TDCM Chapter 211: The Imperial Grandson’s Visit

The two parted ways at the entrance, but Yuan Chu left with eggy in her arms. It’s reaction had gotten more intense recently, it looked like the little White Dragon was about to hatch!

With the egg in her arms, Yuan Chu was thinking about how long more her White Tiger would take to grow. It wouldn’t still have yet to recuperate when she was dead, right? That would be too much of a loss to her!

Yuan Chu was humming a tune as she walked back, only to freeze when she opened the door, because beside her pink round side table sat a young man……


When Ye Chenyuan arrived at the Su family, they didn’t snub him like Venerable Li had thought when they heard that he was Ye Chenyuan. Instead, they were especially enthusiastic.

“You’re that rank four alchemist that hasn’t reached sixteen yet? You’re young and talented indeed! It’s admirable! Please wait a moment, I’ll inform them of your arrival at once!”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, it was clear that he’d expected this kind of welcome.

Sure enough, with his identity as a student of the number one academy and a rank four alchemist, the Pill Sect’s head took some time out of his busy schedule to meet with him.

“You’re saying that……you have a way to control the bloodthirsty witherbark?”

The Su family’s head is Su Yan, a rough looking middle-aged man. He measured Ye Chenyuan with his gaze, feeling a little regretful. He’d thought that Ye Chenyuan was here to join the Pill Sect.

The Pill Sect existed to gather and provide support for some high ranked alchemists. They differed from the Alchemy Association in that the Alchemy Association could be found everywhere and its members consisted of every rank of alchemist.

On the other hand, the Su family only revered alchemists above rank four, to achieve their goal of monopolising all the top-grade medicinal pills.

Therefore, although the Su family and the Alchemy Association had a work relationship, they were also competitors. This time around, his wife had brought out a high ranked alchemist who subsequently died from Qi deviation. This matter had drawn the ire of many of their revered alchemists. As a result, he’d already put Gu Danhong under house arrest but he still wanted to keep Su Heyue. If she could be treated, she would still be a young and talented individual.

It’s just that……she couldn’t compare to the young man in front of him……

Ye Chenyuan bent over in a greeting, then he said with a smile, “For the time being, I still can’t confirm if it can be controlled. I’ll only know after I take a look at her, would Master Su be willing to let me have a try?”

Su Yan drummed his fingers on the armrest. In order to cover up the matter of how she’d killed Liu Zhan herself, Gu Danhong didn’t mention that Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu had also been present, otherwise what would she do if the Alchemy Association went to question them and she was exposed?

However, Su Heyue was in extreme pain and she kept saying that it was Mu Qingge who had harmed her, so Su Yan who had already looked into Mu Qingge felt a little hesitant. Unexpectedly, he’d yet to make a move when the other party’s fiance had come to visit.

He frowned as he said, “To be honest, my daughter has said that her hand is in this state because of your fiancee’s doing, so how can I trust you?”

Ye Chenyuan’s lips hooked up slightly, “If it was really my wife[1] that did it, I would be trying to avoid suspicion and I wouldn’t be standing here right now.”

Ye Chenyuan’s words made sense, and because Su Yan truly didn’t have any other way, plus Ye Chenyuan was also a student of the number one academy, so with this reputation right there, he finally agreed.

“Alright, follow me in to take a look at her……it’s just that, her current condition is rather unusual, you……should prepare yourself mentally.”


Meanwhile, Yuan Chu had already placed eggy into her sea of consciousness. She crossed her arms as she looked at the young man in front of her, asking unhappily.

“Who are you? Why are you in my house?”

Although she appeared bossy, she had actually tensed up a little because the young man in front of her had an Astral Realm expert protecting him in secret!

With this, it seemed like she was about to uncover his identity.

The young man was rather good looking, his clothes were very luxurious, his face was quite thin and his eyes were long and slender. However, his gaze was very cold as he looked at others, giving Yuan Chu a bad first impression of him.

He was also sizing Yuan Chu up, then he gave her a small smile and stood up.

“My apologies, I’m Ye Tianxu, you might have heard of me before.”

“The Ye family name?” Yuan Chu feigned surprise, “You’re the imperial grandson?!”

Then her expression became one of flattery, “So it’s you! Aren’t you usually not at the academy? Besides, why are you looking for me? Where’s your servants?”

She appeared to be pleasantly surprised and honest, and this made Ye Tianxu start to deliberate. He lowered his voice and said with a smile.

“I’m here……to apologise on my fiancee’s behalf. Her carelessness had caused you to suffer. Because this is a private matter, I’ve come here alone and I hope that you’ll forgive me for coming here so boldly.”

Yuan Chu pouted when she heard this, “So you’re here for Gu Qingke!”

But she then thought of something and kept away the angry look on her face as she said enviously, “Your highness, you’re so gentle, Gu Qingke really……hmph, she doesn’t deserve you!”

Everyone liked hearing praise, and even the scheming Ye Tianxu was no different.

Seeing that Yuan Chu didn’t seem to be faking any of this, he thought that she was the kind of girl that had a simple nature and his mood relaxed slightly.

“With her physique, Qingke needs me. Without me, she will die. So, for the sake of her physique, I……I’ll just think of it as maintaining both family’s friendship with this engagement.”

He had said this with a regretful tone, and with his gaze falling on Yuan Chu again and again, she almost misunderstood that he’d taken a fancy to her.

“So that’s how it is? Your highness, you’ve sacrificed your own interest for the sake of others, it’s too hard on you!”

She paused before saying with a frown, “I quite dislike her, but since your highness has already come here to plead on her behalf……I’ll let her off. Your highness, you’re such a good person!”

Her eyes were filled with a yearning and the words she said were also especially sweet.

Ye Tianxu thought to himself that this girl wasn’t that foolish after all, she’s even thinking of climbing the social ladder. This was fine too, it’ll be easier for him to get some information out of her.

So, he reached out to hold Yuan Chu’s hand and led her to sit by the table.

In that moment, Yuan Chu only felt like a poisonous snake had climbed onto her hand but she didn’t reveal any of this disgust and only stared at his hand with a happy and silly expression on her face.

Ye Tianxu had taken in all of Yuan Chu’s minute actions and confirmed that she was very interested in him……or perhaps in this identity of his. Without him realising it, his smile became even gentler.

Yuan Chu started to hold her breath once she sat down and her face soon turned red. As a result, Ye Tianxu only saw Yuan Chu blushing as she withdrew her hand nervously. He had no idea that it was actually dislike.

“Your highness……is there anything else?”

Yuan Chu didn’t look at his face. There was an embarrassed look on her face.

Hearing this, Ye Tianxu said in a gentle voice, “There’s nothing else, it’s just that……I didn’t expect that after not coming to the academy for such a long time, such a wonderful person like you would be here. It’s making me want to stay here a little longer.”

Yuan Chu was internally ridiculing his method of harassment, but she said shyly, “It’s alright, you can stay if you want to, however long is fine. I……I don’t have any plans.”

1. Yes he said ‘wife’, I even double checked the dictionary and this word only has one meaning. Wife.

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  1. hehe yuan chu is surprisingly good at manipulation, I hope that shady ‘imperial grandson’ is in her grasp soon


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