TDCM Chapter 165: Ten Days And Five Hundred Days

“Didn’t I tell you to crush the jade pendant when you meet with danger? Why didn’t you crush it? I ended up taking such a long time looking for you that I almost didn’t make it in time.”

Hearing this, Mu Qinghan pursed his lip and didn’t reply.

He didn’t know that Qingge was here. Even if he had known, he wouldn’t have wanted to implicate her either.

Yuan Chu suddenly understood the reason why. That’s right, the cultivation she had previously revealed was only at the greater perfection of Qi Condensation and it’d be useless for him to ask her for help.

Sighing, she said, “Don’t do this next time. I’m a mid stage Nascent Soul, you can come to me for help. However, I’m a late stage Golden Core right now……hehe.”

She decided to conceal a portion of her power to give herself an advantage over her enemies.

Looking at her mischievous smile, Mu Qinghan’s expression became conflicted.

What should he do, Qingge was now stronger than him. In his current state, he’d better not bring up marriage anymore. He’ll work hard to become stronger, and when he catches up to her, only then will he be worthy of bringing up marriage with her……

He was very disappointed by the truth that the person he liked was actually so much stronger than himself. This was too big of a blow……

Seeing Mu Qinghan’s sudden gloominess, Yuan Chu asked curiously, “What’s wrong? What are you thinking about?”

With something weighing on his mind, Mu Qinghan unwittingly blurted out, “Thinking of marrying you.”

“Uh……” Yuan Chu immediately froze. The forest became so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

So scary! Why is he still thinking about marrying her? No way, she must make him give up on this idea.

So, Yuan Chu blinked, then she said with a smile.

“Cousin, now that you know everything, there’s one more matter that I cannot hide from you any longer.”

Mu Qinghan looked at her with confusion in his eyes.

Yuan Chu said with a remorseful expression, “Actually, I’m still young and don’t understand the love between males and females at all, so when you told me that you wanted to marry me, I was a little afraid……”

Mu Qinghan froze. Qingge was already a Nascent Soul so she couldn’t possibly be younger than himself right?

Seeing that he didn’t believe her, Yuan Chu said earnestly, “Don’t think that just because I’m a Nascent Soul, I’m definitely very old. The only reason my cultivation is at this stage is because my mother had used a forbidden technique in her last moments to push me to this stage. So, my actual age is very very young.”

Mu Qinghan felt like he’d heard of a similar incident before, but at this moment, he couldn’t recall where he had heard it before. Besides, he was focused on the main issue behind what she was telling him and he couldn’t refrain from asking.

“Then……how old are you right now?”

He felt rather nervous, hoping that the person he liked was over twelve. Even if she’d been enlightened, she shouldn’t be too young right?

Yuan Chu was secretly laughing, but on the surface, she said, “How old I am, you’ll know after taking a look. I’ll show you my original appearance now. Cousin……you must prepare yourself!”

Mu Qinghan nodded and looked at her rather nervously.

Then, there was a “bang” and a flash of white light, and in the next second, a little loli dressed in a white and gold uniform appeared in front of him.

Mu Qinghan was wide-eyed. T-This height and appearance, had she even reached nine years of age?

Actually, Yuan Chu was almost twelve, but well aware of her own small stature, she purposely acted cutely after transforming back.

Not to mention blinking her eyes innocently, she even flew towards him to let him take a closer look.

“Here! Cousin, look. I’m only just this big ~!”

Yuan Chu motioned to him with her fingers. That sweet voice coupled with her delicate and lovely face made her look just like a celestial child who had fallen from the sky. She was without the slightest imperfection.

But, wasn’t she too small?!

Mu Qinghan felt crushed. He had thought that upon seeing such a little loli, he wouldn’t have anymore feelings and he’ll be able to just treat her as his little sister from now on.

But when he saw Yuan Chu smiling at him with her star filled sparkling eyes and her dazzling expression, she was actually even more captivating than the transformed Qingge!

Mu Qinghan felt like he’d been tempted by the devil, how could he have that kind of feelings towards a little girl?!

Seeing Mu Qinghan shake his head, Yuan Chu knew that he must be confused right now, so she blinked her adorable large eyes and asked him innocently.

“Cousin, do you now understand why I don’t want to marry someone? I’m still small! I’m only just this big and you’re already twenty four. Do you have the heart to extend evil hands towards me?”

Looking at her, Mu Qinghan suddenly felt that he was very sinful.

“So why don’t you be my older cousin, I don’t have a cousin yet!”

She flitted in the air around Mu Qinghan. With him as a comparison, she appeared even tinier, but when he heard her lively laughter, his heart was tempted.

He told himself that it was alright. Since she was still young and his cultivation was far from being high enough, he’d work hard to catch up to her while he waited for her to grow up. By that time, he’d be worthy of bringing up marriage to her, but for now……he’ll just have to wait……

With this thought, he became more relaxed and even nodded his head.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you, Qingge……what’s your actual name?”

Yuan Chu didn’t have to hide this from him anymore, so in midair, she sat in front of Mu Qinghan and said in a clear and powerful voice, “Yuan Chu, I’m Yuan Chu!”

As he looked at her adorable and earnest expression, Mu Qinghan felt like his heart had melted into a puddle of water.

Yuan Chu, Yuan Chu……it was a really good name!

After coming clean about all this, Yuan Chu touched her stomach as she said, “Alright, I’ve already told you about everything that needs to be said, let’s go eat something. I haven’t started abstaining from food yet and I’ve been starving while waiting for you to treat your injuries. But it’s alright, I have some wild animals on hand, enough to last us a few days. When the mystic realm lets us out, I’ll treat you to some wine!”

Mu Qinghan froze, “A few days?”

“That’s right, what’s wrong?” Yuan Chu tilted her head as she counted on her fingers, “”We’ve already been in here for three days, so it’s just seven more days before we can leave, that’s great!

Mu Qinghan’s expression turned strange as he said to Yuan Chu, “Umm……the flow of time in the special level mystic realm is different from outside. A day outside is fifty days in the mystic realm.”

Yuan Chu froze, then she asked nervously.

“T-T-Then what about the low level mystic realm?”

Mu Qinghan replied, “Time in the low level mystic realm passes at the same speed as outside, it’s only the special level mystic realm that’s different. Anyway, you don’t have to worry. Although we’ll have to stay here for five hundred days, when you return outside, only ten days would’ve passed.”

For some reason, Yuan Chu felt strangely panicked……what should she do? Why did she have the feeling that her little disciple would be furious if he knew about this?!

Right now, even if Ye Chenyuan wasn’t infuriated, he was close.

Who was it? Who was plotting against his master? Although with master’s strength, she’d be fine no matter which mystic realm she’d been sent to, but he felt uneasy at the thought that master wouldn’t be by his side for the next ten days.

It was as if something unpredictable would happen in this brief ten days.

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  1. Thank you for the chapters will you release 166 as well or will it be included to next month’s? Ah and will you release all of at once again about 14-20 May because even though i know it is not the time sometimes three times a day i check if there is any new release i really enjoy reading thank you for your hardwork ^^


    1. Hi there, I’ll be back on a weekly release, so 166 will be up this weekend together with this week’s chapters.
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  2. Thank you for the mass release!!! XD

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  3. 500 days oh my lord, I wonder how close Yuan Chu and Mu Qinghan will get in this time 👀👀

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