TDCM Chapter 207: I Was Born For Your Sake

At Ye Chenyuan’s words, everyone except Su Heyue fell strangely silent.

An already panicked Gu Danhong mumbled, “But I……don’t have any more revitalisation pills……”

Mu Qinghan closed his eyes and said to his mother, “Mother, I don’t want to marry Su Heyue, let’s break off the verbal engagement here.”

Saying this, he turned and left. As if she was just beginning to see the light, Madam Mu looked at Su Heyue who’d gotten into this situation out of nowhere, and hearing her miserable shrieks, she walked to Gu Danhong with slightly weak steps.

She hastily stuffed a bottle into her hands.

“Madam Mu, you’ve also heard it. My Han’er wants to break off this engagement. Consider this revitalisation pill as the Mu family’s compensation to the Su family. You……can do with it as you please!”

She didn’t dare to stay here any longer so she left quickly. Su Heyue is in such a terrible state after being a parasitic host to something, what if it also attaches itself to her?

Gu Danhong was in a daze as she held the pill bottle in her hand. Their purpose in coming today was to let Mu Qinghan see Mu Qingge’s true colours, it was to destroy Mu Qingge!

But in the end, Mu Qingge was fine, yet she’d killed someone, and her daughter had become a parasitic host to something. Even the engagement……was also gone……

She looked at her daughter who was writhing on the ground, in so much pain that she wished she were dead. Hearing her hoarse screams, she was at a loss as she held the revitalisation pill.

She had hesitated the first time, but it was simpler the second time. With Su Heyue’s pleading, Gu Danhong’s expression was frozen as she picked up the dagger once more.

The dagger’s glint reflected against Gu Danhong who was covered in blood, as if it were illuminating a malicious spirit.

This time, Ye Chenyuan couldn’t be bothered to watch and he embraced Yuan Chu in a princess carry before heading outside.

Yuan Chu was very quiet as she lay obediently in his embrace. It wasn’t clear what she was thinking about.

The Mu residence’s people didn’t dare to stop them and they only watched as Ye Chenyuan left with Yuan Chu.

Then, another blood-curdling scream came from the courtyard. That sound was terrifying and it made one’s hair stand on end.

At the moment, Liu Zhan was still lying in the courtyard with no one coming to collect his corpse, and after Su Heyue’s blood-curdling scream came Gu Danhong’s wails. That sound was one of utter despair, making the people outside the courtyard tremble with fear, not to mention secretly taking a look……

After exiting the Mu residence, Ye Chenyuan had yet to calm down. If it weren’t for master’s hand, he would’ve preferred to kill those two right away.

He turned his head to look at the magnificent and imposing Mu residence behind him, and for the first time in his life, he longed for the identity of imperial grandson. If he had power, would these people have dared to scheme against master like that? They wouldn’t!

So, besides getting stronger, he also needed power!

Because if he wanted to protect someone, he needed to be omnipotent!


Upon returning to the academy, Ye Chenyuan placed Yuan Chu on the bed. He didn’t leave and instead stayed by her side.

At this moment, Yuan Chu had already calmed down fully. Although the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense was still affecting her, she was able to suppress it by using a large portion of her spiritual energy.

Having transformed back to her own appearance, Yuan Chu appeared rather exhausted.

Her eyes were still a dark red colour and she lay on the bed with both hands clutching onto her blankets tightly. Her face that still had some baby fat on it was looking rather worriedly towards Ye Chenyuan who had laid down beside her.

“Little Yuan Yuan, are you very angry? Actually……I’d already been very careful.”

She couldn’t tell what he was feeling from his expression. His exquisite face was tense but his voice was even gentler than usual.

“I know……”

He gave her face a pinch and said earnestly, “Master, you don’t have to blame yourself. It’s hard to guard against bad people. Everything’s good as long as you’re alright.”

Ye Chenyuan was glad that master had beaten up that person till he was on the brink of death. Otherwise, if master had acted according to their wishes, being……he thinks that he’d probably go insane.

Yuan Chu shrunk inside the blanket and hid half her face as she looked at him fixedly, “Then are you still angry?”

Ye Chenyuan pursed his lips before finally saying, “I’m angry.”

Yuan Chu’s gaze immediately became pitiful. That miserable expression of hers was fully expressed with just her eyes. Ye Chenyuan couldn’t help himself and he burrowed into the blanket to hug her.

“I’m angry at those people, they were too evil. I keep feeling like a mere bloodthirsty witherbark is letting them off too lightly.”

Yuan Chu was relieved to hear this, but she still had to apologise even if Ye Chenyuan wasn’t angry at her. If not for Ye Chenyuan’s wits, today’s incident won’t be resolved that easily. So she turned her head to face him, her large eyes carrying a trace of nervousness.

“I’m sorry, Little Yuan Yuan. But I promise to be very careful next time!”

Her hands were clenched into little fists and as she said this, she raised them to show her determination.

Ye Chenyuan smiled gloomily and reached out to hold her fist.

“You must remember what you’ve said, nothing must happen to you next time.”

Yuan Chu nodded her head, but then she thought of something and she lowered her head defeatedly, nestling back into the blankets as she said in a muffled voice, “Little Yuan Yuan……have I failed as a master? I keep causing trouble and I even implicated you……”

She felt even more of a failure the more she thought about it and her red eyes appeared even redder, as adorable and pitiful as a little rabbit.

Ye Chenyuan’s heart instantly melted from the cuteness and the evil aura that had appeared because of those detestable people vanished into thin air.

He reached out to touch Yuan Chu’s face. They were facing each other as they lay on the bed and they were very close under the covers.

“Master, I like it when you cause trouble.”

“Eh? Why?” Yuan Chu looked at him confusedly. If she keeps causing trouble, wouldn’t it be very troublesome for him?

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes were filled with smiles as he said softly.

“Because you look very adorable when you’re causing trouble.”

“R-Really?” Yuan Chu expressed her disbelief.

But Ye Chenyuan nodded his head vigorously, “Really. Besides, a disciple that doesn’t know how to handle matters isn’t a good disciple. I was born for your use……do you believe me?”

That handsome face closed in again and together with that silky voice, Yuan Chu felt a little giddy. Her adorable large eyes were fixed on Ye Chenyuan unblinkingly and she suddenly realised that her face was slightly hot.

As if he’d been bewitched, Ye Chenyuan wanted to give Yuan Chu’s chubby cheeks a bite.

Then in the next second, a small chubby hand reached out and pressed against his face.

Yuan Chu bit on her lower lip as she said earnestly, “I think there’s something that we have to discuss.”

Ye Chenyuan gave her a confused look.

“You’re not to lean in so close when you’re speaking next time. You’re now sixteen, you’re already a big child, you have to keep some distance!”

Yuan Chu’s face was red. She definitely won’t admit that it’s because Ye Chenyuan’s visuals were too destructive. In her last life, she’d already looked at this face for two hundred years and knew that it was handsome, but she never knew that it was this good looking! So hateful!

The threatening gestures that Yuan Chu was making was just like an angry kitten that was trying to make itself look fierce.

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