TDCM Chapter 162: Nothing Must Happen To You

Yuan Chu’s expression changed upon hearing that Mu Qinghan had met with a mishap.

She grabbed onto Hong Qiao as she asked hurriedly, “He’s my older cousin. Tell me, what happened to him?”

Seeing that Yuan Chu was so nervous, Hong Qiao quickly replied, “We had started our journey as a group of four, but for some reason, many spirit beasts were attacking us. That demon wolf from before, there were originally two of them but Mu Qinghan had lured one away. We don’t know where he’s run off to now……can you save him?!”

Yuan Chu’s heart dropped when she heard this.

Could this be where Mu Qinghan broke his leg? This also meant that the demon wolf’s attack on them might have been orchestrated by someone?!

At this thought, Yuan Chu was starting to panic so she said anxiously, “Which direction did he run off to? Do you remember?”

Hong Qiao promptly pointed in a direction, “There! I won’t remember wrongly, it’s there……”

Before she could finish what she was saying, Yuan Chu disappeared from right in front of her eyes. The remaining three looked at each other helplessly, then they ran in the direction Yuan Chu had gone off to.

Meanwhile, Mu Qinghan’s entire body was covered with injuries as he stood on top of a giant demon wolf’s dead body. He then reached out to pull out an ice blade from its neck.

Dark red blood immediately splattered on him. He jumped off the body with a frown, intending to treat his wounds right there.

However, it was at this moment that two black arrows suddenly shot towards him. Mu Qinghan turned his body, narrowly avoiding it.

“Who is it?!” He stared fixedly at a single location as his body went on alert again.

A burst of strange laughter was heard, that sound sent shivers down one’s spine. Then, Mu Qinghan realised that a person dressed in black had soundlessly appeared in front of him. The person was totally covered in a black robe and the face couldn’t be seen. Wound around that person’s hand was strange white fibrous roots that looked like it was alive.

Mu Qinghan realised that he was unable to see this person’s cultivation with his secret method. This could only mean that the person in front of him was at least an early stage Nascent Soul!

Mu Qinghan tensed. Was this perhaps the trap targeted at him that Mu Qingge had mentioned?!

After the person in black was done laughing, he said in an exaggerated manner, “Oh my, so powerful, you actually managed to kill a demon wolf all by yourself. Young Master Mu is indeed a genius among geniuses!”

Mu Qinghan had a firm grip on his sword. He couldn’t bring anyone with him into the mystic realm so he could only put up a brave fight alone.

He said vigilantly, “Who are you? What do you want!”

The person in black said with a smirk, “Isn’t it obvious enough what I’m after? I want……to ruin you!”


Yuan Chu was feeling quite uneasy because she had a feeling that it might be in this mystic realm that Mu Qinghan was harmed by someone.

Right now, her biggest wish was for Mu Qinghan to crush the jade pendant she had given him. That way, she’d be able to lock onto his location easily, rather than looking everywhere like she was doing right now.

Then she recalled what those three people had said: Mu Qinghan had left to lure away a demon wolf. That demon wolf had a huge body and would’ve left marks along the path it ran. So, she extended her divine sense to search for it, and to her surprise, she actually found it!

With a few jumps, she ran to a paw print, only to see traces of human blood on the hollow of the paw print. Her expression immediately turned grave.

Thinking of how Mu Qinghan had been helping her ever since the first time they met, although he’d said that he’d fallen for her at first sight, just because of the kindness he had shown her at the start, she won’t allow this tragedy to happen again. With this thought, she sped up even more.

“Mu Qinghan……you must hang in there!”


With a loud “boom”, the celestial grade ice blade in Mu Qinghan’s hand instantly broke into two.

With a hand over his wound, he fell to one knee. At this moment, he no longer had the elegance of a noble young man. Covered in blood from head to toe, he looked just like a blood human.

He wasn’t wearing his uniform but sky blue robes and a gauze clothing over it that was made by mermaids. The mermaid gauze had helped to block a large portion of the attacks and was now bloodsoaked and in complete tatters, it was tragic to say the least.

“Oh……it’s Ji Dao auction house’s young master indeed, having so many good items. This frozen heart blade and mermaid gauze are rare items, it’s a pity that they’ll be buried with you today!”

Saying this, he flew towards Mu Qinghan and the black robe he was wearing fluttered in the wind, occasionally revealing the corner of a pale face. Mu Qinghan didn’t know what the white fibrous root in his hand was, but it had been giving him a huge sense of danger ever since just now.

“What is it that you’re after?” Mu Qinghan wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth, asking in a hoarse voice, “If it’s money that you’re after, I can buy my life! I believe that……within the entire Heavenly Continent, there won’t be anyone that can offer a higher price than me!”

Unwilling to die just like that, Mu Qinghan tried to find a way to survive.

The person in front of him wasn’t the average Nascent Soul, but a late stage greater perfection Nascent Soul like the vice-principal. He wasn’t someone that an early stage Golden Core like himself would be able to defeat.

But he couldn’t die! He had promised Qingge that he would be careful!

“My oh my, that’s so tempting! Of course, who could be richer than your family?” Still in midair, the person in black laughed as he said tauntingly.

“It’s just that……one must have integrity. Someone has requested that I cripple your cultivation and your legs. Since I’ve already agreed to it, I can’t go back on my word……”

He flew closer to Mu Qinghan, saying in a cold voice, “So stop resisting. As long as you’re obedient, I’ll do this gently……hahahahaha!”

Mu Qinghan’s expression changed. He didn’t expect the other party to not want him dead, but instead for him to live a life worse than death!

At the thought that the other party wanted to cripple his cultivation and his legs……he mustn’t give up even if he dies!

If he couldn’t even stand up, then what right did he even have to propose marriage to Qingge?

Qingge had yet to give him a reply, he cannot be ruined here! He mustn’t!

With this thought, he gritted his teeth and stood up, instantly activating a forbidden technique.

“Icy, tears……of, blood!”

The person in black hastily moved back when he heard this. With a flash of red, a wave of spiritual energy charged towards him and the temperature fell, with ice forming over everything in their surroundings.

He didn’t expect Mu Qinghan to be so unafraid of death, activating a forbidden technique at the cost of his life.

‘Icy tears of blood’ can allow Mu Qinghan to unlock his potential, increasing his cultivation by an entire realm for a quarter of an hour.

Very soon, the person in black could feel that Mu Qinghan’s aura was climbing steadily. There was slight alarm on his face, but then he sneered.

“It’s no use. Even if your cultivation increases by a realm, you’ll still only be an early stage Nascent Soul. Hahaha, stop struggling and become my corrosion tree’s host!”

Saying this, the two engaged in another fight. Mu Qinghan’s entire body was covered in a thin layer of ice. Knowing that he wasn’t a match for the person in black, he looked for a chance to escape.

However, his opponent didn’t give him this chance at all, trapping him in a domain seal.

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