TDCM Chapter 168: Planning A Counterattack

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “When I was younger, I had read an account of someone grafting someone else’s bloodline onto their own body. I’m guessing that that’s what the imperial grandson plans to do.”

Venerable Li replied, “If that’s the case, then isn’t that person too sinister!”

Ye Chenyuan only laughed lightly, there was a chill in his exquisite phoenix eyes.

“Whatever the case, I won’t let him have his way.”

Whether it was for his own or for Yuan Chu’s sake, he didn’t want a hidden enemy that could jump out to bite them at any moment.

Looks like it’s time for him to meet that imperial grandson.


Meanwhile. Yuan Chu had to firmly express her determination to work hard at cultivating before she managed to stop Mu Qinghan from cooking again. To divert his attention, Yuan Chu even gave him a few pointers that benefited him.

Seeing that Mu Qinghan was persistently training with his sword, Yuan Chu heaved a huge sigh of relief. As long as he didn’t mistreat the little beasts, she was still very at ease.

Oh dear……she was too kind indeed, she couldn’t even bear to take an animal’s life now.

Mu Qinghan was training with his sword when he looked up and saw Yuan Chu sitting on a branch, bored stiff. Unlike what she’d said, she didn’t concentrate on cultivating but instead, her entire person was exuding a kind of laziness, just like a cat that only liked to take naps under the sun everyday.

Right now, she was wearing a delicate pink dress with her hair draped over her shoulders as she leaned against the tree trunk. Seeing that Mu Qinghan was looking in her direction, she instinctively smiled back at him.

Sunlight passed through gaps in the foliage and shone on her fair face. The swaying sunlight was just like Mu Qinghan’s that had suddenly become restless.

What should he do……he seems to have fallen for Yuan Chu even more……

But when he recalled her age and her cultivation, and the fact that he was weaker than her, Mu Qinghan gritted his teeth and continued training with his sword. He had to work even harder, only then would he be worthy of telling her those words again.

It’s too bad that happy times are always short. On this day, three uninvited guests suddenly barged in, and they were the three people that Yuan Chu had met previously.

“Mu Qinghan? You’re alright? That’s great!”

That day, they had followed behind Yuan Chu with the intention of helping out, but because Yuan Chu had been in a rush to save a life, she had ran very quickly and that speed wasn’t something that they could catch up with, so they’d lost her trail.

But unexpectedly, they ran into her today. This was fate!

It’s a pity that Mu Qinghan didn’t like this kind of fate at all. Once he saw these outsiders, his expression became cold and distant as he started trying to figure out how he could get them to leave.

Having heard their movement, Yuan Chu had already turned back into Mu Qingge’s appearance by the time she came out of the cave, “Cousin, we have guests?”

Mu Qinghan wasn’t quite used to Yuan Chu’s transformed appearance and he felt that her original appearance looked better than her current appearance.

“Ah, it’s you!” Hong Qiao ran over and said excitedly, “You must’ve saved Student Mu right? You’re so amazing!”

Yuan Chu was very modest, “He’s my cousin, of course I have to go all out to save him.”

Mu Qinghan abruptly said, “If there’s nothing else, you can leave. Because I’ve suffered severe injuries, I do not intend to hunt for spirit beasts during this period of time in the mystic realm, and in order not to hold all of you back from cultivating, it’s best that we say our goodbyes here.”

Saying this, he moved to bring Yuan Chu back.

The three people looked at each other. Why do they feel like Young Master Mu didn’t really like them? They must’ve imagined it, Young Master Mu was cold to everyone.

However, who could’ve thought that Yuan Chu would be unwilling, “Hold on, hold on, it’s just nice with them here. I have a plan……”

Mu Qinghan was unhappy. What’s nice about having them around? Wasn’t it nice with just the both of them?

Yuan Chu leaned towards him and spoke into his ear, “Cousin, have you forgotten? The person in black from before is still in the mystic realm. Instead of waiting for him to come and find us, why don’t we kill him off first!”

At the mention of the person in black, the image of Yuan Chu fighting bravely to save him appeared in front of Mu Qinghan’s eyes again. Feeling his heart throb, he said earnestly.

“Don’t go! After we leave this place, I’ll definitely think of a way to help you remove the bloodthirsty tree, but not while we’re in the mystic realm……I have a magic treasure that can cut off our aura so that he won’t be able to find us. I don’t want you to take this risk for my sake.”

Once he leaves this place, that person won’t be anything to fear, so he didn’t want Yuan Chu to endanger herself again.

But Yuan Chu said resolutely, “Don’t worry, I wasn’t quite certain before, but with the addition of these three people, it’ll be enough. This time around, I’m 80% sure that I’ll be able to kill that fellow. Cousin, I know that you’re worried about me, but it’ll be alright, I promise!”

After the brother and sister pair discussed this in whispers, Mu Qinghan ended up giving in to Yuan Chu.

Yuan Chu told them that she knew of a type of array, that with the cooperation of four people, could trap someone whose cultivation realm was above theirs. Once that person was trapped, it’ll be easy for Yuan Chu to kill him.

She didn’t know what Mu Qinghan told those three people, but they gladly agreed: First was to keeping Yuan Chu’s secret about her cultivation, second was to help them get rid of an enemy.

When night came, besides Yuan Chu, the other four people were meditating. As members of the Elite Chamber, they couldn’t slack off in their cultivation for even a moment otherwise someone else would surpass them.

Mu Qinghan awoke from his meditation to see that Yuan Chu was still sleeping and she had kicked aside her blanket. He got up carefully and covered her with it.

Seeing that she was sleeping so soundly, a smile appeared on the corners of his lips, but when his gaze landed on her left hand that wasn’t covered by the blanket, that smile gradually turned cold.

Corrosion tree……

For the past few days, although Yuan Chu had said that her hand didn’t hurt anymore, this corrosion tree was just like a time bomb to them. It’s no wonder that Yuan Chu wasn’t willing to wait any longer and wanted to get rid of that person in the mystic realm. Since that’s the case, he’d definitely go all out!

As he was deep in his thoughts, Yuan Chu suddenly let out a soft cry.

Mu Qinghan was startled, then he watched as numerous roots suddenly arched up under the skin on her left hand. That bloodthirsty tree looked like it was going to break out of her hand?!

Yuan Chu’s brow filled with sweat and her cry woke up the remaining few people. However, Yuan Chu still seemed to be asleep, with her eyes still closed as she held her hand and writhed around on the bed.

“Qingge? Qingge?!” Mu Qinghan panicked. He reached out to touch Yuan Chu but she smacked his hand away.

Her eyes suddenly opened and she sat up. Her left hand then emitted a golden light, and slowly, the tree was suppressed by her. But before Yuan Chu could catch her breath, Qin sounds were heard, then the bloodthirsty tree started to struggle desperately again.

“Argh!!” Yuan Chu was curled up into a ball with her hand in her arms. So painful! Little Yuan Yuan, it hurts!

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