TDCM Chapter 181: Infatuated With Her

But who knew that after learning all these, Ye Chenyuan would not only beat Mu Qinghan up, he’d even gotten angry at her! He didn’t even hear her out!

Great! This friendship was now over and all her efforts had been in vain. Not only did she not receive any thanks for her hard work, but she’d even been ignored, hmph! This traitorous disciple!

The reason why he’d gotten angry at her was definitely because she was constantly causing trouble and always hurting herself so he had gotten fed up with looking after her.

The saying that “No child is patient enough to take care of his sick parents for a long time” was right indeed!

She wants to go home, she wants to return to the Immortal Sect, she didn’t want to bother herself with him anymore.

Ye Chenyuan was burning with anxiety. He’d only gotten so angry previously because he thought that master liked Mu Qinghan.

And Mu Qinghan had said that he would marry master. His confident attitude misled him to believe that they’d already made their vows to be together during the five hundred days in the mystic realm.

He’d been too foolish. Master couldn’t even sense his feelings so how could she be attracted to Mu Qinghan? He’d fallen to the devil, he should’ve listened to master’s explanation.

But where was master right now? Could she have……returned to the Immortal Sect in a fit of anger?

At this thought, Ye Chenyuan felt empty inside and he shouted her name like a madman as he searched the forest.

When she heard Ye Chenyuan approaching, Yuan Chu’s anger surged. Why had that rascal come, she didn’t want to see him!

So she hid herself and covered her ears with both hands so that she wouldn’t have to hear his urgent calls.

Hmph, doesn’t he dislike that she was always causing trouble and worrying him? She disliked that he was overbearing and unreasonable!

She was sitting in the trees and her aura had practically merged with the tree’s. Anyway, she’d decided to return after calming down. It definitely wasn’t because she was worried about Ye Chenyuan that she wasn’t leaving just yet. She just……wanted to see him looking all anxious.

Who told him to get angry at her, who told him not to listen to her explanation, serves him right! She’ll sit here and gloat!

Meanwhile, Ye Chenyuan was really about to go crazy from worry.

At the thought that Yuan Chu would ignore him in the future, that she’d avoid him, that he might not be able to see her anymore, he felt like his heart was being squeezed by a formless hand and he couldn’t breathe.

As if they were alive, the trees in front of him were constantly moving, such that he couldn’t see or hear anything. He looked all around him with crimson red eyes but he couldn’t see any sign of her.


His voice was hoarse and the band tying up his hair had unravelled at some point. His neat hair had tumbled down and was moving restlessly.

Yuan Chu was not far from where Ye Chenyuan was and when she heard him calling out to her, she felt a tug on her heart but she didn’t reveal herself.

Hmph, if he doesn’t apologise, she won’t forgive him!

No, she won’t forgive him even if he apologises!

Just as Ye Chenyuan reached his limits with running, he suddenly stopped. He sensed that Yuan Chu seemed to be nearby but he was worried that that was merely a figment of his imagination created by his obsession and that she’d actually already left.

Under the pressure of the heartache and anxiety, he suddenly felt dizzy and reached out to support himself against a tree beside him. He pressed his other hand on his forehead, feeling very unwell.

For three days, he had used his mind to flip through the books in the book hall and with the sudden fluctuations in his mood today, his body was now unable to bear it.

“Master……” He couldn’t stop, for all he knew, master was just right in front waiting for him to go and apologise! Then he’d be able to bring her home!

So he took two breaths of air and continued forward. He didn’t dare to fly on his sword because he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to see her with the trees blocking his view so he only dared to rush forward or teleport but still, he didn’t see any sign of her.

Yuan Chu was feeling a little sad. Had she gone overboard? Afterall, Ye Chenyuan must’ve only gotten so angry because she had injured herself whilst saving someone else. When it came down to it, he had only gotten a little moody because he was feeling indignant for her……she was already so old, how could she argue like that with a child?

