TDCM Chapter 160: Transmitted To The Wrong Mystic Realm

The number one academy lived up to its reputation indeed. Not only were there many students, each and every one of them were the cream of the crop! They were divided into different levels and separated by a yellow light as the vice-principal Gu Wenshu spoke to them from a tall platform.

His speech was roughly about cautioning them against killing one another and about the academy’s spirit of helping one another. Finally, Gu Wenshu played the jade flute in his hand and everywhere that the sound reached, the token the students were carrying lit up.

Following this, the brightly lit sky suddenly dimmed. The students looked up, only to see that a huge shadow was gradually appearing beyond the clouds above their heads.

That was the corner of an imposing looking hall whose huge door covered the sky and the sun. It was covered in mystical veined patterns that would give one a dizzy spell if one stared at it for too long.

Venerable Li couldn’t refrain from commenting, “The number one academy is wealthy indeed, being in sole possession of such a huge mystic realm!”

Ye Chenyuan held Yuan Chu’s hand and warned her again worriedly, “Master, don’t go running around. If possible, don’t bother yourself with others’ safety either. Got it?”

He was worried that Yuan Chu wouldn’t be able to refrain from helping others.

Yuan Chu nodded, “Alright alright, you’ve already said this many times.”

She heaved a small sigh, looking very exasperated. She wasn’t senile yet, why was her disciple so worried?

It was at this moment that a long hum was heard. Rays of light came from the huge dark green coloured door above their heads and all the students turned into beams of light that flew towards it. Momentarily, the entire square was filled with flitting white lights. Ye Chenyuan grabbed tightly onto Yuan Chu’s hand, but in the next second, a white ray of light suddenly appeared, then she vanished from his grasp.

……It’s so annoying that they can’t fix the location they’re transmitted to in the mystic realm!

Meanwhile, Yuan Chu only saw a white light flash in front of her eyes, then Ye Chenyuan who had been holding her disappeared. Just as she was going to look for him, she recalled that he had wanted her to wait for him and she withdrew the step that she had taken.

She’ll just wait for him, but……why did she feel like her surroundings somewhat exceeded her expectations?

She was currently in a dense forest. Looking up, she saw that the trees covered the sky and even the grass by her feet were half her height.

“What’s going on?” Yuan Chu blinked. She was currently wearing the academy’s uniform with her hair in a long braid. As she turned around, the bells she was wearing rang softly. She was just like a tiny fairy who had stumbled upon a country of giants. Compared to everything in her surroundings, she appeared small and weak.

“These trees and grass contain a few hundred years of cultivation. If this was the low level mystic realm, wouldn’t things be too difficult for all those outer academy students?”

Yuan Chu mumbled to herself in surprise. After a moment of hesitation, she sat down right where she was and started to meditate as she calmly waited for Ye Chenyuan to come and find her.

But what she didn’t expect was that the both of them hadn’t been transmitted to the same mystic realm.


Upon arriving at the mystic realm, Ye Chenyuan immediately started trying to sense Yuan Chu’s location. The blue flowers in her hair were the coordinates, but strangely, he couldn’t actually sense it?

Hearing this Venerable Li said hesitatingly, “Perhaps this mystic realm is capable of blocking any tracking? After all, for the student’s safety, it’s reasonable that the academy would do so.”

Ye Chenyuan frowned, “That’s not it.”

He said coldly, “Before coming in, I’d made enquiries about the mystic realm, especially about whether tracking spirit tools will be blocked off. Everyone replied that that wouldn’t happen.”

“Then……what’s going on?” Venerable Li couldn’t make sense of it either.

Ye Chenyuan thought about it, then he suddenly punched the tree beside him.

“This means that……master and I have been transmitted to different mystic realms!”


Yuan Chu was exhausted. She had been waiting for a long time but her little disciple had yet to appear. She’d been sitting here for so long that she was now starving.

Her bitter gaze swept past the pile of spirit beast carcasses beside her.

Although she hadn’t moved, that didn’t mean that trouble wouldn’t find her. In just one afternoon, several spirit beasts had come to court death when they saw that she was alone. She had stacked the remains in one corner, awaiting her little disciple to come and handle it, but now, the White Tiger in her sea of consciousness was almost done absorbing these spirit beasts’ cores but Ye Chenyuan had yet to arrive!

So annoying! Who can come and save this weak and helpless little cutie! Even if she didn’t starve to death, she was about to die of boredom!

Just as she was hugging her small knees and feeling very grieved, the ground suddenly shook.

The sound was getting closer and the forest was rustling.

Yuan Chu stored away the prey she had killed and stood up with sparkling eyes.

It seems like someone was being chased by spirit beasts? Hahaha, who’s the unlucky person?

She had just taken a step forward when she thought of something and silently withdrew that step.

What should she do……she seems to have promised her little disciple that she wouldn’t meddle in others’ business.

Just as she was hesitating, a blood-curdling scream travelled from afar. In the next second, Yuan Chu had disappeared with a “whoosh”.

She’d just take a look and help out in secret. She won’t let anyone know, then that wouldn’t count as meddling in others’ business anymore right? Hehehehe……

A spirit beast the size of a small hill was wreaking havoc in the forest. It had a wolf-like body but it had three heads, and on every head was a human face showing ferocious expressions.

Opposite it was a small team of three people. Yuan Chu felt rather baffled, because the three people were wearing gold and red uniforms.

Sitting on a tree, she counted on her fingers. Outer academy students wore white and gold, the inner academy students wore gold, so what was gold and red?

She took a look at their cultivation, only to see that they were all Golden Cores. Then she looked at that spirit beast, it was Rank Five, a Grimacing Savage Wolf that’s very close to being a Nascent Soul.

People and beasts of this level couldn’t possibly appear in the low level mystic realm. Yuan Chu suddenly realised that she’d been set up!

So scary, didn’t this mean that her little disciple wouldn’t be able to find her at all?!

At this moment, the Grimacing Savage Wolf sprayed out ghost fire towards the three people. A girl stepped forward and blocked it with a red shield, saying hurriedly, “Go! This Savage Wolf has mutated and its fire is actual ghost fire. I can’t hold it back for long, go, hurry!”

The other two young men looked like twins, and they weren’t the kind of people to abandon their comrade. Despite being injured, they refused to leave.

“We’ll live or die together. Brother, we’ll fight it to the end!” one of the young men raised his sword and said through gritted teeth.

“Alright!” His older brother didn’t waste any time, immediately rushing forward, “Water Prison!”

Putting all his combat ability to use, walls of water instantly rose up all around them and flew towards the Savage Wolf. The Savage Wolf’s ghost fire became a little smaller, but it was just by the tiniest bit. The water was actually unable to put out the fire. Instead, the fire became even more intense and boiled all the water away!

The Savage Wolf’s three grimacing faces simultaneously revealed a strange smile. The expression of the young man who was in the lead changed when he saw this.

“Oh no! Run! It’s going to unleash its domain!”

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