TDCM Chapter 164: Vajra Hand

After the person in black ran away, Yuan Chu didn’t have the strength to chase after him anymore. Her body suddenly shrank and many wounds could be seen on her body, cutting a sorry figure.

“Are you alright?” Yuan Chu ran over to Mu Qinghan, then she handed him various medicinal pills. Mu Qinghan looked at her with a gaze that seemed to convey that he had a lot to say, but he was unable to speak so he could only treat his injuries as he looked at Yuan Chu, completely overturning his understanding of her.

Looking at Yuan Chu’s left hand, he saw that her originally fair and delicate left hand was now covered with white vein-like things. The white leaf’s vein was even wriggling under her skin, making one shudder when they looked at it. However, Yuan Chu seemed not to have noticed it as she looked at him worriedly.

“Are you feeling better now?” she asked. After absorbing the medicinal pills and a moment of regulating his breathing, Mu Qinghan felt much better.

“Qingge……” he expended a great deal of effort to say, word by word, “Y-Your hand……”

He had heard that person in black say that once this thing bored into his knee, he won’t be able to free himself unless he cuts it off. Then, will Qingge’s hand be crippled because of him?!

At this thought, the gloom in his heart seethed and his injuries burst open again. Seeing this, Yuan Chu quickly said, “Don’t worry! If there’s anything, we can talk it out……my hand……”

She lowered her head to take a look at her hand but she felt her scalp tingle, “Don’t be afraid, I’ve already strengthened my flesh. It won’t be able to bore its way out and harm others.”

To prevent the bloodthirsty tree from spreading inside her body, Yuan Chu had strengthened her left hand into its Vajra form so that white dried wood can only slowly wriggle inside her hand. No matter how powerful it was, it can no longer bore its way out.

Mu Qinghan felt distressed when he heard this. He wasn’t worried about the tree coming out to harm others, he was worried about her! Doesn’t she feel the pain?!

At the thought of how Yuan Chu had used her hand to block the bloodthirsty tree for him without a second thought, he felt an unbearable pain and wished that the tree hadn’t been blocked and had bored into his own body instead.

Yuan Chu saw that Mu Qinghan’s face had paled once again. His eyes were red and he looked like he had many things to say but he couldn’t voice a single word, a guilty expression on his face.

She wiped her battered face and patted his shoulder with a wide smile on her face.

“Alright, don’t overthink things! You don’t have to be afraid either. With me here, no one will be able to bully you. Right now, you just have to treat your injuries and we’ll put off everything else until after you’ve recovered.”

Mu Qinghan was dazzled by her smile. There were still black marks on her face that were left by the ghost fire and her hair was a mess, but even this couldn’t cover her smile. She was just like a small sun that was constantly giving out brilliant rays of light.

Those brilliant rays could soothe all his worries and calm his emotions.

He closed his eyes……the special level mystic realm was rife with danger. Even if Qingge was very powerful, he couldn’t implicate her.

So after struggling to sit up, he immediately started on healing his injuries, and after he’d recovered slightly, he opened his storage bag to retrieve medicinal pills that he passed to Yuan Chu.

Yuan Chu’s eyes lit up, “Grade six revitalisation pill?! Rich guy, my injuries aren’t that serious. You can just give me a grade five pill. You should eat this instead.”

However, Mu Qinghan was very stubborn and he reached out to pop the medicinal pill directly into Yuan Chu’s mouth, saying earnestly, “I have more, you eat this.”

Yuan Chu felt rather touched as she looked at him with the slightly sweet tasting medicinal pill in her mouth.

“You’re already that severely injured and you’re still caring about me? Hurry up and treat your wounds, I’ll shield you with magic!”

Yuan Chu said with another smile.

Mu Qinghan nodded, then he also ate a revitalisation pill. He had many treasures on him, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to hold out against the person in black for so long. The higher the grade of the medicinal pill, the more time is required to refine it, but with Yuan Chu here, he could close his eyes and treat his injuries without any worry.

What kind of treasure is the grade six revitalisation pill? Not long after eating it, Mu Qinghan’s body started to emit a green light. The medicinal pill was still in Yuan Chu’s mouth, but feeling that it was too wasteful for her to eat this, she stored it in her dantian instead of absorbing it.

My oh my, she’d been led astray by Weisheng Ji, it seems like she’d become stingier?

She then retrieved some other things and protected Mu Qinghan as she treated her own injuries. Very soon, two days had gone by.

A thin layer of white frost formed. Mu Qinghan slowly let out a breath of air, then he slowly opened his eyes.

His injuries had completely healed, but the damage his mind had suffered and the repercussions of using the forbidden technique wasn’t something that the revitalisation pill could fix. It would’ve been great if he had the ten thousand year spirit essence, Mu Qinghan thought wistfully.

“You’re up!” Yuan Chu was now all cleaned up, but because there wasn’t anyone to help comb her hair, it was casually down as she stood bare feet in front of Mu Qinghan.

“Qingge……” Mu Qinghan was still very weak. He composed himself as the previous events appeared in his mind again. It really was Qingge who had saved him, then who……who exactly was she?

“Why……are you here?”

Even if Qingge had concealed her actual strength, she still shouldn’t be in the special level mystic realm, unless……someone was trying to kill her!

Yuan Chu smiled as she said, “I’m not sure how I got here either, but I’ll find out when I get out. What about you? Are you feeling better?”

Mu Qinghan nodded, then he looked at his bloody clothes and he frowned.

At the thought of Qingge having seen him in such a sorry state, his face burned as he said embarrassedly.

“Qingge……can, you turn around for a moment?”


Yuan Chu immediately turned around. Her straightforward actions that didn’t show the slightest bit of uneasiness made Mu Qinghan a little uneasy.

He quickly proceeded to change his clothes, but as he was doing so, his eyes fell on his rather satisfactory figure that was a result of his frequent training, and when he thought of something, his handsome face turned a pale pink.

Seeing that Yuan Chu had obediently turned her back to him and was staying motionless, he didn’t know if it was regret that he felt, but he finally changed into blue garments and a white robe.

In the past, someone had told him that he looked the best when he wore white and blue colours. Back then, he had been especially disgusted with those kinds of words. He was a grown man, what use did he have for looking good? So, he’d stored away his favourite white and blue colours.

But today, he’d unexpectedly changed into such clothing. He then tied up his circlet, once again transforming into a noble young man that didn’t seem to be of the mortal world. His entire being was exuding a faint suggestive aura.

“I’m done.”

Yuan Chu was stunned when she turned around. Mu Qinghan was already good looking, with a reserved noble aura and peerless beauty.

Due to his spirit root, he had a cold temperament, but he was actually someone who was easily shy. The contrast was truly adorable!

But when she saw the jade pendant that was hanging at his waist, Yuan Chu said rather exasperatedly……

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