But when she recalled Ye Chenyuan’s resolute back and his attitude in refusing to listen to her explanation, Yuan Chu puffed up her cheeks. She won’t be softhearted! It had been a long time since she returned to Myriad Sword Sect, she wanted to go home!

But it was at this moment that Ye Chenyuan suddenly fell down.

Yuan Chu tensed. Just as she was about to come out, she recalled that Ye Chenyuan was already a Golden Core right now, falling down……he can just fall! She wasn’t feeling the slightest bit of heartache at all, this traitorous disciple, whoever wants him can have him!

Ye Chenyuan had sensed her momentary nervousness but he thought that it was his imagination so he only looked around him before closing his eyes……

He covered his head, his forehead forming a “川” as he felt like his head was about to explode. He tried to stand, but he was unable to do so even after a few tries.

Night had fallen and his struggle to get to his feet made Yuan Chu feel like even breathing was difficult. That was the pain that was transmitting from Ye Chenyuan. He was in pain. She could feel it even with the distance between them.

Should she go out……or not?


Yuan Chu held her breath as she listened. Without realising it, her hand had dug into the tree as she frowned.

“Master, I’m sorry.”

Yuan Chu bit her lower lip conflictedly. She was feeling even more indecisive.

Ye Chenyuan wanted to listen to the movements in his surroundings but he was in too much pain. His heart was hurting so much that it felt numb and he could no longer distinguish his surroundings. But at the thought that he absolutely couldn’t lose Yuan Chu, he gritted his teeth and stood up.

Because his body was weak, he stabbed himself with a dagger.

Yuan Chu wanted to stop him but it was too late. After that stab entered his body, the pain seemed to have given Ye Chenyuan a bit more strength and he stood up unsteadily, looking forward as he gritted his teeth.

“Wait for me……” I can’t, I can’t lose you!

I absolutely cannot lose you!

This obsession pushed Ye Chenyuan forward. Yuan Chu recovered from her shock only to see Ye Chenyuan stumble and fall again. Without a second thought, she rushed over to support him and in the next second, she was in Ye Chenyuan’s arms. He embraced her very tightly.

“Master? Master?!” Ye Chenyuan thought that he was dreaming. Master was still here, she hadn’t left yet? That’s really great! That’s great!

His hands tightened around her uncertainly, “Master, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have refused to listen to your explanation, master……you can’t leave me!”

Yuan Chu was also troubled to see him like this, but she still said sullenly, “It’s clearly you……who didn’t want me anymore……”

“Never!” Ye Chenyuan bent over to hug her, saying without the slightest hesitation, “Even if I die, I’ll never not want you……master, don’t leave me, I beg you……”

Yuan Chu’s eyes widened with shock at the word “beg” but then, she suddenly felt a pain in her neck.

She wanted to push Ye Chenyuan away but his hand was like an iron arm that circled around her tightly.

Amidst his messy hair, Ye Chenyuan’s eyes were alarmingly bright. He bit down firmly on Yuan Chu’s neck and as the blood seeped out, there was a flash of red, then Yuan Chu felt something extra in her sea of consciousness……

Blood Mark, Ye Chenyuan had actually used the Blood Mark on her!

Firstly, Vampire Yuan Yuan 😂
Secondly, the ‘tree’ in ‘corrosion tree’ / ‘bloodthirsty tree’ will be changed to ‘witherbark’.
The word is actually ‘枯木’, which means ‘dead tree’, but because its referred to just ‘枯木’ a lot in a later chapter, it seems strange to say that Yuan Chu has an entire ‘tree’ on her hand. Manhua version also calls it ‘witherbark’, which according to google isn’t an actual word, but I think it’s close enough to ‘dried tree’. Earlier chapters will be changed when I have the time.

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  1. and when Ye Chenyuan finds out she was kissed on the cheek by another person?…(´⊙ω⊙`)

    I said I wanted to see his reaction earlier but now I don’t even want to think about it.

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