TDCM Chapter 186: Aggressive

Girls should be gentle like Qingke. Acting so ostentatiously, it’s no wonder that someone’s after her.

Qingke still ended up being the poor thing, unable to reject someone else, resulting in her current predicament. However, he’d help her with it.

As all these thoughts flashed through his mind, he nodded and said, “That’s right, I like you.”

Yuan Chu shivered in disgust and said with a raised brow.

“You also said that you knew my actual strength? You were certain that I wouldn’t get hurt in the special level mystic realm which was why you’d switched my token, and it’s actually for my good?”

Li Xuanzhi nodded, then he gritted his teeth and put on an emotional look as he said, “I also wanted you to reveal your actual strength……in this way, you’ll be able to join the Elite Chamber and I’ll get to see you often. Just for this, I don’t mind getting punished.”

As long as this matter was defined as a personal matter, the academy wouldn’t punish him too severely. By that time, Qingke would definitely save him.

Yuan Chu was sickened by him and said with a look of disdain, “I’d like to ask you, I only received my token less than two hours before entering the mystic realm. Within those two hours, how did you manage to switch the token from a late stage Golden Core like myself?”

Li Xuanzhi was stumped and immediately panicked. He’d almost forgotten that he was an early stage Golden Core but this girl was a late stage Golden Core! How could he possibly have taken anything from her?

But he couldn’t change his story at this point so he gritted his teeth and said loudly, “At that time, the token was hanging from your waist and you were talking to someone else, which was how I’d……I’d succeeded!”

Yuan Chu laughed and stepped forward in a calm and relaxed manner, “Elders, I have a suggestion that I hope all of you can accept.”

The elders all felt uneasy because it’ll be the best outcome if the severity of this matter could be reduced, but with so many people present, they couldn’t be biased.

Sat on the host seat, the great elder stroked his beard and said solemnly, “You may speak.”

Yuan Chu’s lips hooked into a smile and she straightened up.

“Great elder, I believe that this person’s words don’t make any sense, it’s illogical and full of nonsense!”

“I didn’t!” Li Xuanzhi immediately retorted, “I really like you, everything was done by me alone and has nothing to do with anyone else!”

Yuan Chu raised her eyebrows, “Why are you panicking? I’m not done talking yet!”

She raised her chin slightly and said, “I’m willing to suppress my cultivation to late stage Foundation Building and fight one round with this person. If……”

With a wave of her hand, a bell appeared and she hung it on her waist, “If this person can snatch the bell from me, I’ll believe that he’s the one who switched my token. Although I’d been holding onto my token ever since it was handed to me, no one will believe that right now so I can only prove myself in this way.”

Her request sounded reasonable and fair. Although Li Xuanzhi had said that she hadn’t noticed it because she had been talking to someone else, Yuan Chu had now chosen to suppress her cultivation to late stage Foundation Building so she didn’t have an advantage over him anymore.

However, the academy’s people weren’t very willing to do this because they’d still prefer to reduce the severity of this matter.

Seeing that the elder was formulating his words with a frown, Yuan Chu took another step forward and said in a loud voice.

“I, Mu Qingge, am now fifteen years of age with a late stage Foundation Building cultivation. Even if you search the entire world, you won’t be able to find another whose talent is more outstanding than mine! If the academy doesn’t investigate this today, the evildoer will get away with it. If she secretly retaliates against me again, and if I die, will the academy bear this responsibility?”

With this, all the elders were dumbfounded. That’s right……they’d only been considering their reputation and had forgotten that the one in front of them was a true genius that withdrew from worldly affairs!

A peerless genius versus their reputation, the great elder hesitated for a moment and an elder beside him leaned over to say softly.

“Great elder, this girl is correct. There’s a rotten apple in the academy and we can’t just tolerate it for the sake of our reputation, otherwise who would be able to attend school with peace of mind in the future?”

The great elder nodded when he heard this, but the second elder who was on his other side looked very sombre because she was the one who was responsible for the tokens and now that something like this had happened, she couldn’t escape blame. She gnashed her teeth and said.

“Girl, you’re a late stage Golden Core. Even if you suppress your cultivation to late stage Foundation Building, you’ll still have the physical strength of a late stage Golden Core. This isn’t fair to Li Xuanzhi.”

Yuan Chu crooked her head and looked at her, “Then what does this pretty teacher suggest?”

She smiled, looking like she was modestly asking for advice.

In an elegant manner, the second elder Liu Ya’er looked askance at her and said coldly and arrogantly, “At the very least, you should suppress your cultivation till mid stage Foundation Building!”

With this, not just the elders, but even the students couldn’t bear to listen to this any longer. Yuan Chu had already shown due respect by suppressing her cultivation to late stage Foundation Building! After all, although late stage Foundation Building and Golden Core seemed to be the difference of just one realm, it was actually a world of difference!

For the second elder to have brought up such a request, wasn’t she making things difficult for the young girl?

Up on the high platform, the great elder waved his hand to signal for silence. Just as he was about to voice that they’d do as Yuan Chu had mentioned, Yuan Chu actually went ahead and surprisingly, she agreed to it!

She said with a smile, “Alright! Mid stage Foundation Building it is!” she looked at Li Xuanzhi with a malicious glint in her eyes, “This brother, you have to go all out!”

Li Xuanzhi would’ve done his best without her telling him to. As long as he could get the bell on her waist, today’s matter would be over.

He knew that with his early stage Golden Core cultivation, even if he defeated her, he’d already lost face and there would be no place for him in the Elite Chamber in the future. But when he thought of Gu Qingke, he gritted his teeth and resigned himself.

He only hoped that after today, Qingke would see how good he was and realise who treated her the best.

So he moved to stand in front of Yuan Chu wordlessly. There were only the two of them in the round arena, making it appear somewhat spacious and empty.

Yuan Chu stood up on her toes and noticed that the ground was made of a very hard type of Black Iron, then she looked up and noticed that above her was sharp Langya Crystals and her sparkling eyes lit up.

Li Xuanzhi assumed his stance and said with a frosty look on his face, “Mu Qingge, I like you a lot, but to prove this matter, I will not be soft-hearted”

Yuan Chu’s small hands clenched into fists as she smiled and revealed her pearly white teeth, “Don’t worry, I’ll make you like me even more.”

Around them, thousands of students looked on nervously. They all felt that this fight was very unfair to Yuan Chu and there was a high probability that she’d lose, but because the academy had gone too far, they hoped that she would win.

Only Ye Chenyuan was calm with laughter in his eyes.

Li Xuanzhi made the first move, and he started with his strongest move, “Fierce Whirlwind!”

“Ah!” Everyone was stunned. Didn’t he just have to snatch her bell? What did he mean by using his strongest move right at the beginning? Was it possible that he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to snatch it so he intended to make use of the edge he had in a higher realm to defeat her? He was being too shameless! She’d already suppressed her cultivation to mid stage Foundation Building!

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