TDCM Chapter 212: Obtaining A Drop Of Blood

Ye Tianxu smiled when he heard this, but then he thought of something and said rather awkwardly, “It’s a pity that you already have a fiance?”

Yuan Chu’s expression immediately turned ugly as she said vexedly, “He……you can ignore him.”

Ye Tianxu pressed her, “Why? You don’t seem to……like him very much?”

Yuan Chu revealed a conflicted expression as she played the part of a white lotus who wanted to have two lovers at the same time, “That’s not it, he’s very good to me and I also……am quite fond of him but he obviously cannot compare to you. You have the bearing of a celestial being, a talent among men!”

She’d grossed herself out with these words. Although this Ye Tianxu was fairly good looking, but when it came to attractiveness, Ye Chenyuan would crush him a hundred times alright?! But she had to endure, he wanted to get some information out of her, but she also had her motives.

Ye Tianxu smiled when he heard this, then he suddenly said, “Then……are you willing to leave him and become my concubine?”


Ye Chenyuan followed Su Yan through multiple doors before they finally arrived at the inner courtyard.

Horrible screams could be heard once he entered the inner courtyard. It turns out that a restriction had been placed on the inner courtyard, it’s no wonder that nothing could be heard from outside. The servants that were passing by made their greetings hastily, if they even did so. Ever since Su Heyue had become like this, they all felt that they were in danger, afraid that the higher-ups would vent their anger on them.

Su Yan knitted his brows and immediately headed towards a building at the North.

Su Heyue was truly living a life worse than death right now. In this period of time, her clan had spent a lot of effort trying to get rid of the bloodthirsty witherbark in her body but the more they tried, the quicker the witherbark grew and the more she suffered.

The current Su Heyue was like a lunatic, and to prevent her from injuring herself, Su Yan had ordered his men to tie her up with dark iron chains.

Ye Chenyuan smelled a very unpleasant smell upon entering but his expression remained unchanged as he followed Su Yan underground.

There was a stone wall cast from black iron that was full of chains, and on the other end of those chains was Su Heyue.

Ye Chenyuan was already mentally prepared but he was still surprised when he saw Su Heyue.

Originally, the bloodthirsty witherbark had only been on her hand, but in just the span of these few days, it had spread to more than half of her upper body and even the right half of her face was full of fibrous roots.

The fibrous roots were writhing frenziedly beneath her skin and it was obvious that they were full of vitality.

At this moment, Su Heyue could no longer cry out. The only reason she’d been so spirited before was because the servants had fed her spirit pills, but after a round of heart-rending cries, she was exhausted and hung her head with her long hair in a mess.

Su Yan couldn’t bear to see his own daughter in this state and he let out a sigh as he said to Ye Chenyuan, “You said that you have a way, give it a try.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded and walked to stand in front of Su Heyue. There was a flash of lightning on his palm, then the exhausted Su Heyue suddenly let out a scream, but before Su Yan could stop Ye Chenyuan, he realised that the white fibrous roots that had been writhing about had now stopped moving.

Su Heyue had also lost consciousness.

So fast? It’d actually only taken one try?!

Su Yan looked at Ye Chenyuan suspiciously, but Ye Chenyuan didn’t hesitate to say, “Master Su, can I have a word with you?”

Then they came back up from the underground floor.

“Master Su must be feeling doubtful about how I happen to know the method to suppress the bloodthirsty witherbark. However, the bloodthirsty witherbark really isn’t something that I’m able to get my hands on.”

Despite saying this, there wasn’t the slightest trace of inferiority on his face. He then handed Su Yan a book that had records of the bloodthirsty witherbark as he said earnestly.

“This is a book I’ve recently found in the academy. Master Su can take a look at it, then you’ll understand how horrible the bloodthirsty witherbark is. It’s a demon plant that had been wiped out tens of thousands of years ago, and in order to raise it, one will need to have a plant controlling demon mark on their hand.”

He showed Su Yan his hands, “Anyway, Master Su can think about it. I’m only here for the Su family’s reward and although I have some skills, I can’t be certain that I’ll be able to get rid of the bloodthirsty witherbark.”

“Something that’s so powerful……only major clans will be able to raise it. If Master Su has the time to suspect me, why don’t you think about who would want to harm the Su family. After all, Lady Su is the one that’s hurt now, but we won’t know about tomorrow.”

Saying this, he took his leave without waiting for Master Su’s reply. Master Su didn’t stop him, the book was still in his hand as he thought over Ye Chenyuan’s words. Could there still be more of the bloodthirsty witherbark? What if he was also infected one day?!

On his way out, there was a trace of a smile on Ye Chenyuan’s banished immortal like face.

He believed that once the Su family realises how powerful the bloodthirsty witherbark is, they’ll start to feel threatened. After all, infection meant that one was doomed so the Su family will definitely investigate into who the mastermind was.

And when the mastermind sees that the matter with the bloodthirsty witherbark had been blown up, he’ll definitely become restless and by then, he’ll be able to find out who was the one that harmed master!


“Really?!” Yuan Chu froze for a moment as she revealed an excited expression, but she soon let out a ‘hmph’, “But that Gu Qingke is so hateful, I don’t want to share a husband with her!”

Ye Tianxu seemed not to have expected this reaction of Yuan Chu’s, and he couldn’t refrain from asking, “Then what do you want?”

Yuan Chu narrowed her eyes as she said greedily, “I’m so good looking, my husband must take me as his only wife.”

She gave Ye Tianxu a meaningful look, “If you can’t do that, then……I can only say that we’re not meant to be.”

Ye Tianxu sneered, so she’s a greedy one.

But Ye Tianxu obviously couldn’t say that he won’t marry Gu Qingke, so the room fell silent.

The silence made Yuan Chu feel a little awkward so she stood up, “I’ll go prepare some tea!”

Then she ran into the kitchen.

Ye Tianxu looked at her back figure as he was lost in his thoughts. The more foolish this woman was, the easier it’ll be for him to make use of her. He needed to keep her where she was.

So when Yuan Chu came back out from the kitchen, Ye Tianxu had already regained his smile. However, Yuan Chu suddenly fell.

Without a second thought, Ye Tianxu moved to catch her but it was at this moment that he felt a pain in his finger and he quickly pushed Yuan Chu away.

“What is that you have on you?!” It’d actually pierced through his shield!

Having been pushed away, Yuan Chu appeared very innocent, “What’s wrong?”

She looked down at herself, then she said rather annoyedly, “This……it’s all my fiance’s fault! Because I’m too good looking, he’d given me a defensive spirit tool to guard against any attempts others might make on me. It’s called ‘Needle Clothing’, it’ll be fine if it comes into contact with a hand but it’ll automatically strike back when a body touches it. Just now……did it hurt you?”

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