TDCM Chapter 167: Recalling An Elder’s Teachings

So, his lifelong happiness is all on this bird!

As for hair braiding, he had decided to practise on his own hair tonight after Yuan Chu fell asleep.

With a grave expression on his face, he first cleaned the pigeon’s body in the water to remove any remnants of blood, then enduring the foul raw smell that wasn’t actually that bad, he plucked the pigeon’s feathers.

He did this very earnestly, and after it was plucked clean, he even used his frozen heart flame to give it a cold roast. After confirming that there weren’t any feathers left, he lit a fire.

Recalling a cooking method he’d seen before, he smeared the condiments on the birds’ body before wrapping it up in spirit leaves and earth then burying it under the open fire.

Mu Qinghan had long started abstaining from food. This was a method he had seen someone else use, and it’s said that by using this cooking method, he wouldn’t have to worry about ruining it and it’ll also be very tasty.

At the thought of Yuan Chu’s sweet smile after eating the food he made, hints of sweetness made its way onto his cold countenance as he started to look forward to it even more.

Yuan Chu waited for a long time before her dinner finally arrived. She thought: Regardless of whether the food he made was delicious or not, based on the fact that this was his first time cooking, it deserved her recognition.

So, as long as it wasn’t extremely unpalatable, she’d eat it!

Mu Qinghan didn’t disappoint her. When the burnt spirit leaves were unwrapped, Yuan Chu saw that the pigeon was very well roasted. Not only was the body intact, it’d even been roasted to a nice charred colour.

The tasty fragrance of meat was in the air and she was starting to get hungry.

Mu Qinghan had originally planned to give it a taste test, but because this was a whole bird, he didn’t want to spoil its outward appearance because of his OCD. So, he didn’t end up trying it and was feeling somewhat nervous right now.

“Give it a try, it’s my first time cooking. If you like it, I’ll cook for you everyday.”

Seeing smoky black marks on his face, Yuan Chu was very touched that a noble young man from a distinguished family had done all these.

So Yuan Chu picked up the roast pigeon with both hands, intending to repay his efforts with her actions.

She had to say……Mu Qinghan had done a good job with it. Just by looking at the bird’s colour and lustre, it was the kind that’s charred on the outside and tender on the inside. Even if Mu Qinghan had put too much salt or mistaken the sugar for salt, the taste still wouldn’t be too bad.

Nodding inwardly to herself, she took a bite. Then tears streamed down her face.

Seeing that Yuan Chu was crying, Mu Qinghan panicked, “What’s wrong?”

After swallowing the thing in her mouth, Yuan Chu said with tears in her eyes, “It’s nothing, I just recalled one of my elder’s teachings……”

“You’re missing your family?” Mu Qinghan heaved a sigh of relief, “What did you recall?”

Yuan Chu said through her tears, “In the past, my elders have always told me that with my talent, I should work hard at cultivating, that I shouldn’t waste time on trivial things like eating and sleeping! Just a moment ago, I seemed to have seen my elder’s kind smiles again, that’s why I’ve decided to learn this lesson and not waste anymore time. From today onwards, I’ll start abstaining from food!!”

After hearing her say all these, Mu Qinghan finally caught onto the main point of what she was saying and his expression changed……

“Is it that……the food I made tastes bad?”

He hadn’t put too much salt or mixed up the condiments, was……was it that bad?

Yuan Chu shook her head resolutely.

“No, I was being serious just now. Besides, cultivation geniuses like you shouldn’t waste time on cooking, there’s no future in that! Come, let’s start cultivating, we shouldn’t let down our parent’s and elder’s earnest teachings.”

Mu Qinghan was still sceptical, “It really isn’t because it tastes bad?”

Yuan Chu wiped her tears as she said resolutely, “Absolutely not!”

Mu Qinghan relaxed, “That’s good then. You’re still so young, how can you eat the fasting pill? How about this, I’ll still cook for you tomorrow. It won’t take up too much time.”

Yuan Chu panicked, replying hastily, “How can a cultivator fear hardship? Don’t worry cousin, I’m not that delicate! Go and wash up, look at all the dirt on your face.”

Mu Qinghan was surprised to hear that there was something on his face and didn’t continue speaking, hurrying out to clean himself up.

Seeing that he’d finally left, Yuan Chu picked up the pigeon to take a look. Blood was oozing out from where she had taken a bite just now. He didn’t even know to remove the innards before roasting the bird……for her safety, it’s better that she abstained from food.

Mu Qinghan was unaware of Yuan Chu’s train of thoughts, and as he cleaned himself, he thought about it carefully. Little Chu was still so young, how could she eat the fasting pill? She was being very understanding of him, but as her “cousin”, he couldn’t actually slack off.

It’s decided. He’ll continue to cook for her tomorrow, and it’ll be another pigeon. He was still unfamiliar with it, but he’ll definitely improve!

At this moment, Yuan Chu was still unaware that her miserable mystic realm life was about to begin.

It was then that she understood a truth. Sure enough, not anyone can be the male lead. The male lead’s talents and skills also aren’t something that anyone had. At the thought that she’d have to stay in this mystic realm for five hundred days, Yuan Chu felt that her future was bleak.

Little Yuan Yuan, master misses you greatly!!


It was late into the night. Ye Chenyuan had killed those two people after extorting confessions from them. He did this without alarming anyone in the mystic realm.

After disposing of the bodies, he wiped his dagger as he looked towards the east.

“……Without me around, will someone bully master?”

When Venerable Li heard this, he felt that Ye Chenyuan was overthinking things.

“How is that possible? That kid will be fine, don’t worry!”

Ye Chenyuan scoffed, “That’s what you said the last time too.” But in the end, master almost died and he only managed to save her using soul dual cultivation.

Venerable Li said embarrassedly, “What’s there to be afraid of, it’s just ten days, how much trouble could she create? Enough about her. How credible do you think those two people’s confessions are?”

After Ye Chenyuan had killed one of them, he extorted a confession from the other. Seeing Ye Chenyuan’s power, he told him everything that he knew.

They really turned out to be the imperial grandson’s men. For the past few years, the imperial grandson had sent them to look far and wide for people with the Divine Emperor Bloodline, or for Ye Chenyuan.

He wasn’t sure of the motive, but he’d heard that it had something to do with the lone sword. It might be because the Empire’s founding Emperor had the Divine Emperor Blood and the crown prince who had almost gotten the lone sword also had the Divine Emperor Blood.

After wasting countless manpower and resources, they’d finally found someone who had the Divine Emperor Bloodline, but it was very weak and the imperial grandson wasn’t very satisfied, so they had to continue searching.

Having heard Ye Chenyuan’s name by chance, they had thought of various ways to evade the academy and sneak into the mystic realm to investigate, but they ended up getting caught.

Ye Chenyuan had more questions, but that person didn’t know any more so he was silenced by Ye Chenyuan.

“I don’t think that they’re lying.”

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