TDCM Chapter 185: Recrimination

She’d usually act arrogantly towards the outer academy students because they were all too weak but because this person was by Qingge’s side and he looked like he wasn’t one to be trifled with……

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan gave her a gentle smile, “How could that be? For fairness’ sake, the academy will definitely try this case in public so they will be allowing spectators.”

After all, the academy would want to prove itself to quell the Elite Chamber’s anger and the other student’s doubts.

Hong Qiao thought about it. Before she came here, there were already many inner academy students there. So, she nodded her head.

“Alright, let’s go!”

At this moment, the disciplinary department was packed with people so they had no choice but to open the large martial arts practice space. Even so, the number of people was increasing and it seemed like they’d have to move up the public inquest.

Many inner academy students had rushed over when they heard the news. After all, a switched token was a huge matter and if the truth wasn’t uncovered, if they themselves were the one that was switched to the special level mystic realm, wouldn’t they be done for?

The Elite Chamber students also felt indignant. On what basis could the chance that they’d worked so hard for be switched to someone else just like that? That d*mn girl was that powerful, wasn’t this bullying them?

When Yuan Chu arrived, the noisy martial arts practice space immediately became even livelier.

“It’s her! Elder, it’s her! She’d snatched our opportunities in the small mystic realm!”

The other Elite Chamber members nodded and chimed in. Yuan Chu walked in a slow and calm manner and stood in the centre of the martial arts practice space. Beside her was Li Xuanzhi, the one who had given out her name.

Ye Chenyuan was sitting at the audience seats at the side. This place was where the academy held its martial arts competitions and it was usually empty but it was now filled with people.

However, most of them were wearing gold uniforms so Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu’s white and gold uniform was especially eye-catching.

“You’re……Mu Qingge?”

Up on the high platform were the academy’s nine elders. All dressed formally in white, they were sizing Yuan Chu up with various expressions on their faces.

Yuan Chu was very calm and generously let them look as they liked.

“Right, that’s me!”

Li Xuanzhi who was beside her couldn’t refrain from taking another look at her. It can’t be helped, since Yuan Chu’s transformed looks were not bad. It’s just that, when he thought of the fact that she was the one that Qingke wanted to deal with, Li Xuanzhi’s expression turned sombre and he let out a ‘hmph’.

The great elder let out a cough to signal everyone to be silent, then he asked Yuan Chu, “I’ve heard that your cultivation is at late stage Golden Core. If so, why did you deliberately lower your cultivation previously? What is your objective?”

Yuan Chu blinked her large eyes and said in a clear and sharp voice, “I’d done it to pretend to be weaker to give myself an advantage over my enemies! Before I came out, my family had repeatedly urged me not to be too ostentatious because there’ll always be someone better than myself. This time around, if I hadn’t been switched to the special level mystic realm unexpectedly, I wouldn’t have revealed my actual strength! I wanted to temper myself for four years in the outer academy because my family members are always saying that I’m proud and arrogant, that I need to be polished!”

Her words were reasonable and convincing, and although she was ostentatious, everyone got the strange feeling that she was very obedient. Among the nine elders, two of them immediately threw aside all sorts of conspiracy theories and changed their view on Yuan Chu.

It was obvious with just one glance that this girl wasn’t the type that liked to fight and scheme for power.

However, the great elder wasn’t easily fooled, “If that’s the case, why didn’t you take the initiative to notify us after the incident instead of going into hiding? Forcing the academy to look for you by investigating Li Xuanzhi?”

There were too many students in the outer academy so no one could be certain about who had been absent from the low level mystic realm. If Li Xuanzhi hadn’t admitted to it, they’d probably still be searching.

Hearing this, Yuan Chu pursed her lips and scoffed, “Since that person is capable of even switching the special level mystic realm tokens, that person must have quite a lot of influence within the academy. How would I dare to come forward after returning, what if I’m secretly killed?”

“Then why did you snatch the other student’s items?” The great elder questioned.

Yuan Chu answered matter of factly, “Of course it’s to arouse public indignation! I don’t have the ability to fight against the mastermind alone, but if all the students in the mystic realm make a fuss, I believe that the academy would definitely get to the bottom of things and give me justice!”

Her matter of fact and righteous indignation caused all the students present to start whispering, feeling that Yuan Chu’s actions made sense. In a situation where one was unaware of the truth, one had to protect themselves first.

In addition, because Yuan Chu was very pretty, when they saw her try to justify her actions of snatching others things, they actually thought that she looked quite adorable?

Many of the Elite Chamber members then came to the realisation that they’d actually been used?!

One of the Elite Chamber students stood up and asked, “Now that everything’s going as you wished, you should return the things that you have snatched right?”

Yuan Chu gave him a strange look, “In the cultivation world, the weak will become food for the strong. I’ve never heard of anyone having to return the things they’ve snatched in the mystic realm.”

With this, that student didn’t dare to say anything else and angrily sat back down. That’s because Yuan Chu was right, everything in the mystic realm is ownerless and anyone who is able to snatch it does so with their own abilities.

“Cough!” The great elder let out a cough and looked Yuan Chu up and down, feeling like she was still somewhat suspicious, but when he recalled that she was also a victim in this incident, that doubt disappeared.

Moreover, they had actually recruited two geniuses this year! He had thought that Ye Chenyuan was already very outstanding, but unexpectedly, there was another even more outstanding one hiding here.

He looked at Li Xuanzhi, “What else do you have to say? Aren’t you going to own up to the facts, who was it that changed your token!”

His voice was solemn and Li Xuanzhi’s entire body shook.

He wasn’t considered good-looking, and in the cultivation world where handsome guys and pretty girls were everywhere, he was very mediocre. His long and thin eyes glanced at Yuan Chu, and recalling something, he gritted his teeth as he said.

“Actually……Actually, it’s because I like Mu Qingge! I knew that she was very strong and I wanted her to obtain a few more treasures so after the tokens were given out, I……secretly switched her token.”

His words stirred up layers of waves. Hearing Li Xuanzhi say this, Gu Qingke who was seated behind the high platform gradually relaxed.

She hadn’t asked Uncle Gu to pass the message in vain, this Li Xuanzhi was still quite clever.

Like this, his action of switching the token that had been defined as “murder” would now be because he was secretly in love with her and was doing something for her good. However, his good intentions had ended up ruining things, and this private matter was of a completely different nature.

Yuan Chu also didn’t expect him to throw out such a reversal. Ye Chenyuan was amongst the crowd and when he heard this, a cold gleam flashed in his eyes.

The elders looked at each other in dismay. They were also very surprised to be faced with such an unusual turn of events, but it’ll be good if this incident could be defined as a private matter. In this way, the academy’s reputation could be preserved because it proved that there wasn’t someone using their authority to harm others behind the scenes.

Yuan Chu turned to look at Li Xuanzhi with her arms crossed.

“You……said that you like me?”

Li Xuanzhi looked at her flamboyant appearance and a trace of dislike flashed in his eyes.

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