TDCM Chapter 156: Protecting Her Naivety

At this moment, Venerable Li was busy cultivating his soul power, so he didn’t know what had happened, missing the opportune moment to learn.

After running away, it was only a long time later that Yuan Chu stopped, propping herself against a tree as her heart continued beating non-stop, making her feel very resentful.

Did this disciple of hers eat flirting machines growing up? He was so good at flirting, his pure and innocent cute master didn’t teach him these all right?!

He must’ve learnt from Venerable Li’s bad example! She gritted her teeth as she thought.

She took a few deep breaths. When her heartbeat finally calmed down, Yuan Chu set out with a calm expression on her face, as if she wasn’t the one who had just fled in defeat.

That was her disciple, why did she run?

Besides, she had merely been unprepared just now. Now that she was, he can say whatever he wants. Fleeing in defeat? There’s no such thing!

Ye Chenyuan was indeed still waiting for her at the same place.

The meat skewers had been stuck beside the bonfire. They were already sizzling and she could smell the fragrance from far away. Yuan Chu was expressionless, while Ye Chenyuan smiled the moment he saw her.

“Master, you’re just in time, the meat is done, it’s your favourite pigeon meat.”

Yuan Chu nodded her head calmly. When Ye Chenyuan didn’t ask her about where she had run off to, she didn’t know what to do with the wine she had brought over as her excuse.

Finally, she stuffed the wine jar into Ye Chenyuan’s hand, “Umm……didn’t you bury a jar of wine a few days ago? I’ve dug it up for you, it’s just nice to go with the meat.”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t refrain from saying, “Master, that wine isn’t ready yet.”

It’d only been buried for a few days, it’ll still be fruit juice right now……

Yuan Chu suddenly felt depressed. She stood there stiffly, “I-Is that so? I thought it’ll be done by now.”

She’d never brewed wine before, how was she to know how long it needed to be buried?

Seeing that Yuan Chu was embarrassed, Ye Chenyuan said understandingly, “It’s alright, we’ll just have some fruit juice. I’ve troubled master with making a trip there.”

“Ah……umm, it’s nothing.” Yuan Chu sat down, trying her best to keep a straight face on her chubby cheeks, slightly feeling like she was sitting on a bed of nails.

She frowned upon seeing that Ye Chenyuan was still busying himself over her, then she made a compassionate and merciful decision.

“Umm……Little Yuan!”

Hearing the serious tone of her voice, Ye Chenyuan promptly turned to look at her as he asked with a gentle expression on his face.

“What instruction does master have for me?”

Yuan Chu tried to ignore the uneasiness she was feeling all over her body as she said earnestly.

“Actually, I didn’t finish what I was going to say……” she pursed her lips, then she continued.

“Although there’s a little princess in every girl’s heart, but I’ve heard that men will become child-like with the person they’re closest to……and I’ve seldom seen your childish side.”

Perhaps there was a bit of it at the start, but very quickly, after Ye Chenyuan learned that she was younger than him, he took on the task of caring for her of his own accord, while she had enjoyed it with no qualms. Thinking about it in this way, she had been abusing a child!

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan stood dumbfounded for a moment, then he started to flip the skewers again.

The flame made his expression appear all the more gentle, and together with the slightly raised corners of his lips, he looked like a painting.

When he didn’t reply, Yuan Chu continued, “How about this! I’ll hire someone so you don’t have to do any of these in the future. You can just focus on cultivating. With your talent, you shouldn’t be wasting your time doing such minor things.”

Her gaze started fleeting around, “Also……sometimes you can also try to, umm, try depending on me. Although I look unreliable, I’m definitely someone that you can rely on……it’s my duty to help you out, so, do you want to give it a try?”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan suddenly looked at her with sparkling eyes. Before Yuan Chu could figure out the profound meaning in his eyes, he brought over the fragrant roast meat and squatted down, handing it to her.

Yuan Chu instinctively took it, but just as she was feeling like something was wrong, Ye Chenyuan said earnestly.

“Master, anything that I do for you isn’t a minor thing. I don’t need someone to look after me, I like looking after you.”

“But……” But she also wanted to see his childish side, and not this mature and steady side all the time, wasn’t it tiring?

“It’s alright, master.”

Ye Chenyuan smiled, softly dotting his finger on her heart.

“So that the little princess in your heart can always remain, I don’t want to be a child, I want to become stronger, to become a man that you can depend on, to protect you.”

“And you just have to accept and enjoy it……this wish of mine, can you grant it?”

On the grass beside the bonfire, he squatted in front of Yuan Chu as he asked this.

Yuan Chu was a little stunned by his tender words that were spoken so softly, and his gaze that someone could drown in.

She didn’t want to grow up because she didn’t want to face the worries of a grown-up.

But for her sake, he wanted to grow up quicker, just to protect her naivety?


This wasn’t right!

Yuan Chu jumped up and took half a step back, feeling like even the meat skewer in her hand was troublesome.

Seeing that she was staring at him with a surprised and bewildered look on her face, Ye Chenyuan also stood up and took a step forward in confusion. Just as he was about to speak, Yuan Chu abruptly stuffed the meat skewer into his mouth.

No more talking! Your words are toxic!

As she was thinking this, she saw the confusion in his eyes and in her panic, she turned around and ran away again.

So annoying! Didn’t he know that a mature and sophisticated woman was living in her heart? It’s fine if she were a little loli that didn’t know anything, but she wasn’t! Flirting with her like this, he was clearly taking advantage of her!

She didn’t want to play with him anymore!!

Ye Chenyuan was a little surprised that Yuan Chu had run away again. Standing by the lake, he slowly turned around to look in the direction that she had run off to, then he smiled.

Then, he cheerfully ate the meat skewer that she had stuffed into his mouth, his eyes twinkled as he thought of something.

He had to quickly keep all these food and bring them to master.

Master hadn’t eaten yet, what was he to do if she starved? He must work hard and not slack off so that master could grow up quickly!

The result of excessive flirting was that Ye Chenyuan returned to find that Yuan Chu had already locked the door, even putting up an array.

With slightly raised brows, he looked into the window, only to see a lump on the princess bed. He feigned confusion as he asked.

“Master, what’s wrong? Have you fallen sick?”

There was a certain calm in his voice. If master didn’t know anything, she would’ve felt touched by his words but she wouldn’t have fled. However, because she knew……so was her heart beating for him right now?

He felt a rush of excitement. Was master feeling shy or was she finding it difficult to face him?

With this thought, Ye Chenyuan’s smile gradually became devilish, carrying profound meaning.

Sure enough, upon hearing his voice, the lump on the bed was startled. It shifted a little then it stopped moving, continuing to play dead.

But how could Ye Chenyuan let her off so easily?

He knocked on the window, saying rather worriedly, “Master, what’s wrong? I’m very worried.”

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