TDCM Chapter 183: The Bloodthirsty Witherbark’s Natural Enemy

It was already noon by the time Yuan Chu awoke the next day.

Upon waking up, she touched her lips, finding it odd that she didn’t feel anything when touching her lips but why did it hurt?

It was at this moment that Ye Chenyuan brought her lunch in.

“Master, you’re awake? Wash up and come eat.”

After one night, Ye Chenyuan had regained his gentle demeanour. Although Yuan Chu had grown a little in the mystic realm, it was still too little for him, so the task of raising his pretty little wife still had a long way to go. He had to keep working hard.

Yuan Chu nodded and used a cleaning art on herself, then she jumped off the bed to go and eat.

This time around, she obediently wore her shoes, then Ye Chenyuan helped her to comb her hair with gentle motions.

Yuan Chu was looking at Ye Chenyuan as she ate, then she suddenly laughed.

“Hehe, Little Yuan Yuan do you know? Didn’t I take Mu Qinghan as my older cousin? Then he wanted to help me comb my hair but he’s so bad at it that I didn’t let him do it again after the first time……”

Ye Chenyuan’s hand paused, then he said with a smile, “Master, why don’t I bring you to the hot springs later? I know a place that’s really beautiful and you’ll definitely like it.”

Saying this, he tied Yuan Chu’s hair into a simple braid. It’ll get washed later anyway.

Yuan Chu didn’t sense anything wrong. The bodies of cultivators like them were without filth because they could clean themselves on the outside just by using a cleaning art and on the inside, Yuan Chu ate spirit rice and spirit meat, drank from the spiritual spring and spirit wine, all of which were premium stuffs that could be directly digested without producing any impurities. So, their visit to the hot springs was just for fun.

Just as Yuan Chu was about to reply that she wanted to go, she recalled something and glanced at Ye Chenyuan’s face as she said.

“That isn’t too good right? You’d just beaten up Mu Qinghan yesterday. Their family is very big, aren’t we going to give an apology?” Yuan Chu muttered, “I’ve heard that his parents dote on him a lot and if we don’t apologise, what would we do if they find trouble with you in the future?”

Ye Chenyuan felt a lot better. Although master didn’t say it, she was always thinking of him and siding with him.

Just like yesterday, she had run off angrily but when she saw that he was worried, she didn’t go far and instead followed him quietly. It’s clear that after so many years of being together, she did care about him.

As for that Mu Qinghan, Ye Chenyuan suddenly sneered. He was just like him, a pitiful person that suffered from an unrequited love. However, he still had a chance, but that might not be the case for Mu Qinghan.

So he tried to put on an easy-going attitude as he said.

“Master doesn’t have to worry. Yesterday, it was Mu Qinghan who had asked me to hit him, he won’t blame you.”

“What?” Yuan Chu was shocked. There was someone who would actually look for a beating? But after she gave it some thought, it did seem like something that Mu Qinghan would do.

Besides, Ye Chenyuan had been quite heavy-handed yesterday, so much so that she felt a little embarrassed to go and see Mu Qinghan right now……

“Then……Then we’ll wait a day or two. Little Yuan Yuan, next time……you won’t hit him again right?”

Yuan Chu asked Ye Chenyuan hesitantly.

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “Master, don’t worry. I won’t.”

It was only then that Yuan Chu relaxed and smiled, “Oh right, the academy has been investigating the matter regarding the switched tokens for a few days and they’ve probably found out about me. It just so happens that I also want to know whether they’ve found the mastermind.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, “I’ll accompany you.”

He believed that with his and Yuan Chu’s abilities, the academy would definitely treat this matter seriously. What he didn’t know was who exactly had made a move against master.

And it was at this moment that Ye Chenyuan caught sight of something strange.

“Master, your hand……”

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Chu looked down, only to realise that the reason her left hand hadn’t been hurting today was because those white fibrous roots seemed to have fallen asleep and weren’t moving.

“What’s going on?” Yuan Chu immediately called for Venerable Li, “Venerable Li, Venerable Li, come out and look, quick! This bloodthirsty witherbark isn’t moving anymore, is it gathering energy for an ultimate move?!”

Venerable Li quickly came out, but then he let out an arrogant ‘hmph’, “Only remembering me when something’s up. I don’t see you remembering me when nothing’s up? You ungrateful little things!”

Yuan Chu said weakly, “You’re still quarrelling at this time? I, this little thing, is about to die! Quick come and see what’s up with this thing.”

Venerable Li floated over and looked down, then he immediately let out a “huh?” and looked at Yuan Chu curiously, “What did you do yesterday? Why……has this bloodthirsty witherbark become dormant?”

Yuan Chu was bewildered, “Besides arguing with Little Yuan Yuan, I didn’t do anything else yesterday……”

Ye Chenyuan frowned slightly. Could it be because of the “Blood Mark”? No, the Blood Mark only had the function of tracking and it couldn’t possibly have suppressed the bloodthirsty witherbark.

Venerable Li said rather excitedly, “Think about it carefully! It’s clear that the bloodthirsty witherbark in your body is now dormant! You must’ve done something, whatever it was might very well be its natural enemy!”

Yuan Chu racked her brains before finally shaking her head, “I really didn’t do anything……”

She looked at Ye Chenyuan bewilderedly, “Little Yuan Yuan, why don’t you help me think?”

Ye Chenyuan thought about it for a moment. Thinking of something, he reached out to grab Yuan Chu’s hand.

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Chu looked up at him.

Ye Chenyuan didn’t reply, then soon after, a lightning flashed in his palm and Yuan Chu let out a soft cry. Then, something strange happened……the bloodthirsty witherbark that had been dormant suddenly went wild for a split second, then it stopped moving as if it were dead. At the same time, Yuan Chu could clearly sense that it had become slightly weaker.

Yuan Chu suddenly recalled that she had grabbed onto Ye Chenyuan’s hand to stop him yesterday, and he had been holding onto thunder at that time so she’d gotten a small shock.

Most importantly, Ye Chenyuan’s thunderbolt wasn’t his own but it was the heavenly thunder that he’d collected when he was going through his lightning tribulation.

So to say, the bloodthirsty witherbark was actually afraid of……

“Heavenly thunder?!”

Ye Chenyuan and Venerable Li said at the same time, then they both looked at Yuan Chu’s left hand.

“If that’s the case, does that prove that we can use heavenly thunder to kill the bloodthirsty witherbark?” a glint of happiness flashed through Ye Chenyuan’s eyes. Venerable Li also said.

“That’s right! Why didn’t I think of it before? Heavenly thunder can destroy all evil and this bloodthirsty witherbark is a demon plant so how could it not fear heavenly thunder?”

He spun around in the air, but he calmed down when he thought of something.

“We now know what the bloodthirsty witherbark is afraid of, but if we just shock it like that, will it trigger the bloodthirsty witherbark’s trait, the fatal backlash?”

No one knew the answer to this so Ye Chenyuan didn’t dare to attempt it rashly for fear of injuring his master.

However, Yuan Chu continued excitedly, “That probably won’t happen. It’s already dormant! Why don’t……we give it a try?”

Ye Chenyuan shook his head, “We can’t try it out carelessly.”

Master’s skin was so delicate, what would he do if something goes wrong? As he looked at Yuan Chu’s hand, a light flashed in his eyes and he smirked.

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