TDCM Chapter 203: I’ll Kill Him For You

Still badly shaken, she yelled at the top of her voice, “Hurry, men, quick stop him! That’s the room that Mister Liu is resting in!”

Once she said this, the three Nascent Soul experts that had been hiding in the shadows made their move at the same time, launching an attack against Ye Chenyuan.

And it was at this moment that Mu Qinghan suddenly stopped them.

“Hold on, she must be inside, none of you are to make a move!”

But how could Madam Mu still care about other things at this moment? Hearing the endless explosions, she lost the reserved manner she should have as the Mu family’s madam as she said in a shrill voice, “Take him down!”

She had just said this when there was a loud sound. The room that the Bell of Fortune had been covering had suddenly exploded.

The exquisite single storey building burst open in all four directions, but because of the immortal tool’s obstruction, it didn’t blow up on them.

Su Heyue who had been watching this passively from the sidelines hugged her mother’s arm excitedly, “Everything’s happening as planned! It’s great that it’s been blasted open! Everyone will then be able to see how shameless that sl*t is! We’ll have a good show this time!”

Gu Danhong sneered at the thought of an irrational Yuan Chu, “Once I think about her doing that kind of thing in front of others unclothed, I feel very amused. There’s many people in this courtyard! We may as well let them all see that lower class people will always be lower classed. They’re lascivious and coquette!”

They looked expectantly towards the room that had burst open, and as the dust gradually settled, they heard a low striking sound. It was the sound of flesh hitting against flesh, could it be……

Ye Chenyuan was the first one to see the situation inside. His pupils contracted and he immediately tensed.


At this moment, Yuan Chu could no longer hear anything and she was sitting on top of a man with a crazed look in her eyes.

Every fist she threw out hit its target.

Liu Zhan was motionless and it wasn’t clear if he was dead or alive, but there was a pool of blood underneath him. A faint golden light was emitting from Yuan Chu’s hands and even with the Bell of Fortune between them, everyone could sense that deep hatred.

Yuan Chu was still in Mu Qingge’s appearance but her long hair hung loosely and her eyes were crimson red. Coupled with her exquisite and charming face, she appeared even more bewitching.

“Master!” Ye Chenyuan struck the Bell of Fortune. Yuan Chu’s hands seemed to pause for a moment, then she lifted her head to look at Ye Chenyuan unfocusedly before she lowered her head and continued to beat up that man. Every punch seemed to have the goal of beating him to a pulp.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this. Finally, it was Gu Danhong who shouted, “What are all of you still standing around for?! Hurry and save him!”

She was feeling extremely fearful. She was the one who had brought him here and everything had been her plan. If everything went smoothly, Liu Zhan would have to remember this favour of hers, but Liu Zhan was now on the verge of being beaten to death! Although she didn’t know how this d*mn girl had done it, if Liu Zhan were to die, she’d also be done for!

After all, rank five alchemists weren’t very common and if she caused the death of one, her husband will definitely skin her!

At this, everyone also seemed to have awakened from a dream as Madam Mu promptly yelled out, “Hurry, hurry, smash open this thing!”

Once she gave this order, the three Nascent Soul experts immediately did their very best to attack the Bell of Fortune. However, because this was an immortal grade magic treasure, it wasn’t possible for them to break it in such a short period of time.

Mu Qinghan had also come over to help. He could see that Yuan Chu’s condition wasn’t quite right, she needed help!

Venerable Li spoke up in Ye Chenyuan’s sea of consciousness, “I can’t be wrong, it’s the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense, she’s been affected by the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense!”

But what Ye Chenyuan didn’t expect was that the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense usually brought out one’s deepest desires.

But master……her deepest obsession was actually hatred?!

How did her tiny body contain such intense hatred? It was so intense that the Blood Mark in his sea of consciousness was about to explode!

Even when Liu Zhan was on the verge of death, Yuan Chu still didn’t let him off, every hit was as if she was hitting someone that she had bitter hatred for.

Moreover, she was unwilling to kill him off just like that, wanting him to remain conscious and feel the pain.

No one was able to do anything to the Bell of Fortune, and only after he felt like that man was already dead did Ye Chenyuan then shout coldly.

“Get out of the way!”

His voice carried a frightening murderous aura and everyone instinctively moved away. Ye Chenyuan then retrieved a sword before following Venerable Li’s guidance from his sea of consciousness to engrave the heaven separation sword technique on his heart.

The heaven separation sword technique that Venerable Li had only consisted of one move, it was a scroll fragment he had obtained. It was very powerful, but because it was incomplete, he hadn’t planned on passing it on to Ye Chenyuan. However, he couldn’t care so much about these right now.

“The birth of chaos, a sword to the heavens and earth.”

Wielding the sword in his hand, Ye Chenyuan pointed it towards the sky and a gold sword energy suddenly emerged from his body. In that moment, even his eyes were gold.

“Heaven separation sword technique, first form: Everlasting Surge!”

Everyone could feel the sword energy that seemed like it could tear someone to shreds and the people near him took multiple steps back when the sword energy agitated their meridians. Those with lower cultivations fainted then and there.

Ye Chenyuan rose into the sky and he seemed to have become a giant golden sword. The blade had an indomitable spirit and it pressed forward with an indomitable will. The moment he swung it downwards, the place was filled with a golden light and everyone closed their eyes.


The sword struck down firmly on the Bell of Fortune. Immortal grade magic treasures had the self-healing ability and under normal circumstances, they’d only stop working temporarily instead of being destroyed.

But at this moment, there was a “hum” and an ear-piercing ring of a bell, then an invisible wave of spiritual energy spread out in all four directions.

In the next second, the Bell of Fortune cracked, before finally turning into nothingness……

Ye Chenyuan had expended most of his energy with this move but he still hurried forward to grab Yuan Chu’s hand.

Yuan Chu hadn’t even lifted her head to look at the Bell of Fortune that had been destroyed and was still viciously beating up the man beneath her. There was the smell of something that she hated on him, a certain womanly fragrance that made her insane.

“Master!” Before Ye Chenyuan’s hand could touch Yuan Chu, Yuan Chu had grabbed onto it.

Yuan Chu stopped what she’d been doing and Ye Chenyuan also saw her appearance……

Her eyes were filled with an insane hatred. But beneath that hatred was despair.

“Are……you here to stop me from killing him?”

Her bright red eyes were fixed on Ye Chenyuan and that killing intent seemed like it would engulf and tear him to shreds in a split second.

Everyone who was still conscious held their breaths when they saw this. After the Bell of Fortune disappeared, the evil aura that was emanating from Yuan Chu was so piercingly cold that it felt real. Their hands and feet felt frozen with just one look, not to mention getting closer.

But in the next second, Ye Chenyuan suddenly embraced Yuan Chu and hugged her very tightly.

His eyes were also very red, but his every word was especially resolute.

“Master, who do you want to kill? I’ll kill him for you!”

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