TDCM Chapter 204: I’m Here For You

Yuan Chu froze at these words that Ye Chenyuan had said without the slightest hesitation.

This feeling……it was like someone giving you a hand when you’re in a dark abyss.

The kind of despair whereby your life is hanging by a thread, and the hope after being rescued caused Yuan Chu’s rational to come back.

Then, Ye Chenyuan could sense that the murderous aura that was emanating from Yuan Chu was rising and falling, as if she were fighting within herself.

Venerable Li quickly said, “Little Yuan, quick! That man has the Soul Bewitching Incense on him, that scent will agitate Yuan Chu, quick remove it.”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan immediately reached out to search for it and found a pile of red powder at his waist. With a swipe of his hand, he wiped off the powder and kept it away.

Almost at the same time that the powder vanished, Yuan Chu’s trembling body quieted down in his embrace and her hair that had been strangely dancing in the air now hung down her back.

The oppressive force was still present but her eyes were closed and she looked like an obedient child.

The 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense had an effect on Nascent Souls but the effect will be weaker than in people with lower cultivations. If not for the Soul Bewitching Incense, Yuan Chu wouldn’t have lost all reason and beat up the person till he was in this state.

“Master, are you feeling better? Master?”

Ye Chenyuan’s nervous voice sounded beside her ear. When Yuan Chu reopened her eyes, that scalp tingling killing intent was still present but her slightly reddened eyes were looking at him innocently. Right now in Ye Chenyuan’s embrace, she was tiny and weak.

“I’m sorry, Little Yuan Yuan……”

Her body was tense due to fear and despite clearly being a killing machine, she was extremely helpless right now. Afraid of accidentally hurting him, her voice was hoarse as she said.

“I’m sorry, I’ve caused trouble again……”

She’d already been very careful. Seeing that Su Heyue didn’t leave the area, that she was just going to talk to her in the courtyard that was just ten steps away, she wasn’t afraid of any possible unforeseen circumstances because she could rely on her cultivation.

But she had ended up killing a rank five alchemist. Rank five alchemists were rare and this matter won’t be settled so easily. They were revered by the imperial family, and now that one had died, not just the Pill Sect, but even the imperial family will hold them accountable.

But once this incident is revealed, it’ll become even more difficult for Ye Chenyuan to bring down the imperial grandson.

At this thought, Yuan Chu felt incredibly guilty and her face turned pale.

But how could Ye Chenyuan blame her? Hugging her tightly, he said fearfully, “As long as you’re alright……as long as you’re alright!”

Only the heavens will know how he’d felt the moment he sensed that Yuan Chu was shut inside the Bell of Fortune.

Now that he’d lost and found her again, he wished he could tie her to himself so that they would not be separated ever again.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan didn’t blame her, the killing intent and hatred that was emerging from Yuan Chu gradually faded away and she nestled her face against his chest affectionately.

Ye Chenyuan suppressed the evil aura that was surging from the bottom of his heart and he asked her in the gentlest voice.

“Who was the one that drugged you?”

Yuan Chu paused before replying in a soft voice, “It’s Su Heyue.”

It’s her again!

Ye Chenyuan gritted his teeth before telling her in a low voice, “Master, don’t worry. I’ll handle this matter. You can rest, I’m here for you, alright?”

Yuan Chu nodded her head obediently. Her listless appearance pained Ye Chenyuan and his anger intensified……

He carried Yuan Chu and placed her down on a nearby rock that was more or less intact. To prevent her state of mind from deteriorating again, Ye Chenyuan shielded her with the Dragon Shield before looking towards the people in the courtyard……

He had yet to get even with them for the previous matter yet they’d already made their move?

Very good, very good!

Because Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu hadn’t spoken very loudly, the people who were still conscious in the courtyard hadn’t heard what they’d said, but seeing that Ye Chenyuan had finally pacified the crazed Yuan Chu, Gu Danhong nervously called out in a low voice, “H-Hurry, save Mister Liu!”

Ye Chenyuan sneered and walked towards Liu Zhan.

In any case, Liu Zhan was still a late stage Nascent Soul so he wasn’t beaten to a pulp by Yuan Chu. However, when Ye Chenyuan squatted down beside him and examined him, he realised that he was already near death. Getting an idea, he secretly poured a bit of spiritual energy into him to keep him alive, and this was all that would do because except for his head, every other bone in his body had been broken. His abdomen had even been beaten by Yuan Chu to the point that his Nascent Soul had been destroyed!

This meant that even if a revitalisation pill was used to save him, his cultivation was gone and his Nascent Soul was destroyed so he’d have to cultivate right from the start again. He could take advantage of this point.

Everyone moved towards Liu Zhan. Gu Danhong had no time for Ye Chenyuan at this moment and she thought nervously: In any case, Liu Zhan is a late stage Nascent Soul. Even if that d*mn girl had used some secret method to defeat him, he should still be fine right?

How was she going to explain things otherwise?!

When she moved closer, Ye Chenyuan said with a sneer, “It’s best that you do not touch him right now. His Nascent Soul has already been destroyed and only the revitalisation pill can save him.”

Gu Danhong was shocked when she heard this. Liu Zhan had actually been injured that severely?! But because this involved a human life, she couldn’t let Liu Zhan die.

So she endured the heartache and retrieved her only revitalisation pill from her interspatial ring.

Everyone’s eyes were on her and just as Gu Danhong was about to feed him the medicinal pill, Ye Chenyuan crossed his arms and chuckled as he asked, “Have you thought this through clearly?”

Gu Danhong froze.

Ye Chenyuan narrowed his eyes as he said coldly, “Even with this revitalisation pill, he won’t be able to recover his cultivation and will have to cultivate from the start. He’ll also no longer be able to refine pills. In other words, you’ll be saving a useless person with this medicinal pill.”

As he said this, he used his soul force to control the bloodthirsty witherbark’s fibrous root to move towards Su Heyue who was hiding far away.

Gu Danhong’s movements paused at Ye Chenyuan’s words.

Although there were many medicinal pills in the world, there were very few that were above grade six and among them, the revitalisation pill was the most difficult to refine. Was it really worth it to save a waste with the pill?

To the side, Madam Mu thought that she was reluctant to give away the pill so she quickly said, “What are you just standing there for? Quick feed it to him! If you can’t bear it, the Mu family will pay for this revitalisation pill.”

Saying this, she grabbed onto Gu Danhong’s hand and moved to feed him the pill but at the very last moment, Gu Danhong kept it back into her space.

She can’t feed it to him. Liu Zhan had a vindictive character and if he learned that it was her scheme that led to him ending up in such a sorry state, he wouldn’t let her off.

Everyone looked at Gu Danhong in confusion when she took multiple steps back. And it was at this moment that behind a large tree, the white fibrous root finally made its way onto a tree trunk and inserted itself into Su Heyue’s finger.

Because she was too tense, and with Ye Chenyuan’s spiritual energy around it, she didn’t realise that something was wrong as her fingers still clung to the tree’s bark.

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