TDCM Chapter 155: Her Original Appearance

Ye Chenyuan’s stubborn attitude made the second elder feel embarrassed and angry. She turned around and left.

He didn’t want to take her as his master? She didn’t intend to accept him as her disciple!

Seeing that the main party involved had already left, the great elder let him go without saying anything else, with the thought that he’d promote him to the inner academy when the chance came.

He didn’t know where this kid had come from, but he was rather stubborn. Something like having a master, it was obviously ‘the more the merrier’! After all, within the Empire, having one more connection meant having more strength. If he insists on not taking a master, he’d definitely have to walk a more difficult path compared to others.

Ye Chenyuan returned to find Yuan Chu obediently sitting in her room, racking her brains over something. She had returned to her own appearance, her long hair flowing down her back and spreading out on the bed as she swayed her cute little feet at the bedside, looking very adorable.

Upon seeing her, Ye Chenyuan felt like the gloom he’d been holding back for the whole day had completely vanished.

His master was the best! That second elder said that she was very close to Astral Realm, but she still had a breakthrough to undergo. There are many people who spend their life stuck at a bottleneck, how could she compare to his master who innately didn’t have a bottleneck?

Also……she was very cute!

“You’re back!” Yuan Chu smiled when she saw Ye Chenyuan and flew towards him like a flower, her eyes sparkling.

“Can we go and eat something delicious?”

She asked with an expectant look on her face.

Ye Chenyuan smiled, kneeling down on one knee as he said, “Master, I’m sorry for making you wait.”

Yuan Chu said with a laugh, “It’s good that you’re alright! There’s so many stars tonight, let’s roast eggies and watch the stars?”

“Alright, we’ll do as master says.”

So, the pair exited the room and searched for a suitable campfire spot.

Their dormitory area comprised of individual small houses that stood among a vast stretch of grasslands, mountains and rivers. The students that were living in the other houses also came out to play, but because Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan had walked a distance away, there wasn’t anyone else, only the lake’s tranquil surface that reflected a multitude of stars in the sky, and once they lit the campfire, there was also the delicious fragrance of meat.

Yuan Chu lay on the grass as she looked at the dazzling stars in the sky, then she rolled over on the ground. Just like a fat piece of dead salted fish, her entire being was brimming with languidness.

“I’m so happy……in life, the happiest thing is to indulge in food and drinks, then sleep……”

Ye Chenyuan removed the cloud swan egg from under the open fire, and hearing this, he couldn’t hold back a laugh as he asked, “And?”

There’s more?

Yuan Chu immediately sat up, looking at him as she said earnestly, “And also having a good disciple!”

Ye Chenyuan felt a sweetness in his heart and the corners of his lips raised even more.

Yuan Chu sat cross-legged as she bent forward and supported her chin with both hands. She watched Ye Chenyuan’s graceful movements as he busied himself. Not seeing the slightest look of impatience on him, she couldn’t hold back a sigh.

“Oh dear, what am I going to do? You’re spoiling me so much that I’m going to turn into a child! Little Yuan Yuan, are you showing filial respect for your master or are you raising a child?”

Ye Chenyuan paused. Amidst the fire’s glow, he was dressed in his usual silvery white coloured uniform, standing tall and straight with his hair bound on top of his head. However, his expression wasn’t as distant as when he was facing others. Hearing her say this, his expression became one of slight embarrassment.

How could he tell his master that he wasn’t raising a child but rather……

“Alright! It doesn’t matter ~ !” Before he could reply, Yuan Chu cupped her face with a smile, feeling very pleased with herself, “I like having others baby me. After all, I don’t want to grow up!”

If his memory served him well, this wasn’t the first time master had said that she didn’t want to grow up.

Ye Chenyuan roasted the meat as he looked at the little cutie beside him. After a while, he asked.

“Master, why don’t you want to grow up?”

Wasn’t it good to grow up? By that time, he wouldn’t have to endure so torturously. He can guarantee that he’d definitely treat master well in the future!

Yuan Chu’s expression became even more relaxed as she smelled the roast meat’s fragrance.

As for why she didn’t want to grow up? She let out a small smile.

“Little Yuan Yuan……do you know, regardless of which world it is in, women have it very hard.”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t quite understand, because he had come into contact with very few women and he wasn’t willing to have any contact with any other female besides Yuan Chu.

Yuan Chu narrowed her eyes as she continued, her voice seemed to come from the horizon.

“……Because of the ability to reproduce, as the person that is pregnant for ten months, the woman will naturally put in more emotions than the man, so they’ll also be more emotional.

I believe that there’s a little princess in every woman’s heart, but as they take on the traditional roles of a good wife, as their youth and beauty fades with time, that little princess will unwittingly disappear.

As women grow older, they’ll increasingly change themselves because of the people or things around them. However, that might not be the appearance they had envisioned for themselves……”

Having said a few words, Yuan Chu suddenly felt that she was being emotional. That wasn’t good! It’ll make her seem old!

So she blinked at Ye Chenyuan playfully, “Anyway, growing up is a very scary thing! There’ll be a lot of worries, and I might even have to change myself, to conform. Once I grow old, then that’s even more dreadful. Not daring to recollect the past as the regrets pile up, I won’t even feel like myself anymore……so I don’t want it, I won’t grow up! I want to be a child forever!”

Although this wish of hers wasn’t quite possible, she was allowed to wish for it alright?

After Ye Chenyuan heard this, he became lost in his thoughts. After a long while, he cracked open the cloud swan egg and scooped out a spoonful of egg, blew on it till it had cooled down and brought it to Yuan Chu’s lips.

Yuan Chu opened her mouth, then she held the egg in her mouth, feeling very pleased. Then, Ye Chenyuan’s voice suddenly sounded by her ear.

“Master……I’ll do everything I can to ensure that the little princess in your heart will never disappear.”

Yuan Chu froze. She looked up, and to her surprise, Ye Chenyuan was also looking at her.

Her breath caught in her throat, then she heard her own heartbeat getting louder.

Ye Chenyuan was looking at her with the raised spoon in his hand and a gentle smile on his face.

“So, master. You don’t have to fear growing up, because I’ll be there to grow old with you.”

“You also don’t have to be afraid of change. Even with the passing of time, I’ll make it such that you can remain as you are.”

The surroundings suddenly became still and Yuan Chu’s mind turned blank as her heart sped up.

Suddenly, the campfire beside them crackled. Like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, she jumped up with a shocked expression on her face.

Under the dual attack of beauty and sweet words, Yuan Chu opened her mouth, then she turned around and ran as if she was being chased by a ghost.

Ye Chenyuan was surprised, but just as he was about to give chase, Yuan Chu’s voice travelled over from afar.

“Don’t move, I’ll be back soon!”

Ye Chenyuan sat back down bewilderedly.

What happened to master?

Was she perhaps……shy?

A glint flashed in Ye Chenyuan’s eyes, and he suddenly laughed.

At the thought of Yuan Chu having been moved by his words, he felt a happiness like he had never felt before. His eyes sparkled, and his smile could cover the entire sky of stars, replacing it as the world’s only elegance.

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