TDCM Chapter 178: She Saved Me

But who knew that Mu Qinghan and the rest would insist that they didn’t know that additional girl. After all, Yuan Chu had already let them know beforehand that she would come out when it was time and they only had to say that they didn’t know her.

Before the academy could try to persuade them further, Mu Qinghan told them an even bigger news with a sneer on his face. Someone had been hiding in the mystic realm to assassinate him and he’d almost died.

Yuan Shui and Yuan Huo could vouch for this. Moreover, they had brought out with them the dead body of the person in black that had lost its Nascent Soul. All that’s left right now is to see how the academy planned to explain things.

The academy was suddenly in a terrible fix.

Without even mentioning Mu Qinghan’s identity, just the fact that an outsider had sneaked into their small mystic realm was a huge matter.

Therefore, all the Elite Chamber members were gathered for questioning. This entire process was conducted behind sealed doors and no one was allowed to make any inquiries about it. They had to find out how that person who had attempted an assassination on Mu Qinghan had entered the mystic realm.

Meanwhile, Gu Qingke was feeling very anxious.

That was because she couldn’t make any inquiries right now, so she didn’t know whether that girl had died or why they were being questioned like that. She felt very uneasy.

The only thing she could confirm was that the matter regarding the switched tokens had been discovered because her master, the second elder had been called in by the academy.

D*mn it, it was clearly just a small matter. As long as that girl died, everything would be fine. Now that this had been found out, does it mean that that girl wasn’t dead yet?

She quickly called Su Heyue over. Upon seeing her, Gu Qingke asked impatiently, “What do we do? The matter of us secretly switching the token seems to have been found out!”

Su Heyue turned pale with fright.

“How could that be? I-Is that b*tch dead?”

Gu Qingke shook her head, “I don’t know……the Elite Chamber members are all at the disciplinary department right now and they’ve cordoned off that area so I’m unable to enter. As the investigation continues, they might soon find out that it was me, what should I do?”

Su Heyue was pale when she heard this, but when she saw the panicked Gu Qingke, she said earnestly, “Sister Gu, don’t worry. If something really happens, I’ll assume all responsibility. At most I’ll just drop out of school, I won’t attend school anymore!”

With this, Gu Qingke was much more relieved, but she wasn’t the kind of person to sit still and resign herself to fate so she said in a low voice.

“Heyue, don’t worry. I……I’ll try not to let them find out about me in their investigations, but if that doesn’t work, I’ll look for Uncle Gu.”

Hearing this, Su Heyue looked at her gratefully, “Sister Gu! You’re the best!”

Gu Qingke heaved a sigh with a worried look in her eyes.

“Now that things have come to this, I’m only trying to save myself. I only hope that I’ll be able to avoid this.”


Ye Chenyuan had also heard that the academy was investigating and he knitted his brows. He wasn’t optimistic about it.

For the person who switched the tokens to have been able to get their hands on the special level mystic realm token, their status wouldn’t be low. They might not be able to find the person like that.

However, he didn’t have time to look into this matter right now. He was more worried about the corrosion tree in master’s hand and because of this, he hadn’t slept a wink last night before coming to the book hall the next morning. All the academy’s books were here.

When Ye Chenyuan went in, the supervisor had taken a look at his identity token before telling him, “Outer academy students can only visit up till the third floor, you cannot go above the third floor.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head. Perhaps he’d be able to find what he wanted among the first three floors.

After three consecutive days, he ended up empty-handed.

Besides returning to cook for master, he was always at the book hall, and in order to speed up the process, he didn’t read the books normally but by using mystic mind. He only had to close his eyes and look at it using x-ray vision once and the book’s general content will be engraved in his mind.

It’s just that this method was too harmful to the mind so people didn’t usually use it.

Finally, Ye Chenyuan finished going through all the books in all three floors but he didn’t find any answers. He looked up at the upper floors. This book hall had a total of nine floors, perhaps he might be able to find accounts regarding the bloodthirsty tree up there.

Meanwhile, the Elite Chamber members had already been let out by the academy, all except for a student named Li Xuanzhi. It was said that there had been a mistake with his token and an outer academy student’s token.

The matter of the assassin that had sneaked in was still under investigation. The academy suspected that one of the Elite Chamber members had brought along some type of storage space and brought that person in. However, because the assassin was already dead, the investigation reached a dead end.

All of a sudden, Mu Qinghan had many more people around him to protect him. After learning that Mu Qinghan was almost killed by someone in the mystic realm, his parents were furious and demanded an explanation from the academy.

So, with the investigation on the assassin still ongoing and the matter of the switched tokens having been quietly covered up, Mu Qinghan thought: What would Yuan Chu do?

Just as he was thinking this, he ran into Ye Chenyuan in the book hall.

Ye Chenyuan approached the person that was supervising the book hall, “Excuse me teacher, how can I enter the upper floors?”

The supervising teacher said, “If you can become an inner academy student, you’ll have access to the collection of books that are on the fourth to eighth floor. If you can become a member of the Elite Chamber, you’ll be allowed to enter the ninth floor.”

Ye Chenyuan knitted his brows. He didn’t think that there’d be restrictions on his status when he was just searching for a book.

He said, “What’s the fastest way to become an inner academy student?”

The teacher shook his head, “Either an elder accepts you as a disciple or you take part in the inner academy exam. Apart from these, there isn’t any other way.”

Ye Chenyuan’s frown deepened.

It was at this moment that a cold voice travelled over.

“Let him enter.”

The teacher raised his head, only to realise that it was Mu Qinghan. He said rather conflictedly, “But……”

Mu Qinghan said, “If the academy questions you, just push the blame onto me.”

He had an indifferent expression on his face, looking very unconcerned.

He had certain privileges within the academy because his identity was special but he hadn’t used these privileges before because he disdained doing so, being someone who was capable. But right now, when he thought of Yuan Chu’s hand, Mu Qinghan felt rather guilty when he faced Ye Chenyuan.

Because he now knew that Ye Chenyuan was Yuan Chu’s disciple, the person she had grown up with.

Ye Chenyuan didn’t know why Mu Qinghan was helping him, but he won’t decline it right now.

“Many thanks to senior for your help!”

Mu Qinghan gave him a nod. After the teacher let them pass, he followed Ye Chenyuan to the fourth floor. There weren’t many people in the book hall at the moment and it looked deserted. After sweeping his gaze through the area, Mu Qinghan abruptly asked.

“You’re also here for Little Chu’s hand right?”

Ye Chenyuan who had originally been showing a distant attitude, suddenly narrowed his eyes, “How do you know her name?”

When he thought of something, his expression turned uglier, “Her hand, does it have something to do with you?”

Mu Qinghan’s expression was full of guilt when he heard this, “I’m sorry……that bloodthirsty tree should’ve been in my body, Yuan Chu……had saved me.”

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  1. tbh idk why Su & Gu thought this plan would work??

    Also is this part a mistake? “Mu Qinghan felt rather guilty when he faced Mu Qinghan” Either way, thanks for the translation! 🙂


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