TDCM Chapter 158: Taking Care Of Her Disciple? Nope.

In the moment that Yuan Chu was distracted, he rested his head on her legs, and not only did he wrap his hands around her, he even snuggled up to her.

Yuan Chu’s eyes widened, but before she could flare up, she heard Ye Chenyuan say in a gentle voice.

“Master, you can start now, I’m listening.”

S-Start? This rebellious disciple has already gone and done all these things and he still wants her to tell him a story?!

Yuan Chu puffed out her cheeks, but just as she was about to get angry, she heard Ye Chenyuan say with a laugh.

“In the past, as I was telling master stories, master would always come towards me and end up hugging me to sleep. I didn’t understand it before, but now that I’ve given it a try, it turns out that……it’s very relieving to hug someone while listening to a story.”

Yuan Chu suddenly felt like crying. Sh*t, it turned out to be all her fault?!

She gave it some thought. In the past, she had often hugged him as she slept. Now that he was……yeah, she’ll just let him hug if he wants to. This image had a very master-disciple love feel to it anyway.

Her face was already numb. After rubbing her face roughly, she started on the story, but what story should she tell him?

Yuan Chu asked, “What……do you want to hear?”

Ye Chenyuan said, “I want to hear a story that I’ve never told you before.”

Yuan Chu thought about it. How about Grimm’s fairy tales, this world definitely wouldn’t have it.

So she started to tell him about that very famous story ——《The Little Mermaid》.

“Umm……a long long time ago……there lived a group of mermaids in the ocean……”

Yuan Chu’s sweet voice echoed in the room as she started to tell the story.

Ye Chenyuan was listening with his eyes closed, then a moment later, he rubbed the tip of his nose against Yuan Chu’s waist. That silent affection gave Yuan Chu the feeling of being needed by someone.

Without her noticing it, a smile appeared on her face. She continued telling her story as she looked at Ye Chenyuan.

Because he had buried his face into her body, she couldn’t see his expression but his hair flowed between her fingertips like water.

She suddenly felt like she had truly given Ye Chenyuan too little in the past. She should’ve taken the initiative to tell Ye Chenyuan stories when he was young, she should’ve given him reassuring hugs when he needed it the most, and not only at this moment when he had requested it. Now that she thought about it, she had truly neglected her duty as his master.

She gently patted Ye Chenyuan’s back like Ye Chenyuan had done for her before. Soon, she finished telling him this story.

“……The little mermaid couldn’t bear to kill the prince so she threw away the dagger, and when the sun rose, she took one last look at the sleeping prince and princess, then she jumped into the ocean and turned into transparent sea foam……”

Saying this, Yuan Chu waited for a moment, and not seeing any response from Ye Chenyuan, she thought that he had already fallen asleep.

As she looked down at him, she suddenly felt that he looked rather lovely all curled up with his head resting on her.

Was this her maternal instincts kicking in?

At this thought, she covered her mouth as she laughed lightly, but it was at this moment that Ye Chenyuan suddenly spoke.

“Master, why did you tell me a sad story?”

“Ah?” seeing that he had yet to fall asleep, Yuan Chu retracted her hands embarrassedly, touching the back of her head, “It might be because I’d cried when reading this story last time, but that was when I was very young, although I still remember it clearly.”

Ye Chenyuan finally moved, hugging her even tighter as he said softly, “Master, I don’t like sad stories.”

“W-Why?” Feeling his breath on her waist, Yuan Chu’s entire body froze, “Sometimes sad stories are more touching right?”

Ye Chenyuan said in a muffled voice, “I don’t need touching stories, I just want a happy ending, alright? Master.”

Yuan Chu couldn’t hold back a smile when she heard this. It’s not often that Ye Chenyuan will act so childishly, actually disliking sad stories and only liking happy endings. Alright, she’ll remember that.

“In that case, I’ll tell you another story?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head lightly. Seeing that he was so obedient, Yuan Chu’s lips hooked up slightly, “Alright……then I’ll tell you the story of 《Snow White》!”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t say anything, so she immediately started to tell him the story. It was now late into the night, and if it were any other day, it’ll be Ye Chenyuan who was still telling the story.

At this thought, Yuan Chu felt a little guilty and she also became more serious with her storytelling.

However, her biological clock had always been very accurate, so she became sleepier as she was telling him the story.

Ye Chenyuan didn’t make the slightest movement, his arms still around her.

Finally, as Yuan Chu nodded off, her body tilted to the side, and just as her head was about to hit the carved bed post, a hand held onto her face.

Ye Chenyuan got up. Yuan Chu was still sound asleep as she brushed her face against Ye Chenyuan’s palm.

Ye Chenyuan’s palm was burning and he felt like his heart was going to melt. He got up carefully, and with both hands, he carried her up before placing her down carefully. Just like before, he lay down beside her and gently patted her to sleep.

Because Venerable Li was currently still cultivating, Ye Chenyuan became very bold. His gaze lingered on her lips before he finally leaned over to drop a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Goodnight, my princess.”

As if in response to him, a smile emerged on the corner of Yuan Chu’s lips.

The next day, when Yuan Chu awoke, Ye Chenyuan wasn’t on the bed anymore. She rubbed her eyes as she sat up, only to see Ye Chenyuan walking in with breakfast and placing it on the cute round table.

“Did you have a good sleep? Master.”

Yuan Chu nodded her head dazedly. Instead of using a cleaning art on her, Ye Chenyuan chose to use a wet handkerchief to wipe her face for her.

“Master, it’s time to eat. I heard that it’ll be the academy’s annual tempering event in a few days time. They’ll start giving out the tokens today, let’s go earlier.”

Yuan Chu replied with an “en”, but just as she was about to jump off the bed, Ye Chenyuan said.

“Hold on.”

Bending his waist, he knelt down on one knee to help Yuan Chu into her shoe, “You’re not allowed to run around barefoot in the future.”

Yuan Chu instinctively nodded her head, but she suddenly felt like something wasn’t right……just yesterday, hadn’t she said that would take good care of her little disciple in the future? That happened right?

“Alright, go eat something.”

Having her thoughts broken by him, Yuan Chu was then brought to the table.

Because she had awoken slightly later today, to save time, Ye Chenyuan gently combed her hair as she ate.

Yuan Chu’s hair that had been turned into a mess in her sleep became very obedient in Ye Chenyuan’s hands. This clearly wasn’t the first time.

She had been planning to say something, but once she had a bite of breakfast, all she could think about was the delicacies in front of her eyes.

The current scene was warm and affectionate – A gentle and handsome young man, and a cute and gullible loli?

So, taking care of her disciple and what not……forget it!

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