TDCM Chapter 171: Nascent Soul Real Body

“It’s you……” the person in black gritted his teeth, “I didn’t go looking for you but you actually dared to come here. Did you think that a mid stage Nascent Soul like yourself, with the help of three early stage Golden Cores will be a match for me? Dream on!”

Yuan Chu looked at him and scoffed, “I like guys like you that still like to talk big when you’re at death’s door. If it were any other time, I might not dare to do so, but a few days ago, you’ve just used up a lot of soul force and you’ve yet to replenish it right? It’s uncertain who will emerge victorious!”

Seeing that Yuan Chu knew about his condition, the person in black panicked and immediately formed an array with both hands.

“Hell’s Ghost Flame!”

A green ghost fire suddenly appeared around him. The ghost fire melted away the tough spider webs.

Yuan Shui and the other two exchanged looks before they quickly changed the array. Yuan Chu only sneered as she brought out a sword.

The sword was emitting a dazzling gleam. It was the sword that Myriad Sword Sect had presented to her when she first formed her Nascent Soul, the Frost Sword!

Seeing this, the person in black hastened the ghost fire’s speed. Yuan Chu took the risk of getting caught up in his ghost fire and closed in on him. The instant he freed himself from the web of threads, she cut off one of his hands.

The person in black let out a blood-curdling scream and immediately tried to staunch the bleeding, staring at Yuan Chu hatefully.

“I’ll kill you!”

Saying this, a Qin appeared beside him and he started playing it with one hand. Yuan Chu’s left hand immediately started hurting.

Yuan Shui and the other two quickly used the Thousand Threads Array to interfere with the person in black. Every time the person in black wanted to kill them, he’d be trapped by the Thousand Threads Array, and when he wanted to continue playing the Qin, the Thousand Threads would try to stop him again.

Both his eyes were red and Yuan Chu didn’t feel very well either.

Enduring a pain so great one would wish that one was dead, she gritted her teeth and made another move towards the person in black. In the twinkle of an eye, they’d exchanged hundreds of blows.

Because the Thousand Threads Array was controlled by Yuan Chu, she wasn’t affected by it but it was different for the person in black. The injuries on his body were multiplying and the Qin’s music rang out more and more frequently.

Yuan Chu was in so much pain that her eyes were crimson red.

Enduring the sharp pain to her mind, she went crazy and attacked him with all her strength. He was forced to retreat again and again, and the moment he accidentally broke a string, Yuan Chu took this chance to cut off his other hand.

The Qin that had been floating in midair immediately fell to the ground.

The person in black let out another horrible shriek, then he glared at Yuan Chu as if he was going to eat her alive.

“D*mn sl*t! Watch me, ghost king body!”

Bursts of black Qi suddenly emerged from his body. This was his ultimate move. In a flash, his body turned a dark gold colour and Yuan Chu quickly got the three to step back before she raised her sword and charged at him.

Layers upon layers of evil aura surrounded her, “Go and die! Hell’s attack!”

As he said this, a black shadow suddenly appeared behind him. With one fist wrapped in ghost fire, it punched towards Yuan Chu.

With this one hit, the surrounding trees rustled and the sky turned dark.

Yuan Chu laughed, “Are we comparing to see who’s stronger?”

Her gaze chilled and her right hand immediately turned a gold colour as she moved to meet his attack.

“When it comes to strength, I’ve never lost!”

The instant the two fists collided, a circle of spiritual energy burst out with them at the centre and the trees in their surroundings instantly broke into two. Sand and stone flew through the air and covered the sky.

The two people within the violent storm of spiritual energy were having a face off.

Faced with the person in black and the black shadow behind him, Yuan Chu appeared small and pitiful. When his evil aura surrounded her, she became like a gold silkworm chrysalis that was standing tall amidst this overwhelming chaos.

“Go and die! Engulf of Darkness!”

Using all his remaining spiritual energy, the person in black unleashed his strongest attack. The moment the dense black engulfed Yuan Chu, her clothes and hair were corroded, but a strange smile appeared on her face.

“If this is all you’ve got, then you can go and die now!”

An intense golden light burst out from her body, cutting the darkness into pieces. The person in black had been certain that Yuan Chu wouldn’t be able to withstand being swallowed up by the darkness but he heard a profound music, then a golden light shot up towards the sky. In that moment, he felt the fear of death.

“Divine Light!”

The golden rays shot down from the sky like sharp arrows. The person in black used all of his spirit tools to block it but none of them were able to stop it.

Every part of his body that the rays shone on would melt. Amidst the dazzling bright light, he didn’t dare to leave things to luck anymore and he quickly prompted his Nascent Soul to leave his body, it was more important for him to save his life!

Thinking of his destroyed body, the Nascent Soul that looked like the person in black said in a shrill voice.

“Wait and see! As long as I’m alive, I’ll make sure that you live a life worse than death!”

Saying this, he turned into a ray of light and escaped.

Yuan Chu had already used up a large amount of energy and wouldn’t be able to catch up to him. Just as he relaxed slightly, he suddenly realised that he’d been caught in an invisible thousand thread net. Looking at it, he realised that at some point in time, the entire sky and earth had been covered by this thin net.

The Thousand Threads Array that he had been trapped in was merely a facade and they’d already put up an inescapable net without him noticing it. With this, he wouldn’t be able to escape even if he had wings.

“Thousand Threads Array, restrain!”

Yuan Shui’s voice travelled over. The other two also helped him with controlling the array. They had all sustained injuries from the aftershocks of the attack. A fight between Nascent Souls wasn’t something that any ordinary person could spectate.

However, they’ve succeeded in their mission. Yuan Chu’s goal was never to trap the person in black but to capture his Nascent Soul so that he wouldn’t have a chance to escape.

Yuan Chu’s hand was no longer hurting and she pressed on the injury on her shoulder with one hand as she walked towards that Nascent Soul with a smirk.

The Nascent Soul was only as large as her fist and looked like a smaller version of the person in black.

Now that he’d been captured, he couldn’t even self-destruct or act overbearingly, so his attitude changed.

“D-Don’t kill me! I can undo the bloodthirsty tree. In the entire Heavenly Continent, only I can undo it! Otherwise, even if you cut off your hand, the tree will still regrow!”

Yuan Chu looked at the fist-sized blood red Nascent Soul in front of her and she said with a sneer.

“If it were any other time, for the sake of this hand, I might have let you live, but who told you to be so bad?”

Yuan Chu reached out to grab the Nascent Soul, her gaze ruthless.

“Because of you, Mu Qinghan’s soul has collapsed. Do you think that you can get away by just undoing the bloodthirsty tree? Aren’t you being too naive?”

“You! What do you want to do?!” The Nascent Soul was trembling. Yuan Chu ignored him, speaking directly to the three people beside her, “Go and treat your injuries. I’ll be back soon, don’t worry.”

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