TDCM Chapter 205: Inciting Reprisal

Finally free from Ye Chenyuan’s control, the white fibrous root burrowed into Su Heyue’s finger like a worm. It soon disappeared, and feeling the pain in her finger, Su Heyue raised her hand to take a look at it, only to see that there wasn’t anything on it.

“What are you doing?!” Madam Mu gave Gu Danhong a strange look, “You’re the one that invited him here, don’t you want to save him?”

Gu Danhong looked at Liu Zhan who was lying on the ground lifelessly and she said with a pale face, “He became like this while in the Mu residence. Will he hold a grudge against us when he regains consciousness?”

At this moment, it was no longer important who had caused Liu Zhan to become like that, because they all felt that Yuan Chu would have to pay for it. The most important point was, how were they going to clear themselves of any involvement?

This incident had happened at the Mu residence. If the Mu residence is unable to clear itself of any involvement, her husband will definitely be very angry when the Alchemy Association comes to ask for an explanation.

As for Gu Danhong, it goes without saying that once Liu Zhan regains consciousness, she’ll be the first on his list. That’s because she had been the one who enticed him to come here and also the one that instigated him to make a move on Yuan Chu. So why would she save an enemy?

A moment after the air fell silent, Madam Mu suddenly said, “No way, he cannot die here!”

Madam Mu’s thinking was simple. As long as this person leaves the Mu residence alive, none of this would have anything to do with her. So she retrieved a medicinal pill and moved to feed it to him.

But how could Gu Danhong be willing? She immediately made a grab for the medicinal pill in Madam Mu’s hand, “No! He must not regain consciousness. Do you think that he won’t hate the Mu family if he leaves this place alive? Besides being a member of the Pill Sect, he’s also a member of the Alchemy Association and the Association’s president is his older brother! Do you think that they’ll let you off?”

The two former “best friends” started arguing in front of everyone and both of them had ugly expressions on their faces.

Madam Mu said in a loud voice, “What do you mean by this? Are you not going to save this person?”

Hearing this, Gu Danhong opened her mouth but not a word came out. She hadn’t managed to harm the person she had targeted but ended up hurting someone of high status. She’d long started to panic and didn’t know what to do.

All this while, Ye Chenyuan had just been like an onlooker and after he was done watching this show, he finally said with a sneer.

“It’s very simple. You can first feed him a grade five bone casting pill to cast his bones before killing him. I can help you all by putting some demonic energy into him, so you’ll just have to say that he was cultivating in his room when he suddenly suffered a Qi deviation and died. In this way, all of you can clear yourselves of any involvement.”

The entire courtyard fell silent at Ye Chenyuan’s words. Madam Mu gave it a thought. If this person suffered a Qi deviation in her courtyard and died from his Nascent Soul exploding, although their family will still be implicated, she’ll be saved from a lot of trouble. At the very least, it was the other party who had come looking for her and their family had only failed to look after a guest.

Gu Danhong also thought about it. If Liu Zhan died from “Qi deviation”, although she’d still be scolded by her husband, she hadn’t done anything wrong by bringing him out to examine a patient. After all, who would’ve known that he would die? In this way, she would be able to clear herself of any involvement.

It’s just that, wasn’t this too convenient for Mu Qingge and Ye Chenyuan!

Gu Danhong gritted her teeth and looked at Ye Chenyuan as she said, “You’re asking us to suppress this murder incident and say that it was an accident? Not so easy! Mu Qingge has killed someone, she has to pay for it with her life!”

Ye Chenyuan sneered when he heard this, “The reason why Qingge had lost her mind, and how she was able to kill a Nascent Soul as a mere Golden Core, if you want to stir up trouble, I do not mind involving the Alchemy Association and letting them investigate.”

His smile gradually disappeared and his gaze became even colder, “I’m afraid that when a certain someone’s scheme is uncovered, their end will be even more tragic than what I previously said, and the Mu family will also be implicated. As long as you’re not afraid, what do I have to be afraid of?!”

When he said this, Gu Danhong fell silent. As long as Liu Zhan was alive, she wouldn’t be able to escape his revenge. It now seems like she could only go along with what Ye Chenyuan had said and turn this into an accident?

When Madam Mu heard that there was a scheme involved, she was just about to speak when her son stopped her.

Mu Qinghan didn’t expect things to turn out like that in such a short period of time. Clearly, someone had tried to harm Yuan Chu but ended up dying. Serves him right!

So he said, “Mother, don’t say anything else! We’ll do as he said, this is the best way to resolve this.”

Saying this, he bent over to give Liu Zhan a bone casting pill. Upon ingesting this medicinal pill, Liu Zhan’s body immediately swelled up.

With a wave of Ye Chenyuan’s hand, a dagger struck into the ground beside Gu Danhong’s feet, giving her a scare.

She looked up to see Ye Chenyuan chuckle, “What are you standing around for? Are you waiting for him to wake up and send a message asking for help? If you’re going to do it, then hurry up!”

Gu Danhong panicked, “Why do I have to be the one to do it, isn’t it the same if you do it?!”

Ye Chenyuan smiled fearlessly, “It’s fine if you don’t do it. We’ll wait for him to wake up before heading to the Alchemy Association to settle this.”

When Gu Danhong heard this, she knew that Ye Chenyuan wouldn’t do it so she looked towards the others. However, not one person from the Mu household was near her and even her former best friend Madam Mu was looking at her with a cold gaze.

On the floor, Liu Zhan started to spasm and he started making “ah ah” sounds. They had given him the bone casting pill to mend his bones but it also had some healing effect so he would be awakening soon.

Once he regains consciousness, the first thing he’d do would be to send a message to ask someone for help.

They couldn’t drag this out any longer!

Gu Danhong gritted her teeth and bent over to pull out the dagger. She looked up again helplessly, hoping that someone would help her. However, everyone was indifferent and even her own daughter had hidden far away behind a tree, not daring to even pop her head out. This time, she could only do it herself.

As she was hesitating, Liu Zhan’s eyelids moved and he suddenly opened his eyes.

Gu Danhong got a shock, but at the same time, she hardened her resolve and plunged the dagger into Liu Zhan’s chest.

Blood splattered everywhere. She froze for a moment after she stabbed him, but as if some hatred had been triggered, she pulled out the dagger before stabbing him a few more times.

It was this good-for-nothing’s fault, he can’t even deal with a Golden Core and was now causing trouble for her. Good-for-nothing! Good-for-nothing!

As if she’d gone crazy, she stabbed him another ten plus times and it wasn’t until Mu Qinghan stepped forward to give her a kick that she fell to the ground with blood all over her.

Liu Zhan was already dead and his eyes were fixed on Gu Danhong. There was confusion in his eyes, like he didn’t understand why she would kill him.

Mu Qinghan then stepped forward and applied good quality medicinal powder to Liu Zhan’s injuries and his wounds disappeared. Ye Chenyuan also kept his promise and emptied a bottle of demonic energy into Liu Zhan’s body.

Yuan Chu had seen all these and she didn’t know what to feel about it……

I fell asleep while editing last night.
But here it is now.

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