TDCM Chapter 177: Poking His Forehead

Everything has a weakness, this thing must have it too.

But Venerable Li shook his head, “No one knows what its natural enemy is. Before it enters a body, it can still be destroyed, but after it has entered a body, the only way to remove it completely is to enter the Transformation Pool.”

He frowned as he let out a sigh, “But once you enter the Transformation Pool, we don’t know whether you’ll live or die. The Transformation Pool has the function of dispelling karmic consequences and past impurities. However, I’ve never heard of anyone walking out of the Transformation Pool alive. To obtain a new life, one will have to experience great suffering that most people won’t be able to endure.”

Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu when he heard this, and Yuan Chu also looked at Ye Chenyuan dazedly with mixed feelings in her eyes.

In fact, she’d already had this faint feeling, because if there was any other choice, Mu Qinghan wouldn’t have been forced to seek a new life at the Transformation Pool in her last life……

She hadn’t given it too much thought when saving him at that time. She had thought that with her Vajra Shield, this thing wouldn’t have been able to bore into her body, but who knew that……it was actually so strong?

Venerable Li silently returned to Ye Chenyuan’s sea of consciousness after telling them about all these. When Ye Chenyuan saw Yuan Chu’s rather pale face, he endured the violent emotions in his heart and gently comforted her.

“Don’t be afraid master, there’s many things in this world and they all mutually enhance and inhibit each other. I’ll definitely be able to find something that inhibits this thing……don’t worry, I’m here.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu grabbed his lapels fearfully, “Little Yuan, will I end up having to go to the Transformation Pool?”

That place will completely melt away one’s body before recasting the body, returning them to their peak.

However, in the past, many people who were near the end of their lives had entered the Transformation Pool to reconstruct their bodies but every single one of them had failed.

How could a human……endure the pain of their flesh melting away bit by bit?

Ye Chenyuan hugged her even tighter.

“I won’t let you enter the Transformation Pool, I promise! Master, don’t be afraid……be good, don’t be afraid……”

Right now, he wasn’t in the mood to scold Yuan Chu anymore. Master wouldn’t have done this on purpose, and he only hated the person who had switched master’s token.

If she had been by his side, he wouldn’t have let her go through this kind of pain even if it costs him his life. Who was it that had wanted to harm her like that?!

Yuan Chu was in low spirits. It seems like she had thought of everything too optimistically. She had also thought that everything in this world would have its weakness, so the corrosion tree and what not, there must be a way.

However, Venerable Li’s words had given her a huge blow. Something that was so difficult to remove, would she also have to walk down the path that Mu Qinghan had taken?

Once she had this thought, Yuan Chu immediately shook her head repeatedly.

That won’t happen, all things on earth mutually enhance or inhibit each other. For no one to have succeeded in removing it, it must’ve been because they hadn’t found the correct method. Just because they were unable to find it didn’t mean that she wouldn’t be able to find it. How could she become discouraged right at the start?

At this thought, she pulled herself together, and seeing that Ye Chenyuan was suppressing his anger to comfort her, she felt rather moved. Nestled in his embrace, she suddenly said in a soft voice.

“Actually……while I was in the mystic realm, I had missed you quite a bit.”

Ye Chenyuan’s hand that had been patting her back suddenly paused.

Yuan Chu said with a smile, “You have no idea how bad the food they make tastes! Look, look, I’ve become thinner right?”

Ye Chenyuan looked down at her. Seeing that she’d regained her optimism so quickly, Ye Chenyuan didn’t have the heart to tell her off. However, it was better to see her in high spirits than dispirited. Letting out a faint sigh, he stroked her hair.

“You’ve become thinner, I’ll help you to gain it back.”

Yuan Chu’s sparkling eyes turned into crescent moons!

“Little Yuan Yuan, you’re so good!”

Ye Chenyuan thought to himself: If you really think that I’m so good, why don’t you marry me instead of the current situation where your feelings are closer to familiar love. However, he didn’t have the time to think about these right now. He must remove the hidden danger on master’s body as soon as possible, otherwise he won’t be able to rest or eat in peace.

Seeing Ye Chenyuan in such low spirits, Yuan Chu couldn’t refrain from reaching out to pat his chest.

“Alright~ don’t worry, we still have a lot of time! Don’t be too worried, I can still keep it under control right now.”

In fact, as long as no one used that kind of Qin sounds to catalyse the bloodthirsty tree, she wasn’t worried about it. But Ye Chenyuan grabbed her hand.

Her hand……honestly, even she herself felt afraid when she looked at it because the white fibrous roots looked like white worms that were going to come out of her hand at any moment and bore into someone else’s body.

Unexpectedly, Ye Chenyuan held onto her hand and there was even heartache in his eyes.

“Master, does it hurt?”

Yuan Chu suddenly felt like crying. She was going to act cute and say that it hurt but seeing that Ye Chenyuan was already this upset, she cheered herself up and shook her head as she said, “It doesn’t hurt, I’m used to it.”

Little did she know that the words “used to it” made Ye Chenyuan feel even more distressed.

The number one academy had a book hall, he must find a solution quickly. His master was very afraid of pain, how could he bear to let her continue enduring it. Also, the person who had harmed her must be found quickly.

Ye Chenyuan asked, “Master, how did you sustain this injury?” He had only asked this casually. She had already sustained the injury and it could’ve been caused anything.

But Yuan Chu felt guilty. If Little Yuan Yuan knew that she had only gotten injured because she had meddled in someone else’s business, he would definitely confine her right?!

With this thought, she suddenly let out an “ouch”, frowning as she said, “It hurts!”

Ye Chenyuan panicked and forgot about his question. Yuan Chu should’ve felt guilty seeing him so worried, but she ended up smiling.

Ye Chenyuan had always appeared composed, to the point that he could probably even face others with a smile when Mount Tai was falling on his head. However, his forehead had now creased to form a “川”. Although he still looked very good, this helpless side of his was very rarely seen.

With a smile on her face, she poked Ye Chenyuan’s forehead with a fair and delicate finger.

“Heehee, I was bluffing you! It doesn’t hurt, not at all!”

Ye Chenyuan froze, and Yuan Chu immediately slipped away from his arms, leaving behind a sweet string of laughter, “Little Yuan Yuan, I want to eat eggies, and meat, and spirit juice!”

Ye Chenyuan felt a little angry, but he still ended up smiling indulgingly as he followed Yuan Chu out. Master did look like she had become thinner in this period of time and he will have to make up for it.


Meanwhile, the academy was very shocked by the fact that an additional person had appeared in the small mystic realm.

After all, the small mystic realm was just like a reward to the Elite Chamber students, motivating them to improve themselves. It was a very fair existence, thirty tokens and not one more. If there was an extra person, that could only mean that one Elite Chamber student hadn’t entered.

So the academy sent someone to verify the number of people who had entered the mystic realm, and another to question Mu Qinghan.

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