TDCM Chapter 182: Obsessed With Her

The Blood Mark was originally a mark that a beast would leave when it’s hunting. In this way, they’d be able to find the prey even if it ran to the ends of the world.

Divine beasts were also beasts and Ye Chenyuan had obtained the White Dragon’s inheritance, with one of them being the Blood Mark technique.

He had bitten her with all his strength, giving Yuan Chu the impression that she was about to be eaten! Her face crumpled up and she hammered him with her hands as she let out a soft cry, “It hurts!”

But Ye Chenyuan didn’t have any pity for her this time around. He swallowed her blood greedily and that blood soon merged with his. This feeling, it was as if they’d combined into one body, exciting him so much that his entire body was shaking.

When the Blood Mark was finally completed, he released her neck and licked her wound gently. The wound soon disappeared, as if it’d never appeared before.

Just as Yuan Chu was still feeling puzzled, she heard Ye Chenyuan’s hoarse voice beside her ear.

“You’re not to leave me ever again.” Saying this, he nuzzled her ear fondly, “I’ll go crazy, master, you cannot leave me.”

Yuan Chu felt like the area he’d nuzzled had received an electric shock. Unused to this weak and numb feeling, she said, “Let go of me first.”

“No.” Ye Chenyuan rejected her bluntly, “You’ll run away if I let go of you, I’ll carry you.”

Saying this, he carried Yuan Chu princess style. Looking at the strange expression on his handsome face, Yuan Chu also didn’t dare to resist and only said, “Your leg is injured……”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her and smiled, “It has recovered.”

Yuan Chu didn’t believe this and struggled to take a look, only to see that not only was Ye Chenyuan’s leg fine, he was very calm and his weak soul had also recovered. His chaotic spiritual energy had calmed down and his abilities even seemed to have risen a little. What was going on?

Yuan Chu suddenly covered her neck, “Could it have been……my blood?”

Ye Chenyuan smiled when he heard this, his profound and exquisite eyes seemed to sparkle as it looked at her fixedly.

“Master, your blood is a treasure to all strong and very ‘Yang’ people, or to all beasts. N-No it shouldn’t be said like this……”

He laughed lightly, then he told her in a strange tone, “I should say that your entire person is a treasure for someone like me.”

Yuan Chu was baffled and she shivered.

“So master, don’t think about leaving me again. With me here, if you run into any danger, we can still escape into the Sky Pearl but without me, you……will be eaten by the bad guys. Just like how you eat the cloud swan eggs, you’ll be eaten.”

That chilling tone gave Yuan Chu the false impression that people with strong ‘Yang’ were everywhere.

This scared Yuan Chu so much that she quickly clung to Ye Chenyuan.

“You……you’re lying, how could there be that many people with strong ‘Yang’……”

She muttered under her breath.

Ye Chenyuan said earnestly, “I’m not lying, so you’re not to leave my side.”

Yuan Chu felt indignant, “Weren’t you ignoring me just now?”

With a heavy heart, Ye Chenyuan lowered his gaze as he said softly.

“I won’t, it won’t happen again. I’ll always believe master next time. Master, can you forgive me?”

He continued in a hoarse voice, “If I repeat this mistake in the future, you can beat or scold me, as long as you don’t leave me, anything is fine……”

Seeing that he was admitting his mistakes so sincerely, that small bit of grievance she felt was long gone. Ye Chenyuan was walking with her in his arms so she wrapped her hands around his neck as she said earnestly.

“I really wanted to help you out, which was why I had thought of making Mu Qinghan owe me a favour. He’s a good person, he’d risked his life to save me in the mystic realm so we’re even now and even became friends……umm, but after the terrible beating you’ve given him today, we might not be able to stay friends. But at the very least, can you not find trouble with him again in the future?”

Ye Chenyuan asked in a soft voice, “Master, do you like him?”

Yuan Chu froze, then she said in an exaggerated manner, “Oh please! I’m still a child alright?! You all have such unprincipled thoughts! Besides, he’s already twenty four and although he’d previously said that he liked me, but after I showed him my actual form and told him that I’m only nine years old, he hasn’t brought it up ever since. Hehehe!”

Ye Chenyuan thought to himself: He hasn’t brought it up because he’s waiting for you to grow up, just like me……

Yuan Chu continued, “Even if I wanted to find you a master’s husband, it’ll have to wait till you’re older right, but……you probably won’t get one.”

Ye Chenyuan replied with a “en”. Master’s husband? It won’t happen, whoever comes will die.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan had fallen silent, Yuan Chu recalled his prior unwell and crazed appearance, and after giving it some thought, she said in a soft voice.

“I’m sorry……I-I’m already that old, I shouldn’t have run away like that……you were very worried right?”

After all, in Ye Chenyuan’s heart, she wasn’t very old and having run off like that, he must’ve been very worried.

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan unconsciously hugged her even tighter.

“Next time……I won’t let you run away.”

Yuan Chu thought that this sentence was strange but she couldn’t pinpoint what it was. After running for so long, she was tired and with Ye Chenyuan walking very steadily with her in his arms, she leaned on his shoulder drowsily. Before falling asleep, she said worriedly.

“Next time……you’re not allowed to get angry at me……otherwise, I’ll really ignore you.”

When Ye Chenyuan heard this, a red glint flashed in his eyes, then he said gently, “It won’t, it won’t happen ever again.”

Yuan Chu nodded, then she soon fell asleep.

What she didn’t know was the reason she had fallen asleep so quickly was because the hand that Ye Chenyuan had on her back was emitting a faint red light.

The sleeping spell. Anyone who is hit by this will not awaken until a day has passed. Yuan Chu had fallen for this because she didn’t have her guard up against Ye Chenyuan.

Ye Chenyuan walked out of the forest, but he wasn’t in a rush to go back. Instead, he placed Yuan Chu below a tree and kneeled down beside her, then he kissed her impatiently.

This time, his kiss was very unbridled. He’d wanted to do this long ago, from the moment she appeared, he had wanted to do this.

He had been suppressing it the whole time, but he knew that if he didn’t kiss her, he’d go insane. He’d definitely go insane! Only her sweetness can save him, he didn’t want much, he wanted just one kiss!

The moon slowly climbed up the treetops as Yuan Chu sat beneath them, unconscious to the kiss.

When Ye Chenyuan saw that her lips were swollen, he didn’t let her off and instead nibbled on them again and again, as if he’d be able to release the evil aura in his heart if he did this……

“Master, master……”

He kept calling for her as he kissed her, his unbridled obsession overflowed from his lips.

“Don’t ever leave me alright? ……I cannot do without you, I can’t!”

“You’re mine……you’ll definitely be mine!”

But Yuan Chu’s eyes were closed and she was unaware of everything that was happening.

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