TDCM Chapter 192: He’s Mine

At such a tense moment, Ye Chenyuan laughed when he heard her say this and he looked at her with a very gentle expression as he said with a smile.

“Alright, I won’t have any pity for you, that’s what you said.”

Saying this, he severed the fibrous root.

Instantly, Yuan Chu didn’t feel that good anymore. The bloodthirsty witherbark in her hand suddenly awakened and started moving about. Yuan Chu quickly activated her martial technique but her hand was still in unbearable pain. Oh no! It’s backlash was about to be activated!

It was at this moment that Ye Chenyuan quickly grabbed onto her hand and transmitted electric currents to her.

There was a flash of purple light and Yuan Chu let out a soft cry. The bloodthirsty witherbark was stimulated and it started struggling frenziedly.

Because it’d gotten too painful, Yuan Chu could only bite down on Ye Chenyuan’s shoulder as the electric currents washed over her unendingly. Finally, after an unknown amount of time had passed, the witherbark in her hand finally fell dormant again, remaining motionless.

Ye Chenyuan heaved a long sigh of relief. It was fortunate that they hadn’t triggered its backlash.

The severed fibrous root was writhing on the ground as if it were alive. Ye Chenyuan placed it inside a magic treasure and threw it into the Sky Pearl.

Hugging Yuan Chu whose entire body had turned weak because of the electric shock, he applied medicine to her wounds and it wasn’t long before her wound vanished.

Yuan Chu looked at her hand as she said weakly, “It’s finally over, I was about to die……”

Ye Chenyuan felt distressed when he saw her pale face, “It’s alright now, I’m here, you don’t have to be scared.”

Yuan Chu nodded. She felt very happy at the thought that they’d succeeded, that the severed bloodthirsty witherbark was still alive. It’s just that, after the shock she’d received, she wanted to take a look at that thing but felt too weak to do so.

“Little Yuan Yuan……you’re so strong……” Moving her numb fingers, she smiled, “The electrifying feeling was so intense that I felt like I was floating in the air and also like I was about to die.”

Recalling that Gu Qingke was still outside, Ye Chenyuan’s exquisite and bewitching eyes narrowed and he wrapped his arms around a weak Yuan Chu as he asked with a laugh.

“Did……Did that feel good?”

Yuan Chu didn’t know how to phrase it. Ye Chenyuan had controlled the electric currents very well so it wasn’t too difficult to bear. She replied honestly.

“It was very painful at the start but it got better after that. It even felt a little weak and numb, and was actually somewhat comfortable?”

She won’t end up loving the feeling of being electrified right? So scary!

Ye Chenyuan knew with one look at Yuan Chu’s expression that she was imagining nonsense again. Although she currently had a bewitching appearance, her large eyes were watery, making one wish that they could kiss its owner.

Gu Qingke couldn’t listen to this any longer. She had been standing outside for a long time and to prevent them from continuing to do those kinds of things, she gritted her teeth and knocked on the door.

Yuan Chu was startled and wanted to get off of Ye Chenyuan’s body but he spoke into her ear softly, “Master, you’re not feeling too well right now, don’t move. Other people think that we’re currently engaged anyway, you don’t have to worry, you can continue to rest.”

Ye Chenyuan then got Venerable Li to remove the spell and unlock the door.

“Who is it?” Ye Chenyuan asked, knowing full well who it was.

A moment later, Gu Qingke’s somewhat hesitant voice came from outside.

“……Chenyuan gege, i-it’s me.”

Yuan Chu froze. Wasn’t that Gu Qingke? She seems to like Ye Chenyuan, so would it be better if she got off of him? Otherwise, won’t she cause the girl to misunderstand?

But on second thought, the tokens had been handled by Gu Qingke. Although Su Heyue had stepped forward to take the blame, was Gu Qingke really innocent? That might not be so.

At the thought that Gu Qingke might have been an accomplice, she immediately stopped moving. Anyway, her entire body was feeling limp and numb right now and she didn’t have much strength.

The corners of Ye Chenyuan’s lips rose slightly when he saw that she was obediently sitting in his embrace.

“Come in.”

Gu Qingke then opened the door.

There wasn’t any smell in the air since they hadn’t actually done anything, but Gu Qingke felt that the air was suffocating.

She looked at Yuan Chu who was shamelessly nestled in Ye Chenyuan’s arms. They’d just done that kind of thing, and now that someone else was here, shouldn’t she pay more attention to things?

But looking at Yuan Chu’s weak and tired state, she must’ve been tossed around by Ye Chenyuan till she didn’t have any strength left.

At this thought, Gu Qingke’s heart was very pained and the smile on her face also became a little more sombre.

When Yuan Chu saw that Gu Qingke was staring at her with a look that made her hairs stand on end, she had an idea and purposely circled her arms around Ye Chenyuan’s neck as she said.

“Darling, now that someone has come to find you, should I go out?”

Ye Chenyuan’s limbs went soft at Yuan Chu calling him “darling”. He’d never known that master knew how to sweet-talk, she had hidden herself very well indeed.

Hugging her, he said, “No need, I won’t hide any of my matters from you.”

Yuan Chu felt that Ye Chenyuan was being very cooperative and she felt especially happy when she saw Gu Qingke’s expression.

She’d rather make a mistake than let the enemy off. If this little cousin was really an accomplice, she had many means! She’d anger her to death!

Undoubtedly, Ye Chenyuan was the happiest person. Master acting this way and taking the initiative tempted him. He wished that Gu Qingke could stay here for a little while longer, or it’d be best if she didn’t leave.

Gu Qingke was upset by the intangible sweetness between the both of them. Hidden inside her green sleeves, her hands clenched into fists and composure returned to her sweet-tempered face.

“Chenyuan gege, is she really your fiancee?”

Gu Qingke looked at him with a slightly hurt expression, “Why have I never heard you mention it before?”

Ye Chenyuan replied, “She’s my junior sister, you naturally wouldn’t have heard of her. Also, Student Gu, the Gu family is from the Jade Beast noble family, a wealthy and influential family. Since we’re not related, it’ll be better if you stopped calling me gege in the future.”

Otherwise, what would he do if his pretty little wife got angry?

Gu Qingke had a hurt expression on her face as she placed a hand over her chest, “You’ve said this the last time……”

She lowered her head and said in a hoarse voice, “We’ve been friends since childhood, are you going to forget everything just like that?”

Yuan Chu found her to be even more of an eyesore. If Gu Qingke truly cared about their past friendship, Ye Chenyuan wouldn’t have endured that much hardship in his childhood. Ye Chenyuan was foolish to remember that bit of favour till now but she wasn’t a fool!

Had she perhaps fallen for Ye Chenyuan at first sight while they were at the Ye family’s old residence so she was now trying to tie him using the things in their childhood?

Yuan Chu remembered clearly that in her last life, just for that bit of favour, Ye Chenyuan had helped Gu Qingke with many things. When she later decided that she didn’t want to marry the imperial grandson and fled to avoid the marriage, it was Ye Chenyuan who had helped her escape. Ye Chenyuan had also suffered many injuries because of this.

She hadn’t minded these things before because she felt that Gu Qingke was quite a good person and they’d just help in whatever way they could. But when she thought about it right now, Gu Qingke was a very careful and conscientious person. How could Su Heyue possibly have found an opportunity to do the switch?

At this thought, she hugged Ye Chenyuan and said jealously, “Whatever friendship you had before, it’s gone now! He’s mine!”

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