TDCM Chapter 180: Argument

Yuan Chu: “……”

She restrained her anger, “Alright, you can get lost now.”

Venerable Li laughed and said, “Don’t, I’ve never seen Little Yuan that angry before. After learning that your injury was due to Mu Qinghan, he was so angry that he was practically about to blow apart that book hall. He wouldn’t listen no matter how I called for him in his sea of consciousness. He really cares about you.”

Yuan Chu suddenly felt very guilty, “I got it……go out and help us to keep watch, he was showing some signs of Qi deviating just now, I’ll help him guide his chaotic spiritual energy.”

Venerable Li nodded and went out.

Yuan Chu climbed onto the bed. Looking at Ye Chenyuan who was still frowning even in his unconscious state, she reached out, and her thin and slender hand turned into a white and tender chubby hand.

She touched his forehead lightly and sighed, then a white light appeared from her fingertips and enveloped Ye Chenyuan. A moment later, Ye Chenyuan finally regained consciousness.

Having just woken up, he didn’t know what had happened, but when he recalled what Mu Qinghan had said, he clenched his fists unhappily.

He glanced at Yuan Chu who was kneeling beside him and he shut his eyes tightly.

Yuan Chu was happy to see that he had awoken, but when he shut his eyes again, she panicked and cautiously gave him a poke……

“Little Yuan Yuan, I hadn’t kept it from you on purpose……”

Yuan Chu wouldn’t have lied if she’d known earlier. From the start, she had already felt that if Ye Chenyuan knew the truth about her injury, he wouldn’t let Mu Qinghan off.

But even though she hadn’t told him, he had still found out. He would definitely be even angrier right now.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan was ignoring her, Yuan Chu’s voice became even softer and she apologised with a good attitude.

“……You’d previously told me not to meddle in other people’s business but I’d still done so. I was afraid that you’d get angry with me so I……I……”

Ye Chenyuan opened his eyes and sat up. He looked at Yuan Chu as he said earnestly.

“Master, did you lie because you were afraid that I’d scold you or did you not dare to tell me because you had risked your life to save someone else.”

Yuan Chu looked at him and blinked sadly, “I……”

Looking at her reaction, Ye Chenyuan realised what the answer was. A wry smile appeared on his face and his eyes that were fixed on her turned slightly red.

“I got it……”

He leaned back slightly, as if to distance himself from her.

“You knew how powerful the bloodthirsty tree was but you still saved him, correct?”

With the thought that she couldn’t tell him any more lies, Yuan Chu nodded her head lightly.

Her honestly was the biggest blow to Ye Chenyuan.

The question “Do you like him” rose to his lip but he didn’t dare to voice it. Then he turned to sit with his back towards her and closed his eyes as he said.

“Master, please leave. I want to be by myself for a little while.”

Yuan Chu panicked, “I……I can explain……”

Ye Chenyuan cut her off coldly, “But I don’t want to hear it.”

Yuan Chu reached a hand towards his back in slight disbelief as she said, “Actually, I’d done it for your sake……”

“For my sake?” Ye Chenyuan sneered, then he laughed out loud, feeling like his heart had been ripped into two. Master had risked her life to save another man but it was actually for his sake?

“Enough!” His hands that were on his knees shook slightly, then they clenched into fists.

He didn’t want to know……after all, he just needed some time to reconcile with this and he’ll still love her like before. He just needed some time, he needed some time.

He had cut her off twice. Looking at that resolute back, Yuan Chu’s eyes immediately turned red.

She pursed her lips, doing her best to stop the tears from falling as she said grudgingly.

“You don’t want me to say it, but I want to say it! I’d done it for your sake! That’s the truth!”

Jumping off the bed, she shouted huffily at Ye Chenyuan’s back, “He’s Ji Dao auction house’s young master, his wealth is equivalent to that of an entire nation’s and even the Crown Prince will have to show him some courtesy! I was thinking that he’s a good person, and by saving him, I can repay the kindness he has shown me and more importantly, I hope to borrow his authority to help you defeat that imperial grandson!”

“I knew that the bloodthirsty tree was powerful but I’d still saved him. To be able to send a greater perfection Nascent Soul assassin, the Empire must’ve been involved in it somehow. We might even have a common enemy! I don’t have any power in the Empire and didn’t want to see you fighting alone so I’d only wanted to help you a little, why are you angry with me!”

She wiped her tears roughly with the back of her hand as she sobbed, “……I got it! You think that I’m useless and only know how to cause trouble and create difficulties for you. You can go and find a master that doesn’t cause you trouble! I don’t want you as my disciple either!”

After saying these, she burst through the door and ran out. Ye Chenyuan didn’t expect that Yuan Chu saving Mu Qinghan wasn’t because she liked him but that there was actually such a profound reason behind it.

He didn’t expect Yuan Chu to have thought so far ahead. She’d actually, really done it for his sake!

But before he could say anything, Yuan Chu had already run off crying. Ye Chenyuan was alarmed and quickly jumped off the bed to chase after her. Venerable Li was puzzled when he saw him, “What’s wrong with you, why did you make your master cry again?”

Ye Chenyuan asked frantically, “Where’s master? Which direction did she run off in?”

Venerable Li had only just pointed in a direction, then Ye Chenyuan disappeared. Venerable Li shouted angrily.

“You have to let me return to the Sky Pearl first, right……”

Unfortunately, Ye Chenyuan was nowhere to be found.

“Heartless things, why are they all so vexing? Don’t they know that it’s dangerous for a soul like me to stay outside?” Venerable Li muttered sadly.

After running out, Yuan Chu felt even more wronged the more she thought about it……

She had long wanted to help Ye Chenyuan……ever since arriving at the Empire, she’d felt that she was pretty useless. She was neither the strongest nor did she have power. Ye Chenyuan had only decided to challenge the imposter imperial grandson because of what she’d said, she just wanted to do something for him……

So she had saved Mu Qinghan. First, was because she didn’t want such a good person to meet with such a horrible end, and second, was to win his gratitude by doing him a favour.

After all, Mu Qinghan wasn’t an ingrate and if she helped him, he’ll definitely be able to help Ye Chenyuan in the future.

Initially, she had only wanted to help Mu Qinghan avoid the disaster but in that moment of imminent peril, she didn’t have time to think things through. She had thought that her martial technique would be able to block the bloodthirsty tree……but it didn’t. That wasn’t Mu Qinghan’s fault.

Since the bloodthirsty tree was already in her body, what else could she do besides resigning herself……

Facts had proven that she hadn’t saved Mu Qinghan in vain. He attached importance to others’ kindness and had looked after her in the mystic realm.

Besides, a life for a life, and Mu Qinghan had previously exhausted his soul force to save her so she felt that they didn’t owe each other anymore. In order to maintain this friendship and receive his help in the future, she couldn’t let Ye Chenyuan take his anger out on him……which was why she had decided not to speak about it altogether.

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