TDCM Chapter 166: Fight On, Stay-At-Home Dad

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan wasn’t in a good mood, Venerable Li remained silent. The strongest spirit beast in the low level mystic realm was only at Golden Core so to Ye Chenyuan, entering this place was like entering unpopulated lands and Ye Chenyuan didn’t meet any resistance here, but unexpectedly, Ye Chenyuan actually ran into two people at the Golden Core stage.

Ye Chenyuan hid himself after Venerable Li’s warning. One of them looked around for a while before saying doubtfully, “Strange, I’m clearly sensing that he’s nearby……search carefully, he might just be right here.”

Venerable Li said, “Little Yuan, why do I feel like they’re looking for you?”

Ye Chenyuan narrowed his eyes, then he took off the mystic realm token he was wearing and hid it in the Sky Pearl. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before one of the people in white said, “Huh? It’s disappeared, that ‘Ye’ guy has died?!”

The other person in green knitted his brows.

“So weak, he must not be the one we’re looking for. Master’s being silly, even if that ‘Ye’ guy dares to come to the imperial capital, he wouldn’t use his actual name.”

“It’s better to kill a thousand innocent people than to let off that one person we’re after. Master’s only doing this because he’s anxious. After all, the divine tool Lone Sword is about to reappear and if we can’t find Ye Chenyuan, he can only offer the blood of the boy we’ve captured. Really……they all have the Divine Emperor Blood, but why is that Ye Chenyuan’s blood that concentrated while the others’ are so weak? We’ve wasted all those years searching……”

“Alright, that’s enough. When the mystic realm opens, we’ll return to report back. With our identities, we can’t stay in the academy for long, we’ll leave immediately after exiting the mystic realm.”

“Alright, there’s no other choice.”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t make a move rashly, but he instead followed them as he reflected on what they’d said.

Venerable Li said, “Those two people are really here for you, I’d previously told you to change your name, look, there’s people after you now!”

However, Ye Chenyuan was very calm, “Since I’m already here, I have no intention of hiding. Although hiding can be a way to protect myself, being high-profile is also another way.”

Venerable Li gave it some thought and felt that that was true, so he said, “I know about the divine tool Lone Sword that they mentioned, it’s said to be the most powerful attack type divine tool. Didn’t you hear about this when you were asking around for information? The Empire’s founding Emperor had used the Lone Sword to conquer half of the Heavenly Continent, dividing up the lands into equal halves with the immortal sects. This proves how powerful the Lone Sword is.”

Ye Chenyuan said, “So what if it’s powerful? After the founding Emperor, no one in the imperial family has been able to obtain the divine sword’s recognition. Isn’t that ridiculous?”

Back then, before the founding Emperor died, he had sealed away everything he had accumulated in his life in a mystic realm, including the Lone Sword. That mystic realm opened once every ten years and many would always go searching for it but no one could find the founding Emperor’s hidden treasures. Just as everyone was starting to think that this treasure didn’t exist, the Empire’s crown prince found it.

The Empire’s crown prince didn’t speak about the process of finding it, but he only talked about the outcome, which was that the Lone Sword had acknowledged his bloodline but didn’t approve of him as a person, so he was unable to bring the divine sword back.

And the Empire’s crown prince was said to be Ye Chenyuan’s birth father……

“From their conversation, it seems like someone is after people with the Divine Emperor Bloodline? It must be that eldest imperial grandson for sure, what do you intend to do?”

Ye Chenyuan let out a soft laugh, “Follow them and find a suitable chance to make a move to ask them about it.”

“Aren’t you afraid of alerting the enemy?”

Ye Chenyuan had a calm smile on his face, “Since they’re worried about the academy finding out, they must’ve snuck in secretly. People like these won’t have the incrimination powder on them, so even if they died, no one would dare to step forward to claim their bodies.”

Venerable Li abruptly said, “Little Yuan, why do I suddenly feel like you’ve changed……”

“Oh? How have I changed?”

“You’ve become more evil.”


Meanwhile, within the forest, outside a cave.

Yuan Chu suddenly let out a soft exhale, “You……do it more gently.”

“Ah?” Mu Qinghan was flustered, “Alright, I’ll be more gentle, sorry……i-it’s my first time.”

A moment later……

“Ss! It hurts!” Yuan Chu’s eyes were filled with tears.

Mu Qinghan panicked even more, “Don’t move, I’ll be done very soon!”

“Really? That’s what you said just now.”

Mu Qinghan’s handsome face turned red, “It’s for real this time.”

Yuan Chu was feeling very depressed right now. She missed her little disciple so much, because he’d never hurt her when combing her hair!

Mu Qinghan was so nervous that his face had turned red. The black hair in front of him appeared to be a mess and even the simple braid was crooked and twisted.

A while later, Yuan Chu looked at the braid as she said, feeling conflicted, “I think I’ll just wear my hair down……”

With such an ugly braid, she can’t even pretend to be a little cutie anymore!

Mu Qinghan blushed, “T-Then I’ll try again.”

“No!” Yuan Chu jumped to her feet, “I suddenly feel like this braid is rather quaint, it has its own unique style! So let’s just start eating!”

Mu Qinghan knew that Yuan Chu hadn’t abstained from food yet so he quickly replied, “I’ll go hunt!”

Yuan Chu shook her head, “No need, I have it here!”

Saying this, she retrieved a pigeon from her storage space. Hehe, this bird’s meat will taste delicious whichever way it was prepared, and she also had many condiments.

Mu Qinghan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Yuan Chu was well equipped because he really didn’t have things like condiments.

Then Yuan Chu said, “Wait here. I’ll go to the river to prepare this bird, it’ll be done very soon.”

Mu Qinghan instinctively nodded his head, but then it crossed his mind that such a small girl would be going to handle the prey? Mu Qinghan quickly stood up and took it from her.

“Take a rest, I’ll prepare it.”

Yuan Chu was surprised, “Y-You know how to do it?” She looked at Mu Qinghan doubtfully. Someone who didn’t even know how to braid, would he really be able to perform high level survival skills like prepping the food?

Mu Qinghan would never let Yuan Chu do it herself! He said earnestly, “I can do it, don’t worry. Just wait here for me and I’ll bring it back after roasting it by the river.”

That way, the smell of blood wouldn’t pollute the cave they were going to be staying in tonight.

Yuan Chu became nervous when Mu Qinghan took all the condiments with him, but on second thoughts, pigeon meat was delicious whichever way it was roasted, so she could probably look forward to it.

So, she retrieved her bed and arranged it nicely in the cave, then she used a cleaning art to clean the entire cave before peacefully awaiting Mu Qinghan’s return.

Meanwhile, Mu Qinghan was looking at the pigeon that had died with eyes open, staring at it like it was a formidable foe.

He was a little mysophobic and had always stayed away from these kinds of smelly dead things. But right now, he had to make it delicious!

At the thought of Yuan Chu’s adorable face, a sense of purpose arose in his heart. In the next five hundred days, he must take good care of her! He must let Yuan Chu know that he was a good man that she could rely on, so that she will choose him in the future!

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