TDCM Chapter 172: Stealing A Kiss

“Alright!” Yuan Shui nodded, then Yuan Chu vanished.

They sat down to treat their injuries, all feeling a little worried. Why did Student Mu capture the other party’s Nascent Soul? Also, how did she plan to save Young Master Mu?

Yuan Chu entered the jade gourd with the Nascent Soul.

The jade gourd was the only storage space she owned that could contain living things, which was why she had placed Mu Qinghan in here.

The Nascent Soul of the person in black was scared when he saw Mu Qinghan. With the addition of his pitch-black surroundings, he felt even more uneasy.

“Don’t kill me! I have many treasures that can heal the mind, I really do!”

He thought that Yuan Chu wanted to kill him to avenge Mu Qinghan. That was because Mu Qinghan looked half dead, and with his collapsed soul, he definitely could not be saved.

In the darkness, Yuan Chu laughed.

“Who wants to kill you?”

With a wave of her hand, the small space was suddenly covered in red talismans.

Amidst this looming threat, she said with emphasis on every word.

“I intend to eat you!”

Saying this, her hand tightened around the Nascent Soul and it was trapped by the light in her palm.

He started to struggle, but soon realised that he couldn’t free himself at all. Those red rays of light were actually absorbing his Nascent Soul powers. It was only then that he realised what Yuan Chu had meant when she said that she was going to eat him: She really was going to eat him!

“How is this possible! How do you know the demon cultivator’s skills! Could it be that……you’re a demon cultivator?”

Yuan Chu smiled wordlessly. She couldn’t wait any longer because Mu Qinghan’s breathing was getting weaker so she immediately activated the spell.

The array around her immediately lit up, turning into countless red rings that covered the Nascent Soul in multiple layers.

She had spent two days putting up this array, and it was all for this moment.

If the person in black had any treasures that could repair the mind, he would’ve already eaten it himself. Would he have left it till now?

Hence, Yuan Chu had no intention of believing his nonsense and was planning to sacrifice his Nascent Soul right away. One must know that Nascent Souls were great supplements that could replenish the mind.

The stronger the person in black was, the better of a supplement his Nascent Soul would be.

Once the array was activated, his endless screams sounded amidst the faint red ghost fire. Then, his screams became weaker and weaker until he eventually turned into countless red threads that made their way into Yuan Chu’s body.

Yuan Chu sat cross legged in the array and she opened her eyes when the red threads were fully absorbed by her body. There was a red light floating in her eyes and that bit of red made her face appear all the more bewitching, like a true peerless beauty.

She got up and walked to Mu Qinghan’s side before slowly getting down on one knee.

“Mu Qinghan, a life for a life, old scores are settled.”

Saying this, she bent over at the waist and lowered her head, stopping a centimetre from Mu Qinghan’s lips. Opening her mouth, a white mist-like thing entered Mu Qinghan’s mouth and his pale face regained some semblance of life.

The Nascent Soul had been red when Yuan Chu had “eaten” it because it had been full of resentment.

The soul force she poured out was white because she had purified it with her own body. In this way, she hoped to repay Mu Qinghan’s kindness.

The person in black was a late stage greater perfection Nascent Soul so Yuan Chu needed quite a lot of time to digest him. Cold sweat formed on her forehead as Mu Qinghan’s breathing became stronger and stronger.

Finally, Mu Qinghan opened his eyes.

He was startled to see that he was in a pitch-black space with bloody talismans seals hovering all around him. Before he could move, Yuan Chu pressed him down.

She turned over and sat on top of Mu Qinghan’s body to keep him down, then she continued to channel the soul force to him. They were very close, to the point that Mu Qinghan could smell the faint milky fragrance on Yuan Chu’s body.

What was Yuan Chu doing?

Had she perhaps used some kind of secret method to save him? He didn’t know that soul force could be transmitted like that. Whose soul force was she channelling to him?!

Afraid that this was Yuan Chu’s own soul force, he started struggling. Yuan Chu was feeling rather impatient, and because the evil aura had yet to fully dissipate, it made her quite irritable. Mu Qinghan’s heart was pounding when he saw that her eyes had a red glint to them. Then with one hand, Yuan Chu pinned both his hands above his head.

“Don’t move.” She had spoken these two words with great difficulty. She had to concentrate otherwise she might suffer a Qi deviation. So, she didn’t say anything else and held onto Mu Qinghan’s chin with her other hand, forcing his mouth open.

She lowered her head and the white soul force was transmitted to him again. At this moment, they were so close that they were almost kissing.

With Yuan Chu sitting on top of him while her other hand was restraining him, this ambiguous position made Mu Qinghan’s heart pound.

Yuan Chu……

He looked into Yuan Chu’s eyes, only to realise that Yuan Chu was also looking at him. Mu Qinghan was enchanted by the bewitching red that was amidst the pitch-black. His struggling gradually lessened, as if his strength had been drained by her gaze.

Feeling the closeness between their bodies, Mu Qinghan only had one thought in his dazed state: It’ll be great if they could stay here!

Yuan Chu……had never been so close to him before.

Besides……he looked at Yuan Chu.

Right now, he’ll get to kiss her if he only just raised his head slightly. Once he had this thought, it started spreading like weeds.

He felt very sinful when he recalled Yuan Chu’s actual age but that feeling faded when he looked at the teen girl in front of him.

He’ll just……give her one kiss. If there was a next time, he’d still be willing to die for her, but the next time it happened, he didn’t want to have any regrets in his heart because he didn’t even get to kiss the girl he liked……

This thought gave Mu Qinghan courage and he made up his mind to have just one kiss.

Slowly, his breathing sped up and his body tensed. It was like……he was going to steal something, something that he wanted really badly.

Yuan Chu didn’t notice these changes in Mu Qinghan. The process of digesting a Nascent Soul was very dangerous and there was no room for error.

Mu Qinghan raised his head slightly. His heart was beating extremely quickly. Just a little higher and he’d kiss her, just a little……

Finally, he closed his eyes and gathered the courage to raise his head. It was at this moment that Yuan Chu suddenly moved, so his kiss landed on the side of Yuan Chu’s mouth.

Yuan Chu froze and looked at him dazedly. Since she was done channelling the soul force, she got up and asked, “How are you feeling?”

Mu Qinghan’s handsome face immediately flushed red. What was he doing? He was actually thinking of taking advantage of her precarious position?!

Mu Qinghan sat up flusteredly. He didn’t know whether he was feeling regret or nervousness, but he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Yuan Chu had disregarded it, perhaps thinking that he had been flailing about and had accidentally touched her face.

After his rationality returned, it was quite a while later that he asked in a soft voice, “What did you feed me? Why do I feel like my drained soul force has been replenished?”

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