TDCM Chapter 184: The Only Existing Mutated Witherbark

Ye Chenyuan asked, “Venerable Li, is there any way to separate a part of the bloodthirsty witherbark from master and regrow it?”

Venerable Li was surprised, then he understood what he was thinking, “Are you thinking of growing the bloodthirsty witherbark and placing it in someone else’s body to do an experiment using heavenly thunder?”

Yuan Chu shook her head when she heard this, “No way, I won’t hear any of it. We’re the good guys, we can’t do that.”

Ye Chenyuan chuckled, “What are you thinking about? I was only thinking of severing a part from master and putting it into a mouse or some small creature to test the heavenly thunder’s effect.”

Of course, if it was possible, he’d gladly use Mu Qinghan as the experimental subject. After all, he was the one that master had blocked the disaster for. However, he knew that he could not do that.

Venerable Li pondered over it before saying, “I’m afraid that that’s not possible because once the bloodthirsty witherbark enters a person’s body, any injury has the possibility of activating its trait, fatal backlash.”

“A long time ago, I’d seen someone cut off their lower leg that the bloodthirsty witherbark had inserted itself into, but in that split second, the fibrous root plunged into his thighs. The witherbark that had been cut off was black, having died the instant it left his body because its life force had been transferred the moment it was cut. So, even if you manage to get a fibrous root, it won’t be able to grow.”

Ye Chenyuan pondered over this for a short while before saying, “In other words, if we can cut off a section of the witherbark when it isn’t conscious, it won’t be able to transfer its life force so the portion that’s been cut might be able to continue growing?”

Venerable Li hesitated before asking, “Are you thinking of……cutting off a section while it’s dormant? What if it wakes up when you make a move?”

Realising this, Yuan Chu promptly said, “Do it! You’ll just be cutting off a small portion. Even if it’s trait is activated, at most it’ll extend from my palm to my wrist……”

Despite saying this, Yuan Chu still felt quite nervous, but it wasn’t ideal to leave this foreign matter in her body. Ye Chenyuan looked at her hand that was reached out towards him, and feeling a little unwilling, he asked.

“Oh right, Venerable Li, where did the bloodthirsty witherbark’s seed come from?”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu also looked at him expectantly. That’s right, with the seed, they won’t have to cut off a fibrous root from her!

Venerable Li looked at the both of them with a strange expression on his face, “You wouldn’t want to know……”

Yuan Chu suddenly had a bad feeling.

Venerable Li said, “After the bloodthirsty witherbark occupies a person’s entire body and absorbs all the nutrients, it’ll burst out from the body and take root on the ground, only then will it form a seed……”

Yuan Chu shivered, and Ye Chenyuan’s expression also turned ugly.

Venerable Li stared at her hand as he said, “Because of its special characteristic, each witherbark can only be parasitic towards one person. When it bursts out of the body and takes root on the ground, it’ll become a withered tree and lose its ability to attack. After that, it’ll keep forming seeds year after year.”

Yuan Chu thought of something and asked worriedly, “What do we do? The person that I killed seems to have been able to control this kind of witherbark with the Qin. Then, will the person behind him have more of these terrible things?”

Instantly, various scenarios where the big boss was plotting to destroy the world flashed through Yuan Chu’s mind, such as using the terrible witherbark to establish his supremacy and rule the entire Heavenly Continent. This made her feel like the load on her shoulders had become even heavier.

However, Venerable Li shook his head as he said, “That won’t happen……back when the bloodthirsty witherbark was rampant, the Emperor had used Xuanwu Divination and Gravitational Fire to mark all the witherbark and seeds before destroying all of them. Since this wasn’t destroyed, it must’ve mutated, which was how it’d escaped.”

He continued, “Back then, there were indeed people who could use the witherbark to harm others after cultivating a secret method, but the one in your hand is definitely an exception because the withered tree can produce a hundred seeds a year and the seeds grow very quickly, boring into any living thing it comes across. If even one witherbark evolves into a withered tree, the Empire would’ve long become a mess.”

“So, I’m guessing that the person you killed probably obtained this witherbark’s mutated seed and the secret method to control it by chance, and you’re probably the first person he used it on, and also the only one.”

Yuan Chu understood the gist of it, “That is to say that the one on my hand is probably a mutated witherbark, and also the only existing witherbark?”

Venerable Li nodded, “That’s highly possible.”

Something flashed in Yuan Chu’s mind, and she suddenly understood why Mu Qinghan had jumped into the Transformation Pool in her last life.

Firstly, he was probably seeking a new life and secondly, it was very likely that the witherbark had already taken over his entire body and to stop it from maturing and plunging the people into an abyss of misery, he had chosen to jump into the Transformation Pool to end all his troubles.

At this thought, Yuan Chu suddenly felt quite distressed. The one and only mutated witherbark was now on her, was she done for?

Ye Chenyuan immediately made up his mind.

“Master, I’ll pick out a root from your hand right now, can I?”

Yuan Chu looked at her hand, “Do it, I’m not afraid!”

This matter has to be resolved as quickly as possible. Every day that it isn’t removed is a hidden danger.

But it was at this moment that someone suddenly arrived.

That person was dressed in a gold and red uniform. It was someone from the Elite Chamber?

With a “bang” Yuan Chu transformed into Mu Qingge’s appearance and Venerable Li returned into Ye Chenyuan’s sea of consciousness. Yuan Chu realised that she knew who had come, it was Hong Qiao.

“Why are you here?” Yuan Chu walked over and asked.

Hong Qiao first glance at Ye Chenyuan. This person, although he was all smiles, but ever since she got here, she’d been feeling a strange pressure from him.

However, she had to get down to business, so she said to Yuan Chu, “Qingge, I’d previously gone to the outer academy to look for you but you weren’t there so I came here……”

Life in the academy was very free. As long as they’re able to pass the assessments, the academy didn’t care if they cut class to do something else.

Yuan Chu said a little sheepishly, “I’d accidentally overslept, what’s up?”

Hearing this, Hong Qiao said rather excitedly, “The person who had switched tokens with you, that Li Xuanzhi, the academy has finally found him!”

“So fast?” Yuan Chu raised a brow slightly.

Hong Qiao nodded, “That’s right! That Li Xuanzhi didn’t want to admit it initially, saying that he was also at the small mystic realm and his token wasn’t switched but the teachers questioned every Elite Chamber student and no one had seen him in the mystic realm. Instead, there were people from the outer academy’s low level mystic realm who had seen him, and it was only then that he admitted to switching tokens with you who was from the outer academy……the academy now knows that your cultivation is at late stage Golden Core. They’re all very surprised and have asked me to bring you there.”

Saying this, she was about to lead Yuan Chu away when she was stopped by a slender hand.

Hong Qiao didn’t even see how Ye Chenyuan had moved, but Yuan Chu’s hand was already grasped in his. He smiled, “I’ll come along.”

“That……won’t be too good right?” Hong Qiao instinctively replied.

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