TDCM Chapter 206: There’s Nothing He Cannot Do

After finding out that she’d killed a very important person, various thoughts had flashed through Yuan Chu’s mind, like immediately bringing Ye Chenyuan away, or thinking of a way to break off hers and Ye Chenyuan’s relationship on the surface so that he wouldn’t be implicated by this while she resolved things herself.

But right now, as she looked at how Ye Chenyuan hadn’t hesitated to stand in front of her and help her clean up the mess, for the first time in her life, that resolute back figure gave her a feeling of being carefully protected by someone.

He was only sixteen but it seemed like he could do anything for her sake……

After settling all these matters, Ye Chenyuan’s gaze swept past everyone present. It would be the Mu family and Su family’s job to make sure that none of this got out.

Having killed someone, Gu Danhong looked at her hands that were covered in blood. She felt very unhappy no matter how she thought about it. She’d only wanted to harm a little girl, why did it end with her killing someone?

Once she’s discovered, will she still be alive? Even if it isn’t discovered, others now have something on her and this made her feel nervous and uneasy, like having a fishbone stuck in her throat.

Her eyes then landed on Yuan Chu.

“It’s all your fault, you evil creature! If it weren’t for you, how would I have killed someone? You’ll pay for this!”

Saying this, she rushed towards Yuan Chu.

Inside the Dragon Shield, Yuan Chu narrowed her eyes at her and that intangible killing intent abruptly soared. This made Gu Danhong’s scalp tingle……her legs went soft before she could even reach Yuan Chu.

Ye Chenyuan had rushed to Yuan Chu’s side at the very first moment and seeing that Gu Danhong was unrepentant, he narrowed his eyes and in the next second, Su Heyue let out a horrible shriek.

“Ah! It hurts!”

Everyone looked towards the back, and seeing that Su Heyue was hiding so far away, they all felt contempt for her.

Although they didn’t know the events behind today’s incident, they had an idea of what had happened.

They didn’t know why Gu Danhong had created trouble deliberately, but it definitely had something to do with Su Heyue. However, when her mother was forced to kill someone, Su Heyue had hidden far away as if she didn’t want to be involved. This was utterly disappointing.

However cold-blooded Su Heyue was, Gu Danhong’s feelings were true and seeing that her daughter was in pain, she ran over worriedly, “My dear daughter, how are you feeling?”

It was so painful that Su Heyue couldn’t speak and she raised her hand as she screamed desperately.

Everyone saw those terrible fibrous roots that were bulging from Su Heyue’s hand. The fibrous roots divided rapidly and instantly enveloped the flesh and blood beneath her skin.

Ye Chenyuan hugged Yuan Chu wordlessly. To the side, Mu Qinghan’s eyes were wide open.

“It’s the bloodthirsty witherbark!”

He glanced at Yuan Chu and opened his mouth but didn’t say anything.

Gu Danhong was extremely worried. She hugged Su Heyue as she promptly asked him, “What bloodthirsty witherbark?!”

Mu Qinghan pursed his lips and didn’t say anything, but Ye Chenyuan said in a soft voice.

“Bloodthirsty witherbark? I’ve heard of it before. That thing will grow as a parasite inside one’s body and it’ll slowly feed on the body. There’s no way to get rid of it.”

Gu Danhong didn’t believe Ye Chenyuan. How could there possibly exist something that couldn’t be eliminated? But with Su Heyue’s subsequent miserable shrieks, she didn’t have time to care about anything else.

“Mother! It hurts! Quick save me!”

Su Heyue wasn’t Yuan Chu, she didn’t have the Vajra Shield, so the bloodthirsty witherbark was now growing within her body, making her feel so much pain that she wished she were dead.

She was crying her heart out as she grabbed onto Gu Danhong’s hand, her nails digging right into her flesh.

“Waah! It hurts! Mother……quick save me, save me!”

But Gu Danhong didn’t know how to help her. Although Madam Mu didn’t like Gu Danhong anymore, she couldn’t just watch as something happened to a member of the Su family in her house. So she got her men to bring over various medicinal pills that could expel insects. Without a second thought, Gu Danhong got Su Heyue to eat them.

Once those medicinal pills were absorbed, Su Heyue’s cries became even more miserable. She writhed about on the ground in pain, and in such a short period of time, the bloodthirsty witherbark had grown from her palm to her wrist.

“Argh!! Mother, mother! Quick help me cut off my hand! Quick cut it off!”

How could Gu Danhong bear to cut off her own daughter’s hand? She was about to go insane from worry! She then moved to give Su Heyue more pills.

Ye Chenyuan covered Yuan Chu’s ears with both hands and a spiritual light flashed in his hands, blocking out the disturbances. In any case, it was the bloodthirsty witherbark’s instincts to retaliate the more it’s provoked. The more pills Su Heyue ate the better.

Finally, it was Mu Qinghan who couldn’t bear to watch this any longer and he said with a frown, “Don’t give her any more. We’ve already said that that’s the witherbark, not an insect, it’s no use giving her these medicinal pills.”

“Then what should we do?!” Gu Danhong was frightened out of her wits, and seeing that Ye Chenyuan was watching all these at the side, she suddenly yelled out, “I’ve got it! You must’ve done something right? Remove the thing on Heyue’s hand! Hurry!”

Before she could approach him, Ye Chenyuan used the Dragon Shield to keep her out before he said calmly.

“You have to understand that I’d been helping you with the cover up just now. Who would have the time to care about her? I think you’d better listen to her and cut off her hand, then use the revitalisation pill to save her.”

Ye Chenyuan’s words were clearly a trap but Mu Qinghan didn’t expose him. Hearing this, Su Heyue also cried as she pleaded.

“Mother! Quick cut off my hand, quick!”

How could Gu Danhong bear to do that? But Su Heyue was pleading with her! In such matters, she could only ask her own mother because others would definitely stay out of it.

Seeing that her daughter was in so much pain that her entire body had turned red, Gu Danhong couldn’t take it anymore so she gritted her teeth resolutely.

“Heyue, heyue please hang in there. Mother will come save you now.”

Saying this, she took the dagger she’d just murdered someone with and grabbed onto Su Heyue’s infected hand before resolutely chopping down on it.

There was a blood-curdling scream and Su Heyue fainted. Gu Danhong didn’t look at the severed hand and she hastily pried open her mouth before feeding her the revitalisation pill.

There was a flash of green light, and seeing that the medicinal pill had worked, Gu Danhong heaved a huge sigh of relief. Gu Danhong thought that this matter had been settled but when she saw Su Heyue’s newly regrown hand, she jumped straight up like she’d just seen a ghost.

“What’s going on?!”

They watched as the white fibrous roots grew all over Su Heyue’s newly regrown hand, spreading upwards till they covered her forearm.

The pain woke Su Heyue right up. Her eyes were hollow and her entire body was soaked in the cold sweat she’d broken out into. When she saw the state she was in, she wished she could faint again.

“Mother……what’s going on right now!” Her face was very pale and her eyes were filled with fear.

Gu Danhong didn’t know either. Frightened out of her wits, she rushed to explain, “I-I don’t know! I’d already cut it off but it still grew out again……”

It was at this moment that Ye Chenyuan suddenly let out a laugh. That laugh was very unexpected so everyone looked over.

There was a meaningful look on his banished immortal like face and his elegant voice was rather bewitching.

“I think, you probably didn’t cut off enough so its roots weren’t cut off? If you start from her shoulder, the witherbark will definitely be cut off.”

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