TDCM Chapter 159: Special Level Mystic Realm

With the braids that Ye Chenyuan had tied for her, Yuan Chu went on her merry way to school. Ye Chenyuan followed behind her with a smile in his gaze.

Their teacher for today was an old man who explained to them in simple terms, the complicated techniques of how to break through small bottlenecks. Ye Chenyuan felt that it was very useful so he listened very attentively.

Yuan Chu didn’t care for these so she didn’t pay much attention to it. Not only did her mind wander, she even disturbed her seatmate Ye Chenyuan, receiving many scornful glances from the teacher.

The day’s classes ended like that. Nearing the end of the school day, the teacher passed out a bag of incrimination powder to every student. It’s said that they’d have to sprinkle this on themselves before entering the mystic realm, and it’ll disappear upon touching their bodies. In the next ten days, if anyone’s life was in danger, the powder will get onto the murderer’s hands. At that time, if there were any deaths, as long as it was done by someone, they’d be able to find the murderer with a spirit dog. This was one of the ways the academy protected its students.

Yuan Chu felt that this was pretty interesting. The mystic realm token would only be given out the day before they had to enter the mystic realm, and although there were different levels and the mystic realms that they would be entering was also different, she’d heard that the tokens all looked the same, with the only difference being the words carved onto it.


Meanwhile, Su Heyue had found Gu Qingke and told her about her plan to switch the tokens.

Gu Qingke wasn’t in a good mood right now. She had spent a lot of effort in hopes that she’d become fellow disciples with Ye Chenyuan, and she’d been certain that Ye Chenyuan would accept it on account of their past friendship. After all, it was just one more master, and he’d even gain additional connections and benefits, but who knew that he’d actually refuse.

Moreover, he seemed to have refused to enter the inner academy because of a girl, and that girl……looked very bewitching indeed.

So, when she heard Su Heyue talk about wanting someone dead, there was a flash of evil in her heart, but she quickly calmed down. She consoled Su Heyue as she poured her a cup of tea.

“Here, have some spirit tea to cool yourself down.” she sat down in front of Su Heyue, “According to what you’ve just said, that girl is someone without any background. If you want her dead, just kill her. There’s no need to get this angry.”

As the young miss of a distinguished family, especially of an elite aristocratic family, Gu Qingke wasn’t the kind and weak type. Her gentleness was only reserved for a group of people, and as for those that she didn’t deem fit, she wouldn’t care about whether they lived or died.

Su Heyue said huffily, “Sister Gu is still the best. I’d spoken about this with Sister Ming previously and she said that I was being cruel. Those from poor and humble families are small-minded indeed!”

Gu Qingke shook her head with a smile, “Don’t say that about Ming Shu, she’s just been too well-protected by her family.”

“En……I’ll listen to Sister Gu!”

Gu Qingke poured herself a cup of tea and brought it to her lips. Thinking of something, she suddenly asked, “This idea of yours isn’t bad, but if you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong, it isn’t safe enough to just change that person’s mystic realm token to a high level token. After all, many inner academy students will be entering the high level mystic realm, and if she’s as good at seducing others like you said, she’ll be able to lure those men into protecting her. Then when she comes out, the matter of the tokens having been secretly switched will be revealed.”

Su Heyue also felt that this made sense, “Then what should I do? Is there any mystic realm that has even fewer people and is even more dangerous?”

Gu Qingke smiled, “There is.”


Gu Qingke said, “The people from the Elite Chamber will also be entering the mystic realm, but their mystic realm will be different from the inner academy students. Theirs will be a small mystic realm within a large mystic realm, and can be considered a special level mystic realm. There’ll be numerous spirit beasts at the Nascent Soul stage, and even the people from the Elite Chamber will have to be extra careful when they enter. If she’s as weak as you say, then, any random spirit beast in the special level mystic realm will be able to kill her.”

The academy will not investigate any death that’s caused by a spirit beast.

“That’s awesome!” Su Heyue said with a smile, “That sl*t isn’t strong, she’s only at the greater perfection of Qi Condensation. If she enters the special level mystic realm, she’ll definitely be dead before she even gets to meet anyone.”

After all, the Elite Chamber had a total of thirty people and no matter how small the small mystic realm was, it was still the size of a kingdom, so Mu Qingge is sure to be done for.

Gu Qingke nodded, “Then we’ll change it to a special level mystic realm token. It so happens that I have a friend in the Elite Chamber, and when the time comes, as long as that person you mentioned is killed by a spirit beast, and he doesn’t speak a word about it, no one will find out about us switching the tokens.”

“It’s just that……” she paused as she looked at Su Heyue, “If by any chance that girl escapes death……”

Su Heyue hurriedly replied, “Sister Gu, don’t worry! If that girl manages to come out alive, this matter absolutely won’t implicate you in any way, I’ll assume all responsibility!”

“Besides, she’s just a girl without any backing. If she doesn’t die, would she even dare to come and ask me for compensation? I’m the oldest young miss of the Pill Sect, is she even worthy?”

Gu Qingke was reassured, “Alright, I’ll arrange this matter for you. Who’s that girl? Tell me her name.”

At the mention of this, Su Heyue gritted her teeth, “I don’t know her real name, but her current name is Mu Qingge!”

“Mu Qingge?!” Gu Qingke’s originally calm expression suddenly changed.

“What’s wrong, Sister Gu, could it be that you also know that girl?” Su Heyue asked with a raised brow.

Gu Qingke shook her head repeatedly, “No, I……don’t know her, but I seem to have heard of her from somewhere.”

Su Heyue said with a sneer, “Look, she’s such a vixen! She hasn’t been at the academy for long but she’s already this well known. She’s probably also seduced many people.”

Gu Qingke smiled stiffly, but when she thought of Su Heyue’s request, she clenched her fists.

She didn’t expect it to be that girl, so should she……make a move on her?

Or should she tell Ye Chenyuan about all of this so that he’d be indebted to her?


A few days passed in the blink of an eye. During this event where everyone would be entering mystic realms to temper themselves, it was just like an autumn outing to Yuan Chu. She didn’t feel the slightest bit of pressure, she was going there to have fun!

Upon receiving her jade token, Yuan Chu felt rather dissatisfied as she looked at the two words “low level” that were on it.

“Little Yuan Yuan, the low level mystic realm doesn’t look fun. Besides, only opening for ten days, aren’t they being too stingy? Are they worried that we’ll clean out the entire mystic realm?”

Venerable Li couldn’t refrain from interrupting, “They’re probably trying to guard against the likes of people like you!”

Ye Chenyuan spoke softly beside her ear, “Master, after entering the mystic realm, our locations will be randomised. Stay put and wait for me to come and find you, okay?”

Saying this, he flicked the pink and blue flowers that Yuan Chu was wearing in her hair. He had intentionally put it on her today, for the purpose of tracking her.

Yuan Chu nodded, “Alright, I’ll wait for you!”

Although she felt that it’d be faster if she were the one looking for him, but she was a good master that doted on her disciple so she’d give her disciple a chance to show off.

Then, the inner and outer academy students assembled at a huge public square.

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