TDCM Chapter 199: The Overturned Present

After leaving the academy, Yuan Chu was overwhelmed by the hubbub outside. Everything about the Heavenly Continent was good, only that it was too large. Even though they had long lifespans, it wasn’t possible for them to visit every place……

The streets had the same architecture style as the academy, it was the ancient European court style. Because there was competition and social classes in the Empire, their trade flourished and the Empire was more advanced than the Immortal Sects. There were many inventions here that the Immortal Sects didn’t have.

But based on cultivation alone, the cultivation maniacs in the Immortal Sects that withdrew from the world were more ambitious than the Empire. Afterall, they had no desire and cultivated wholeheartedly.

The Mu family was very easy to find because the Mu family’s residence occupied an entire street.

Yuan Chu could only accept this kind of rich man’s practice. She asked Ye Chenyuan.

“Although the Mu family head doesn’t like me, we should go and see him since we were the ones that beat him up. It’s just that……what gift should we bring? We can’t go there empty-handed right?”

Ye Chenyuan said to Yuan Chu, “Master, there’s many things in the Sky Pearl, do you want to go in to take a look?”

Yuan Chu had almost forgotten this. For the three years duration of their tempering, although they’d agreed that the things they found will be split three seven, Yuan Chu’s storage space in her sea of consciousness wasn’t very large so she’d placed it all in Ye Chenyuan’s Sky Pearl.

As she recalled all the things they’d found, Yuan Chu was pleasantly surprised when she realised that she was actually quite wealthy!

She said happily, “You can just pick something out. They’ll certainly lack nothing, we’ll just give them some treasure that can provide nourishment to the body.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, and with a wave of his hand, he retrieved two jade boxes. Yuan Chu scanned it with her divine senses and realised that it was a very precious medicinal ingredient, it was just right for him.

Then they knocked on the door.

When the Mu family’s gatekeeper saw them, he didn’t dare to neglect them and quickly went to pass on the message. Because Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan were wearing the number one academy’s uniform, they’d receive special treatment wherever they went.

Meanwhile, Mu Qinghan was facing troubles at the moment because Su Heyue’s mother had dropped by with Su Heyue and a senior physician whose reputation wasn’t very good.

But because they’d come to visit in the name of seeing the condition of his injury, he couldn’t refuse them.

“Thank you for your concern, I’m alright now.”

Mu Qinghan sat on the bed as he said coldly. He didn’t know what martial technique Ye Chenyuan had used at that time, but his injuries had been very severe and he’d consumed a lot of panaceas before he finally recovered after a few days.

Mu Qinghan’s mother was also present and when she heard this, she scolded, “This child, Aunt Su has specially invited the rank five alchemist and senior physician, Mister Liu to come and take a look at you. Didn’t you say that you’d exhausted your soul before? I don’t believe that you can recover so quickly, don’t leave behind any hidden damage! ”

Mu Qinghan didn’t know how he’d recovered because no one knew how Yuan Chu had managed to save him and he himself wasn’t very clear either. So after giving it some thought, he could only compromise.

“Alright, I’ll have to trouble Mister Liu.”

“It’s no trouble, not a trouble!” The slightly obese Liu Zhan quickly walked towards him. Dressed in luxurious purple robes, he examined Mu Qinghan.

Most rank five alchemists had pretty good cultivation so they were all arrogant.

Liu Zhan didn’t mince his words when talking to Gu Danhong either, but it was different for the person in front of him, he was the Mu family’s young master! If he can curry favour with him, he won’t have to worry about being unable to find treasures. As it so happens, he currently needed the Pill Sect to help him refine the Advancement Pill but he was lacking one very rare medicinal ingredient. He’d searched for it in vain and could only place his hopes on Mu Qinghan now.

As long as he made out Mu Qinghan’s condition to be very serious and “cured” it, wouldn’t he then owe him a favour?

Gu Danhong stood by the side with a sneer. Other alchemists were very difficult to deal with because they didn’t think much of her even though she was the Pill Sect’s mistress.

Only Liu Zhan had a very obvious weakness, making it easy to make use of him.

He had been stuck at late stage Nascent Soul for many years, and because he had obtained his current level of cultivation by constantly boosting it with medicinal pills, those pills didn’t have any effect on his cultivation anymore. The Advancement Pill was his only chance.

However, the medicinal ingredients for the Advancement Pill weren’t easy to find, and when Liu Zhan heard that there was a chance for him to curry favour with the Mu family’s young master, he had come here without raising any objections, making things easy for her.

It was at this moment that someone asked to see Mu Qinghan, “Young master, there’s someone at the door who’s asking to see you, one of them is called Mu Qingge.”

Su Heyue was pretending to be well-behaved at the side and her eyes lit up when she heard this. She’s here!

Mu Qinghan was very happy when he heard that it was Yuan Chu and he quickly said, “Quick, let her in!”

However, Madam Mu wasn’t very happy, “Mu Qingge? Why is it her again! Her people had beaten you up. I have yet to go and find her but she actually dares to come here?”

“Mother!” Mu Qinghan was a little displeased, “If it wasn’t for her, I’d already be dead right now, you’re not to speak of her like that!”

Madam Mu was frustrated with him, “Han’er, you’re too naive! It’s clear that a girl with such a questionable background like her is seeking connections with you! Otherwise, why would she use your name instead of her own? Don’t be deceived by her!”

By the side, Gu Danhong also said with a laugh, “That’s right, girls these days have too many tricks. Young master is too kind-hearted so you believed her.”

Angered, Mu Qinghan was in low spirits when Yuan Chu arrived.

Yuan Chu froze when she saw that there were so many people present, and especially when she saw that Su Heyue was also here, she started to become suspicious.

Seeing this, Ye Chenyuan transmitted his voice to her, “Master, something’s wrong here. Let’s leave after handing over our gift.”

“Alright.” Yuan Chu replied without the slightest hesitation. With the current situation being so strange, it’s very likely that Mu Qinghan hadn’t called her over.

“You’re Mu Qingge?” A female’s displeased voice was heard. A woman dressed in very expensive clothing was looking at Yuan Chu critically.

Mu Qinghan quickly said, “Mother, can all of you please go out for a moment, I want to talk to Mu Qingge alone.”

But Madam Mu refused and walked towards Yuan Chu with a cold expression.

“Han’er had been beaten up by your people yet you still dare to come here? You’re very ambitious indeed!”

Yuan Chu frowned, and after some thought, she placed the box in the lady’s hands as she spoke quickly.

“I’m only here to visit him. Since the Mu family doesn’t welcome me, I’ll just leave. This is for Mu Qinghan, goodbye!”

Who knew that she’d only just handed over the item when Madam Mu immediately threw the two jade boxes to the ground, “What’s this, take it away! The Mu family doesn’t care for this!”

The jade box broke into pieces with a crash. Mu Qinghan’s expression turned ugly and he quickly got off the bed, “Mother, what are you doing?!”

Ye Chenyuan had immediately hid Yuan Chu behind himself and was staring coldly at Madam Mu.

“Since the Mu family doesn’t welcome us, we’ll be leaving now!”

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