TDCM Chapter 191: Delicate Little Flower

Ye Chenyuan was very tall, so even after her transformation, Yuan Chu still appeared very small in his embrace.

With her in his embrace and his left hand holding hers, he retrieved a sharp dagger with his right hand as he said with a serious expression on his face.

“Master, please bear with it. Tell me if it’s too difficult to bear.”

Yuan Chu nodded and looked at her hand solemnly, then she removed her martial technique and after the faint gold colour on her hand faded, her hand turned fair and clear again. The terrible white veins were bulging out although they were no longer moving.

Previously, it had constantly been resisting, not because it wanted to come out but because it wanted to grow within Yuan Chu’s body. So, Ye Chenyuan wasn’t worried about the bloodthirsty witherbark escaping when he cut open Yuan Chu’s hand, but it’ll be great if it ran away. No matter who’s body it was on, it’ll be fine as long as it wasn’t on master’s body.

Ye Chenyuan took a deep breath, then a faint white glow appeared on the hand that was holding onto Yuan Chu’s. This could lessen Yuan Chu’s pain and even reduce bleeding.

Although Yuan Chu wasn’t scared, she couldn’t help being nervous when the knife was about to pierce her skin. She pressed up against Ye Chenyuan’s chest, only to realise that his heart was beating even faster than her own, he was even more nervous than her.

The blade cut open Yuan Chu’s hand. Ye Chenyuan’s hand was very steady and he’d only made a small cut. Enveloped in his spiritual light, Yuan Chu didn’t bleed much.

But Yuan Chu still frowned and let out a soft cry.

She couldn’t help it. In front of Ye Chenyuan, she liked to act in a spoiled manner even if it was a small injury. This was a habit she’d formed since young.

But Ye Chenyuan felt very distressed when he heard this, “Master, please bear with it, I’ll be done very soon.”

They could’ve let Yuan Chu eat some painkillers, but Venerable Li wasn’t sure if the medicine she ate would affect the bloodthirsty witherbark in any way and it wouldn’t be good if they woke it up so Ye Chenyuan had no choice but to do things in such a direct manner.

Sure enough, the witherbark was very quiet and still.

Ye Chenyuan held his breath and pricked into her skin with the knife’s tip in an attempt to pick out a section of white root.

Yuan Chu had observed this entire process and the pain she was feeling in her heart was even more unbearable than the physical pain, especially since she was looking at someone else pick out a foreign matter from her own body. This feeling was very scary!

Ye Chenyuan tried to move as slowly as he could to avoid stimulating the bloodthirsty witherbark.

Sensing Yuan Chu’s nervousness, he spoke softly into her ear to reassure her.

“Don’t be scared, I’ll be done soon.”

It was at this moment that Venerable Li suddenly said, “Little Yuan, that Gu Qingke has come!”

Ye Chenyuan froze. He had already made a cut on master’s hand and he couldn’t possibly stop at this moment so he replied Venerable Li through his sea of consciousness, “Lock the door, don’t let her come in.”

With a flash of white light, the bronze coloured door became even more secure.

Gu Qingke had a conflicted expression on her face. She had come to apologise to Ye Chenyuan and Mu Qingge. The look that Ye Chenyuan had previously given her had made her very uneasy and she felt that Ye Chenyuan might perhaps already suspect her so in order to clear up this “misunderstanding”, she’d taken advantage of the time while the second elder was in a meeting to come over.

Unexpectedly, just as her hand touched the door handle, Yuan Chu’s pained cry sounded from inside.

“Ah! It hurts! Little Yuan Yuan, be gentler……”

It did sound very painful, but that thick kittenish feeling made Gu Qingke tighten her fist.

Seeing that Gu Qingke wasn’t moving, Venerable Li who was secretly watching her transmitted his voice to Ye Chenyuan, “She seems to be eavesdropping, should I chase her away?”

Ye Chenyuan frowned, but he looked at Yuan Chu and suddenly recalled that Gu Qingke seemed to have been trying to convey her feelings towards him previously. So that his master wouldn’t misunderstand him again in the future, he might as well make Gu Qingke drop any illusions she had about him. He said to Venerable Li.

“Ignore her, let her listen in, but stop her if she tries to come in.”

Yuan Chu was unaware of the conversation they were having as she looked at her own hand pitifully. Ye Chenyuan had already picked out a section of root but because it was a middle section, Ye Chenyuan had to take it out to sever only the end section.

Seeing that Yuan Chu was nervous, Ye Chenyuan comforted her but his voice was louder this time around.

“Don’t be scared, I’ll be gentler……be good, don’t worry.”

Outside, Gu Qingke tensed, and so did her hand on the door handle.

What were they doing inside? In broad daylight, were they perhaps……

Yuan Chu pouted and said, “It’s alright, continue. I can still bear it.”

Ye Chenyuan continued as he nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle, it’ll be over soon……”

Yuan Chu was completely oblivious to the ambiguity of their words, and although it was Ye Chenyuan’s intention to make the person outside the door misunderstand, his attention was fully on Yuan Chu.

Finally, Ye Chenyuan managed to pick out an entire fibrous root. The white witherbark seemed to be awakening, the fibrous root that was exposed suddenly twitched. This frightening scene coupled with the pain in her hand caused Yuan Chu to let out another cry.

“Ah……no, I don’t want to do it anymore, Little Yuan Yuan, can we stop? Let’s do it next time, I’m scared……”

That white fibrous root was just like a worm, she was so scared!

Ye Chenyuan knitted his brows as he said nervously, “Don’t move, I’ll be done soon. Be good, trust me, hang in there!”

Although Gu Qingke had received education in this matter, she was still a young virgin girl so when she heard these and thought of what they were doing inside, her face instantly turned bright red.

But very quickly, her expression turned sinister and there wasn’t the slightest bit of her usual gentleness.

Towards Ye Chenyuan, she was truly attracted to him. Be it the sensible child or the handsome and peerless young man, she couldn’t look away from him.

When she was younger, the feelings were weaker so she was still able to restrain herself but the last time, back when they were at the Ye family’s old residence, all by himself, he had killed Ye Baichuan whose cultivation was above his! His blood soaked appearance had been deeply branded into her heart, such that it finally started to stir.

He had a Pure Yang Physique, a perfect fit for her circumstances and his talent in cultivating was the most remarkable she had ever seen, plus he was also an alchemist!

Such a perfect man, other than his background, he wasn’t the least bit inferior to the imperial grandson. So, she liked him very much, but he was now……

Looking on from the side, Venerable Li was very confused as he transmitted a message to Ye Chenyuan asking, “Why is this Gu Qingke listening in? There’s obviously nothing to hear but why is her expression so scary……”

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan was in no mood to care about what was going on outside. Very carefully, he shocked it with a very weak electric current, and when the witherbark finally calmed down again, he readied himself to start.

Just as Gu Qingke thought that they were finally done, Ye Chenyuan suddenly said to Yuan Chu.

“I’m going to start, please bear with it for a little while longer.”

Again? Gu Qingke froze.

Knowing that she could no longer avoid it at this point, Yuan Chu closed her eyes and said through gritted teeth.

“Do it! No need to pity a delicate flower like myself!”

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