TDCM Chapter 190: Three Loud Kowtows

Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu and felt like laughing, but he held it in and exerted strength on the sword in his hand.

“Kowtow, I won’t repeat myself.”

Su Heyue’s mouth was bleeding from her biting on it. She could tell from the wounds on her neck and from Yuan Chu’s attitude that they didn’t mind offending the Pill Sect.

So, if she didn’t kowtow, the person behind her will not hesitate.

But how could she be willing to kowtow to this sl*t?

Looking at Su Heyue struggle, Yuan Chu smiled as she said, “Chenyuan gege, I don’t think she wants to kowtow. Why don’t you smear some bone-corroding poison on your sword and make a cut on her face, otherwise she isn’t the slightest bit afraid of me……”

Ye Chenyuan was stunned by Yuan Chu’s “Chenyuan gege”.

Contrary to his former calm demeanour, he was distracted for a moment before he said, “Alright.”

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan was really about to smear poison on his sword, Su Heyue finally fell apart in front of everyone.

“Alright, I’ll kowtow, I’ll kowtow!”

With tears streaming down her face, Su Heyue knocked her head against the Black Iron, producing a muffled sound and she started bleeding.

Ye Chenyuan said, “Apologise.”

Su Heyue gritted her teeth and shouted, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please forgive me!!”

When she made the first kowtow, Gu Wenshu closed his eyes, unwilling to look at this sight. Uncle Gui and the rest also felt very humiliated and they glared at Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan with hatred in their eyes.

Su Heyue shouted with every kowtow that she made.

“Please forgive me!”

Although every single word was spoken very loudly, everyone could hear the deep hatred in her voice.

All the surrounding students had the thought that, having seen the Su family’s young miss in such a sorry state, will they also hold a grudge against them? At this thought, they all became very uneasy.

Only Yuan Chu was calm as she received all this, and after Su Heyue had made three loud kowtows, Ye Chenyuan kept away his sword. Uncle Gui and the rest quickly pulled Su Heyue up and hid her behind them.

Even after witnessing this farce, there wasn’t the slightest change in the principal’s expression. He then said……

“Since this has already been settled in private, there’s no need to pay with your life. However, because Su Heyue has the intention to harm others, the academy will not accept such a student. Hence, I’m announcing that Su Heyue has been expelled and will no longer be accepted by the number one academy from now on.”


Everyone was shocked, they didn’t expect the principal to be impartial and incorruptible to this degree and they all felt like sighing.

Su Heyue stood there dumbfounded for a moment, then her face turned bright red and she covered her neck as she ran out.

She’d been thoroughly embarrassed this time, and she probably resented the number one academy too.

Ye Chenyuan looked at her back figure pensively. The one thing he could be certain of was that he couldn’t let this person remain, perhaps he’d found the perfect witherbark experimental subject?

Yuan Chu moved closer and patted his shoulder. Although she would’ve liked for him to stay out of this, she felt very relieved after he’d come forward.

Ye Chenyuan only held her hand silently, it was a constant declaration to everyone that she was his.

Seeing that Su Heyue had already run off, the principal waved his black and gold robes with a flourish and pointed to the lifeless Li Xuanzhi as he said.

“This person is an accomplice, he’ll also be expelled. In addition, notify all the elders and teachers that there’ll be a meeting in two hours. Wenshu, come with me.”

“As for you……” The principal looked at Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu fixedly, “The two of you, follow me. I have something to ask you after settling the academy’s matters. As for the remaining students, you are dismissed.”

Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan exchanged glances. They weren’t the slightest bit afraid as they followed the elders out.

Along the way, seeing that all the elders all looked heavy-hearted, Yuan Chu moved to Ye Chenyuan’s side and asked in a soft voice, “Hey, how did you realise that that person was the principal?”

Ye Chenyuan replied, “I guessed it.”


Seeing that Yuan Chu was staring at him fixedly, Ye Chenyuan couldn’t hold back a smile and he was in a very good mood as he squeezed her hand and said.

“The Silent Lotus Throne that we had taken is a celestial grade spirit tool. The vice-principal would’ve definitely informed the principal about this, and since an incident has occurred at the academy, the principal would definitely return, only that no one knows his return date.”

“And just now, Venerable Li had told me that he couldn’t tell what level of cultivation that old man had, so I guessed that he must be the principal who had just returned.”

Yuan Chu nodded, “Then, how could you be so certain that he would help us? If he didn’t help us, wouldn’t your prior actions have been very dangerous?”

Ye Chenyuan replied with a smile, “Master, think about it. He’d returned to see such a matter but instead of showing himself, he kept a low profile and laid low. He must’ve done that because he wanted to see how the academy would settle issues between students when he isn’t around.”

“If he were someone who didn’t care about the academy’s students, he wouldn’t have remained in the dark to observe. That’s why I guessed that he would definitely help us, because it’s clear that the truth is on our side.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu nodded her head repeatedly, then she said, “Little Yuan Yuan, you’re so attentive!”

Ye Chenyuan let out a soft laugh, he didn’t deny what she’d said.


Within the academy, there were five ranks of teachers and there were more than three hundred of them. After receiving a sudden notice that the principal had returned, they all rushed to the academy’s largest conference hall. The conference hall’s exterior looked like an European style palace and its interior was also majestic and splendid.

Meanwhile, Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan were waiting in an office, and there was just the two of them right now.

Yuan Chu looked around before she suddenly sighed and said to Ye Chenyuan, “Little Yuan Yuan, I originally didn’t want you to step forward. This is just great, although we’ve won, the people from the Pill Sect will now hate you too……”

Although it was very relieving to see Su Heyue being forced to kowtow to her, but when she thought of her disciple, she felt like she had ignored the bigger picture.

But unexpectedly, Ye Chenyuan looked at her and said without hesitation.

“Master’s feelings are the most important.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu couldn’t stop the corners of her lips from curving up and her eyes were full of stars. Seeing that sweet smile, Ye Chenyuan’s heart instantly became gentle like water.

Thinking that the meeting would probably go on for a very long time, Yuan Chu brought up a suggestion.

“Little Yuan Yuan, since we’re free now, why don’t we cut out a section of the fibrous root right now? Venerable Li, can we trouble you to help us guard the door?”

Venerable Li flew out from Ye Chenyuan’s sea of consciousness and said worriedly, “The bloodthirsty witherbark’s backlash is very powerful so you have to be careful. If the situation doesn’t look right, don’t do it!”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, “I’ll do this with master’s safety in mind.”

Yuan Chu also said, “It’s alright, I’m not scared!”

So Ye Chenyuan locked the door, sat down on the sofa in the office and carried Yuan Chu onto his lap.

Yuan Chu had long gotten used to him hugging her and didn’t realise how ambiguous their position was. She then stuck out her left hand and as expected, it was very quiet. The witherbark was still dormant.

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