TDCM Chapter 161: Saving The Elite Chamber Members

Unfortunately, before they could move, the space beside them was suddenly covered in darkness. That was the Savage Wolf’s evil spirit, a mutated skill that the spirit beast had. Any prey within the blockade of its evil spirit will have its cultivation fall by one realm.

Meaning, these three people had fallen from Golden Core to Foundation Building!

Finally, the ghost fire headed towards them once more, bringing with it a bloodthirsty aura of death and an absolute suppression.

At this moment, they were already at their wit’s end. The girl closed her eyes in despair, but the formidable ghost fire didn’t burn her body.

A transparent barrier had blocked the reddish black ghost fire. Within the evil spirit’s black smoke, they could faintly make out a girl’s silhouette, then they heard her say with a lovely laugh.

“It turns out to be a corrupted spirit beast. That’s no good, how can it hurt a lovely girl?”

Once this was said, the Savage Wolf suddenly let out a horrible shriek, then the evil spirit’s blockade disappeared. As they fixed their gazes on the one who had saved them, the three realised that it was a girl!

Moreover, she was wearing the uniform worn by outer academy students!

Looking back at the Savage Wolf, one of its three heads had been cut off. Dark red blood covered the ground. Thinking of what she’d just said, it’s no wonder that they couldn’t beat it. It wasn’t a Savage Wolf, but a corrupted demon wolf! It wasn’t a spirit beast, but a demon beast!

There was a bloodied branch in Yuan Chu’s hand. She had casually broken it off just now, but in her hands, its power wasn’t inferior to a celestial grade sword.

The three people were stupefied. Had this girl perhaps cut off the demon wolf’s head with a branch?

The demon wolf gnashed its teeth as it got to its feet. Its bloodthirsty red eyes were fixed on Yuan Chu, itching to chew her to bits.

It lowered its giant front claws as it prepared to launch its assault. It had merely been too careless just now, resulting in its head being cut off. But right now, the tiny thing in front of its eyes isn’t even enough to fill its stomach! Watch as it trampled her to death!

The demon wolf was very fast and strong. One of the three people had been stomped on by the demon wolf. If it hadn’t been for the high grade defensive treasure he was carrying, it wouldn’t have simply been the matter of a few broken ribs. The older of the twin boys said, “Brother, let’s go give her a hand!”

His younger brother nodded. However, they were unable to break Yuan Chu’s barrier.

That was awkward.

At this moment, the girl among the three suddenly cried out in alarm, and they watched as the demon wolf swiped its claw at Yuan Chu. If this swipe hits its target, it’ll probably result in death or injury.

The girl closed her eyes, not daring to watch the scene, but it was at this moment that the older brother realised that things weren’t as bad as they’d imagined. The demon wolf’s steel like claws didn’t flatten her?

Yuan Chu’s feet had sunk into the earth, but she was pushing against the wolf’s claws with one hand, a relaxed expression on her face.

“You’re so weak yet you still have the nerve to come out and eat people? Go home and train for a few more years!”

Saying this, she actually threw the giant wolf, that was the size of a small hill, over her shoulder and onto the floor!

So scary! How did she do that with her small stature?!

The ground shook and the demon wolf let out a howl as it thrashed around on the ground. If it had ran away at this point, Yuan Chu might not have gone after it, but because it was unwilling to leave things at this, it crawled up from the ground and immediately tried to use its evil spirit’s blockade on her.

Yuan Chu had a small smile on her face as a golden light blossomed from her body. Then, she raised her hand and the light extended in the direction her finger was pointing at, enveloping the demon wolf.

“Power falls on this land!”

Once these five words were spoken, the demon wolf immediately fell to its knees. As if a small mountain had suddenly fallen down on it, it was unable to get up.

However, its domain had yet to disappear and was still battling with Yuan Chu. This was a fight between two domains, but it’s a pity that it wasn’t powerful enough. The black domain was slowly being engulfed by the golden light, weakening little by little until it was no longer able to restrain Yuan Chu.

Yuan Chu smiled. A golden light flashed in her eyes as she raised her hands, and the branch in her hand swiftly flew up until it was hanging above the demon wolf’s head.

“Trying to eat me? Looks like your chance is over, Power that breaks a thousand barriers!”

Saying this, she brought her hands down. Golden light twined around the branch, and with the force of a thunderbolt, it went through the demon wolf’s head, going through both of its remaining heads. The demon wolf let out an anguished howl before it died on the spot.

“Done, it’s time to knock off!”

Yuan Chu smiled. It was then that she remembered that those few people were still trapped by her barrier. Bouncing her way to where they were, she lifted the barrier before asking with a smile.

“Who are you? Are you also the academy’s students?”

The three gazed at each other helplessly. Seeing that Yuan Chu was so strong, they had thought that she was a teacher who had followed them in because she was worried for the student’s safety, but that didn’t seem to be the case right now, especially since she was wearing the outer academy’s uniform.

The girl said excitedly, “Many thanks to senior for saving our lives! I’m Hong Qiao. They’re twin brothers, the older brother is Yuan Shui and the younger is Yuan Huo. ”

Yuan Chu’s eyes lit up, “We’re family!”

She was just about to shake their hands when she suddenly remembered that her name was now Mu Qingge, so she awkwardly retrieved her hand.

“Hehe, I’m Mu Qingge, I’m an outer academy student. What about you?”

Hong Qiao let out a soft gasp, “Outer academy student? How did an outer academy student get here?!”

Yuan Chu smiled wordlessly. Ever since she realised that she’d been plotted against, she didn’t intend to remain undercover anymore, so she had purposely adjusted her cultivation to late stage Golden Core, intending to settle this account with the academy when she left this place.

It was clear that the three didn’t expect such a powerful person to be in the outer academy. Her cultivation was so advanced but she didn’t vie to put her name on the list, this was truly……

Yuan Huo, the younger of the twins siblings, felt very embarrassed upon hearing Yuan Chu’s question about their identities. He was usually proud of his identity, but he wasn’t showing the slightest bit of an imposing manner right now.

“Umm……we, the three of us are from the Elite Chamber.”

“Elite Chamber?” Yuan Chu tilted her head. It was clear that she’d never heard of it before.

Yuan Huo scratched his head as he explained, “Those that rank in the top thirty among the inner academy students are known as the Elite Chamber……”

He had fought so hard to get this spot but it turned out that the expert was among the commoners!

“So this isn’t the low level mystic realm? Then where is this place?” Yuan Chu asked curiously.

The three looked at each other, thinking to themselves that she must’ve been plotted against by someone. After all, it wasn’t the first time that things like switched tokens had happened. It’s just that that person could’ve never imagined that the person they were trying to kill was actually so strong!

The older brother Yuan Shui said, “Student Mu, it seems like someone was trying to harm you because this isn’t the low level mystic realm, but the special level mystic realm.”

“Special level?” Yuan Chu was calm, with her only thought being that she had already been very well-behaved, why was someone still finding trouble with her?

It was at this moment that the girl named Hong Qiao suddenly covered her mouth as she let out a soft cry.

“Oh no, we don’t know how Mu Qinghan is right now! Eh? Student Mu, your name is Mu Qingge, is Mu Qinghan perhaps your……”

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