TDCM Chapter 163: Stomping Him Flat

The difference between their cultivation realms and the backlash from the forbidden technique gradually caused Mu Qinghan to be unable to withstand it any longer.

In his dazed state, he seemed to have seen Yuan Chu’s face, and as he was facing death, his last thought was actually regret.

……He didn’t know Qingge’s real name yet, he was reluctant to die just like that……

Then he thrust his broken sword into the other person’s chest, but he also suffered a hit and fell from the air to the ground. His realm that had previously been forcefully elevated instantly fell.

The person in black let out a strange cry, then he grabbed onto the frozen heart blade’s hilt to pull it out, but once he touched the sword, his hand started to ice over.

“D*mn it! You dare injure me?!”

Gritting his teeth, the person closed in on Mu Qinghan, but when he saw the severe injuries that Mu Qinghan had sustained, he started laughing scornfully, and the words that he said were even more cruel.

“It’s alright……if you die, who will be my bloodthirsty tree’s parasitic body?”

With a sneer, he sealed his own injuries.

Then he reached out his hand, and the white dried wood that had been wound around his hand started to move when it smelt the blood. The person in black simply let out a sinister laugh.

“It looks like my little darling can’t wait. Do you know what it is? It’s a bloodthirsty tree, once it implants itself into your legs, you won’t be able to free yourself from it unless you cut off both of your legs……”

Mu Qinghan tried his best to get up, but he was unable to do so. As he looked at that white dried wood, fear finally emerged in his cold eyes.

But at this moment, he was no longer able to say a single word.

Seeing this, the person in black laughed heartily, “So what if you’re the Mu family’s young master? First, I’ll cripple your legs, then I’ll destroy your dantian. Whether you’ll be able to leave this place alive will depend on your own luck!”

Saying this, the tree in his hand suddenly grew at an insane speed as it extended towards Mu Qinghan. Backed into a corner, Mu Qinghan clutched the blue jade pendant that Yuan Chu had given him. He didn’t crush it, only gripping it tightly as the ache in his heart reached the extremes.

At this moment, the white dried wood that had fully extended from the person’s body was like a hideous giant net that was wildly brandishing its claws in the air. Its head became extremely sharp, then it lowered its head and dove towards Mu Qinghan’s leg.


Mu Qinghan was wide-eyed. The tree was extremely fast, but just as the pointed end was about to pierce into Mu Qinghan’s flesh, a tiny hand suddenly appeared.

In this moment of imminent peril, Yuan Chu could no longer grab it, so she instinctively blocked it with her hand.

Her hand turned a golden colour. She had thought that the tree wouldn’t be able to pierce her because she had the Vajra Shield.

But who would’ve thought that the instant the tree’s sharp point touched Yuan Chu’s palm, it pierced through her defence!

Then, the entirety of its enormous body continued to bore into her palm, hurting Yuan Chu so much that her face paled.

She promptly sealed her own left hand. By the time the tree realised that it had bored into the wrong person and wanted to come out, it was already too late. The person in black didn’t expect such a mishap to happen and his expression immediately changed.

“My tree!!”

When he got angry, the place where he’d been stabbed by the frozen heart blade started bleeding, but he couldn’t care less about anything else at this moment. Exuding a murderous aura, he reached out and made a grab for Yuan Chu.

“You’ll pay for this with your life!!”

Mu Qinghan wanted to stop him, but before he could make a move, he was stopped by the barrier Yuan Chu had put up. Feeling the terrible pain in her hand, she gnashed her teeth as she glared hatefully at the culprit.

“D*mn it, you actually dare to stab me? I’ll kill you!”

Like a female leopard, she pounced on him ruthlessly. Then, Mu Qinghan was stunned by the realisation that the little cousin who needed his protection had become a mid stage Nascent Soul who could go head to head with the person in black.

The person in black also didn’t expect this little girl to be a Nascent Soul, but that didn’t matter right now. Even with his injuries, a mere mid stage Nascent Soul wasn’t his match.

“Watch this, Dark Rakshasa Wind!”

The person in black waved his hand, then countless shadows emerged behind him and surrounded Yuan Chu. If any one of them got into her body, she’d be controlled by the person in black.

Yuan Chu’s pretty face turned serious.

“Vajra Shield!”

Once she said this, a pale golden light started spreading out of her body and the shadows turned into black smoke before they could even touch her.

The person in black gnashed his teeth. He didn’t think that Yuan Chu would be so strong. With both hands, he put up an array.

“Night’s Song of Death!”

A grey light flashed in front of Yuan Chu’s eyes, then countless grimacing faces appeared all around her, letting out disturbing shrieks that caused a severe stabbing pain in her head.

“D*mn it!” Yuan Chu fell to the ground, enduring the pain as she stamped her feet, “Power that moves mountains!”

Blue spiritual energy swept across the place and instantly enveloped all the boulders in their surroundings. When Yuan Chu raised her hands, thousands upon thousands of boulders broke through the ground and smashed towards the person in black.

Seeing this, the person in black quickly used his spirit tool to block this, but Yuan Chu’s strength wasn’t at an ordinary level and his spirit tool broke into pieces after just a few hits. As the boulders flew towards him one after another, he continued to dodge them as he took out various defensive magic treasures.

The booms sounded incessantly as Yuan Chu continued to throw the boulders indiscriminately. The person in black suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. Just the tremors from him defending himself had triggered his injuries.

The frozen heart blade that was lodged in his chest gave out bursts of chill, taking advantage of his weak state to freeze his heart, but he managed to stop it in time.

“D*mn kid!” Embarrassed, the person in black flew into a rage and his body suddenly became larger, towering over Yuan Chu by five or six metres.

“I’ll kill you!”

He took out a black sickle-type spirit tool, and as a black light filled the whole sky, he brought it down on Yuan Chu.

“Watch out!” Mu Qinghan was alarmed, but this ended up affecting his injuries and blood spilled out from the corner of his lips.

Looking up at the man who had suddenly become larger, Yuan Chu puffed up her cheeks.

Do you think that you’re the only one who can grow bigger?! I can do that too!

So in the next second, it was the man’s turn to look up at Yuan Chu. After becoming a giant, Yuan Chu was still growing even taller, until finally, she looked down at the tiny person in black that was by her feet, and without a second thought, she stepped on him.

Right now, the more pain she was feeling in her hand, the more ferociously she stepped on him. The person in black tried to attack Yuan Chu using various methods, but after becoming larger, Yuan Chu was unmovable. Instead, the more pain she was feeling, the more she wanted to flatten him.

When she stepped on him, the person in black shrank, and with another step, he shrank even more. Nevertheless, his cultivation was higher than Yuan Chu’s so his attacks were skilled. Yuan Chu was in so much pain that her face was all scrunched up, then she gritted her teeth and put all her strength into stomping on him.

“D*mn it d*mn it d*mn it! I’ll flatten you! Flatten you! Flatten you!”

The ground shook non-stop like there was an earthquake. The surrounding spirit beasts had long fled and were nowhere to be seen.

Finally, the person in black could no longer withstand it and he spat out successive mouthfuls of blood. He had no choice but to activate a restriction that caused severe pain in Yuan Chu’s palm, then he fled as Yuan Chu was gasping for air.

So scary! Where did this female king kong come from? All the bones in his body were about to be broken!

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