TDCM Chapter 169: Young Man’s Singing

At the same time, Ye Chenyuan who was far away in another mystic realm opened his eyes restlessly. He could not concentrate on meditating.

Venerable Li couldn’t hold back a retort, “That’s enough! It’s just ten days, can you stop thinking about Little Chu? It’s not like you’re an unweaned baby……”

Of course, Venerable Li had spoken that last line very softly.

Ye Chenyuan knitted his brows, “This is different……I keep feeling like something has happened to her……”

Venerable Li roasted him, “Come on, she’s just left you for a moment and you’re already thinking that something has happened to her. You’ve accepted a master, not adopted a little girl……”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t want to talk to him right now, only wishing that the ten days could pass quickly. However, for some reason, he was feeling increasingly uneasy. If only the dragon egg was still with master, then he’d at least be able to look at her……

Master, nothing must happen to you!

But inevitably, things had turned out contrary to his wishes. This time around, not only had something happened to Yuan Chu, it was even a major matter.

Holding her hand, she rolled from the bed to the ground. None of them could get closer to her because a golden flame was pouring out from her body, seeming like it could melt everything.

Yuan Chu’s right hand was gripping tightly onto her veiny left hand. The lines of raised fibrous roots were wriggling ferociously and the pain was so unbearable that she wished she could cut off her hand.

But she didn’t do so because her rational mind was still intact. A grade six revitalisation pill should be able to restore limbs, but in her last life, Mu Qinghan was forced to go to the Transformation Pool, ending up with nothing remaining of him. From this, it can be seen that the bloodthirsty tree wasn’t as what the person in black had said, that she’d be able to free herself from it if she cut off her hand.

That music was still sounding by her ear and Yuan Chu had no choice but to grit her teeth and say word by word.


A panicked and pale-faced Mu Qinghan was confused when he heard this. Music? He didn’t hear anything!

But since Yuan Chu had already said this, he rummaged through his storage bag and retrieved any spirit tools that could cut off mind interferences, trying them out one after another.

However, even after he’d tried using all the spirit tools, not one of them was able to cut off that music. Whether it was the Sky Mixing Bell or the All Directional Shield, Yuan Chu’s pained expression didn’t disappear. Finally, Mu Qinghan ignored the light golden coloured flame around Yuan Chu and embraced her, feeling distressed.

“Qingge, Qingge, tell me, how can I help you?”

At the thought that he should’ve been the one going through what Yuan Chu was suffering, he felt unbearably guilty. If possible, he wished that the bloodthirsty tree could be in his body.

However, Yuan Chu was trembling in pain and could no longer answer him.

Hong Qiao and the rest were also very worried. Yuan Shui, who was the oldest and most composed among them suddenly said.

“Young Master Mu, if I remember correctly, there’s sonic attack techniques in the martial technique that you’re cultivating, right?”

Hearing this, Mu Qinghan quickly said, “That’s right.”

Yuan Shui quickly retrieved and passed him a jade tile, suggesting, “Perhaps, you can use your sonic attack abilities to break the other party’s musical attack. This is a musical movement that I had come across by chance, it’s said to have calming effects. You can give it a try. It’s just that sound wave techniques will drain your soul force and spiritual energy. If you’re unable to, it’s best that Young Master Mu takes care of yourself and act within your capabilities.”

Mu Qinghan took it, and without a second thought, he placed the jade tile between his brows and with a flash of white light, the music was impressed onto his mind. Feeling that this method might work, he decided to give it a try. He paused, glancing at them.

“All of you, go out.”

Yuan Shui nodded, then he left with his brother Yuan Huo and Hong Qiao. They stayed outside the cave to help shield them with magic.

It wasn’t long before the young man’s voice was heard from inside the cave.

That voice was elegant and delightful with a hint of coldness. Because he was using a martial technique, every line seemed to be ringing directly in their minds.

The young man had probably not sung for someone before, so there was hesitancy in his voice, but it was also very resolute as he continued non-stop.

As Mu Qinghan embraced Yuan Chu, his body was being burned by the pale golden flame. The flame didn’t hurt his flesh but he felt a stabbing pain to his soul. It felt like his soul was being burned in the pits of hell. Were it not for his frozen heart flame’s protection, he would’ve been long dead.

But even so, he endured that unbearable pain and sang every word earnestly, hoping that Yuan Chu would feel a little better.

This Heart Purifying Song was probably written by a woman as the words revealed a kind of gentleness. When Mu Qinghan first started singing, he was so embarrassed that his face turned red, but when he saw that Yuan Chu seemed to be feeling a little better, he was encouraged and started to sing even more earnestly.

He sang that one song over and over again, his initial sluggishness later becoming even more fluent. His elegant voice echoed within the cave unendingly, without even a single pause.

Because he was using this technique, Song of Ice non-stop, his soul force and spiritual energy was being drained and his face paled with every time that he repeated it.

So that there wouldn’t be any interruptions in his singing, he gave up on using medicinal pills and instead chose to use spirit stones to replenish his spiritual energy. It wasn’t long before he was surrounded by spirit stone dust and Yuan Chu’s body also finally stopped trembling.

Her tightly knitted brows gradually relaxed and the gold flame that had been burning Mu Qinghan gradually faded away.

This improvement was good news to Mu Qinghan. He lowered his head to look at her with a gentle expression on his face. It was as if every word was something that he wanted to tell her, and the song hid the young man’s worries.

In a daze, Yuan Chu thought that she heard someone singing. The singing fought against the Qin’s music that had been tormenting her. Although the Qin was even more piercing and stronger than the singing, the singing never stopped and the flow of spiritual energy was very steady. At last, the singing suppressed the Qin’s music, giving her some time to catch her breath.

What she didn’t know was that in order to defeat the Qin’s music, Mu Qinghan didn’t heed Yuan Shui’s advice to act within his own capabilities and instead, he put his all and fought to the bitter end.

He had now exhausted his soul force, and it can even be said that he had used his life to sing this song. Behind every gentle note was the flowing of blood.

Somewhere in the mystic realm, the person in black who was playing the Qin suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. The Qin’s strings were covered in blood, he had lost the battle.

He didn’t know who had used a sonic attack technique to suppress his sonic attack. He was clearly stronger than that person, but that person was more persistent than himself.

He had been playing the Qin for a few hours without letting up, until right now when he could no longer bear it, but his opponent’s singing still went on.

This was d*mn annoying, he had planned to force that girl to cut off her own hand. That way, he’d easily have the upper hand the next time he made his move. Who knew that someone would help her out in such a reckless manner?

He had previously lied to Mu Qinghan when he said that he’d only be able to free himself from the corrosion tree if he cut off his limbs. That was a lie because once the corrosion tree entered his body, it’ll not only bind itself to his body, it’ll also tie itself to his soul.

Once Yuan Chu cuts off her hand, it’ll trigger the corrosion tree’s skill, creating a fatal backlash.

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