TDCM Chapter 157: Tell Me A Story Tonight

Yuan Chu felt exasperated. Can’t he just go to sleep and let her calm down?

She shifted in her blanket before saying sullenly, “I-It’s nothing, go and rest! I’ll be fine tomorrow.”

Ye Chenyuan wouldn’t give her this chance. If he waited till tomorrow, she would forget all of this. He had to make his move in this moment that her heart was moved, to brand this on her heart.

So, he didn’t leave and instead questioned even more worriedly, “Master, you don’t look well. Can you let me in to take a look? Or did I say something wrong that made you unhappy?”

Yuan Chu felt like crying. He didn’t say anything wrong, he was too good at speaking! Having her legs go soft from her own disciple flirting with her, she didn’t have the nerve to face him right now.

Ye Chenyuan paused, then he said very earnestly.

“If master doesn’t open the door, I’ll remain here in front of the door. Master……even if I’ve done something wrong, it’s definitely unintentional. Master, please don’t be angry.”

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan was so worried about her, Yuan Chu wrapped the blanket around her head, not having the heart to put him through this.

Little Yuan Yuan didn’t do anything wrong, it was her who had been moved because she wasn’t resolute enough, how could she blame him?

So when she heard Ye Chenyuan walking up to the door and stopping in front of it, and with it being deep into the night, Yuan Chu knitted her brows.

Why don’t she open the door to let him know that she was fine, then get him to go and sleep? It wasn’t a good idea to let him stay by her door.

With this thought, she dawdled for close to fifteen minutes before moving off the bed bit by bit.

Dressed in the spaghetti strap lace nightdress that she’d made herself, she moved towards the door carefully……

She would first listen to hear if he’d left. If he’d already left, she could go to sleep with peace of mind.

She’d just placed her ear against the door when Ye Chenyuan’s voice travelled from outside.


Yuan Chu was startled and almost let out a cry. How did he know that she had arrived behind the door? She had already moved so lightly, Ye Chenyuan couldn’t have known.

But what she didn’t know was that this world had something called the telepathy between lovers.

Ye Chenyuan had only felt that she was getting closer, which was why he had called out. Soon, he heard her nervous breaths and knew that she had really come over.

With a smile on his face, he stood in a relaxed manner with his entire back leaning against the door. As he looked up at the stars above him, he thought of the worried expression that Yuan Chu, separated by the door behind him, would have right now, and his smile became even sweeter.

He said softly, “Master……didn’t you say that you wished I’d also act a little childish sometimes, that I’d rely on you a little?”

Behind the door, Yuan Chu bit her lower lip worriedly when she heard this, not making a single sound.

Ye Chenyuan then continued.

“Master, I can’t fall asleep tonight, can……you tell me a bedtime story just this once?”

His voice was oh so gentle and his tone was very relaxed. Yuan Chu gave it some thought, this seems to be the first time he had ever asked her for something.

So how could she refuse him?

A moment later, the door finally opened.

Ye Chenyuan had turned around the moment he heard the lock click, looking over with a smile. When the door opened, he saw that Yuan Chu was leaning against the door as she stretched forward to look at him.

Her long hair fell down to her ankles, and under the moonlight, her cream coloured nightdress seemed to be the same colour as her little face that still had some baby fat. She looked like a celestial maiden who had entered the mortal world by mistake, her entire person was emitting a faint glow.

When that large pair of watery and sparkly eyes looked over, a certain person who had been full of scheming thoughts suddenly became absent-minded……and his heart was pounding.

In the next second, Ye Chenyuan abruptly hugged Yuan Chu.

Yuan Chu let out a soft exhale. She pouted and was about to get angry when Ye Chenyuan said.

“Master, why are you running around without your shoes?”

It was only then that Yuan Chu realised that she wasn’t wearing her shoes, and she withdrew her feet.

It’s strange. There wasn’t anything unusual with Ye Chenyuan’s tone and expression, so why did she feel like he was nervous right now? And he was also a little short of breath.

Then, she was pressed onto the bed by Ye Chenyuan. The moment his tall figure weighed down on her, Yuan Chu quickly said, “Didn’t you want to hear a story?”

Ye Chenyuan froze.

Yuan Chu quickly got up and sat down, leaning on the headboard as she said earnestly, “Go to sleep, I’ll tell you a story.”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her, staring at her fixedly for a long time.

Just as Yuan Chu was starting to feel that something was wrong, he abruptly asked, “Master, are you hungry? Do you want to eat something first?”

Yuan Chu shook her head and said sheepishly, “I’ve already……eaten by myself.” After all, she was someone who had stockpiles of food.

Ye Chenyuan smiled, finally throwing aside the dangerous impulse he had.

Bending his waist and propping both hands on the headboard, he encircled her and drew closer as he asked.

“Then master, what story are you going to tell me?”

Looking at the handsome face that was right in front of her face, Yuan Chu’s breath was caught in her throat. As a face con[1], she was instakilled.

“Don’t lean in so close, lie down.”

Ye Chenyuan’s lips hooked into a smile and he followed as she asked.

He had already cleaned himself with a cleaning art when he was outside just now so he wasn’t worried about dirtying Yuan Chu’s cute princess bed. However, as he was removing his clothes, he heard Yuan Chu say nervously.

“You can just remove the outer garment. At night, it’s s-still very cold!”

Knowing not to go too far, and seeing that Yuan Chu had looked away, Ye Chenyuan only removed his outer garment.

“Alright, master.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu instinctively looked up, only to see Ye Chenyuan standing beside the bed as he untied his hair.

On the inside, he was wearing white inner garments that came as a set with the uniform, and also his uniform pants.

His long hair tumbled down as he untied the circlet. As per Yuan Chu’s taste, men with long hair looked weird, but there were some people who were born to be the envy of others, like Ye Chenyuan……

His long hair didn’t look the slightest bit feminine. Instead, against his slightly exposed collarbone, and together with his upward slanting brows and his bright eyes, there was a……kind of demeanour that made people fearful.

Goodness gracious, why did she suddenly feel like her little disciple wasn’t a child anymore?!!

Yuan Chu swallowed, then she shifted away her gaze once more. Her usually intelligent brain seemed to be stuffed with a ball of paste right now, and she had no idea how she should react to the following situation.

Ye Chenyuan lay down beside her, the two were sharing a bed and an embroidered quilt.

Yuan Chu was sitting up while Ye Chenyuan was lying down. There was no contact between them, but Yuan Chu couldn’t help feeling nervous.

Strange, she’d never felt nervous when they slept together in the past. What’s wrong with her today?

……it’s probably because she had yet to recover from the shock she previously received, and the culprit had now appeared in front of her.

She silently recited the heart purifying spell, and just as she was getting ready to tell a story, Ye Chenyuan suddenly hugged her waist.

1. 颜控 (yán kòng) – Basically someone who’s a sucker for good looking people, similar to a siscon, but for visuals.

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