she immediately questioned Ye Tianxu, “Your highness……this is……”

Ye Tianxu ignored her.

Elder Zhao’s aged face was expressionless as he reached out his ghost-like hand, and with a hoarse voice that made one’s scalp tingle, he said word by word.

“Hand over the Needle Clothing.”

Feeling a faint killing intent, Yuan Chu was feeling fearful as she quickly patted herself. The Needle Clothing immediately turned into a small piece of clothing that lay in the palm of her hand. She then handed it over without any objection.

There was an intangible killing intent that was surging in the air. That person called Elder Zhao didn’t hide his intentions or use excessive oppressive force to suppress Yuan Chu. His thoughts couldn’t be seen from his expression and Yuan Chu couldn’t tell if he’d discovered it or not.

But in the next second, with a pinch of his wrinkled hand, Yuan Chu’s Needle Clothing broke into pieces! It broke into pieces!!

Yuan Chu felt distressed, this was a top-grade spirit tool! She looked at Ye Tianxu pitifully but Ye Tianxu only looked at Elder Zhao.

“Elder Zhao, what’s wrong?” Had this woman tried to scheme against him?

Elder Zhao didn’t speak. A faint glow was emitted from his hand, then strands of blood slowly appeared above the Needle Clothing. It was traces of blood that Ye Tianxu had gotten on it earlier.

Seeing this, Ye Tianxu’s expression turned grave and his gaze towards Yuan Chu became doubtful.

However, Yuan Chu had a baffled expression on her face as she looked at them, looking angry but not daring to speak out. No one noticed the talisman that she was clutching behind her back.

Elder Zhao said in a hoarse voice, “Your highness is a person of eminence……even the tiniest part of you must not fall into others’ hands.”

Yuan Chu revealed a wronged expression as she said with a pout, “It really wasn’t on purpose!”

Ye Tianxu gave it some thought and also felt that she probably wouldn’t be this scheming. After all, he thought of himself as having keen eyes and this person in front of him was clearly just a pretty face, and a very useful one at that.

So he said to Yuan Chu apologetically, “Lady Mu, I’m sorry. Elder Zhao hadn’t done it on purpose, I’ll compensate you for the Needle Clothing, please accept these spirit stones.”

Saying this, he took out a storage bag and Yuan Chu hesitated for a moment before accepting it.

Seeing that she’d accepted it, Ye Tianxu said with a smile, “Today, I’ve came here incognito, so please do not tell anyone about this, including your fiance.”

Yuan Chu looked at him as she nodded her head repeatedly, “Your highness, don’t worry. I absolutely won’t tell anyone!”

It was only with this that Ye Tianxu was satisfied and he looked at Yuan Chu as he said meaningfully, “I’ll come by again……”

Yuan Chu blushed when she heard this, then she watched as the both of them left.

Seeing that they’d gone a distance away, she narrowed her eyes, then she started to tidy up the house to make it seem like no one had come by. After this, she sat on the bed in a daze.

“Oh dear, I’m so charming that even the imperial grandson is interested in me. That won’t do, I have to draw a clear line with Ye Chenyuan……”

As she said this, she even nodded her head firmly, and Elder Zhao who had been spying on her from the shadows sneered before returning to report back.

Sensing that he was finally gone, Yuan Chu internally heaved a sigh of relief.

It was fortunate that her cultivation in her past life had broken through Astral Realm to the Spirit Separation Realm, otherwise she really wouldn’t have been able to sense that Elder Zhao hadn’t left yet.

She unclenched her fist to reveal a drop of blood hovering on her palm. Hmph……it wasn’t easy to obtain this drop of blood, she had to make good use of it.

When Ye Chenyuan returned, he’d only just opened the door when Yuan Chu pounced towards him excitedly.

“Little Yuan Yuan, Little Yuan Yuan, that imposter dropped by just now!”

Ye Chenyuan was shocked to hear this and he promptly squatted down to give Yuan Chu a once over as he asked worriedly, “Did he do anything to you? Are you alright?!”

Yuan Chu replied with a smile, “I’m alright! He wouldn’t dare to make a move on me. After all, this is the academy and the principal is still here! However, there was an Astral Realm expert with him, making it difficult for me to do anything.”

Ye Chenyuan’s expression immediately turned ugly, “What did you do to him?”

As if she were presenting a treasure, a drop of blood flew out from Yuan Chu’s hand.

“Weren’t you always uncertain of your identity? I’ve now obtained that imperial grandson’s blood! Now, we only need to use a kite to obtain a drop of blood from that brother of yours that’s still living at Ye family’s old residence, then we’ll be able to determine whether this imperial grandson is a member of the Ye family!”

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